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  1. Sorry for the late reply. This video was shot at Oak Hollow Lake in High Point, NC my home base. I see that you're at Lake Norman (I assume NC). I've sailed there many times at the Cat Fest (Hobie Div. 9 circuit back in the day) and the Lake Norman Yacht Club's numerous open regattas, A LOT OF POWER BOAT TRAFFIC !@#$
  2. Just a quick video from my first sail of 2021 on my 1983 Nacra 5.0. Enjoy... Bliss At Fifty Degrees
  3. I'm in the market for a cruising boat and came across the Catalina 38 SS shoal keel. Thoughts/comments on this model for cruising? Does anyone know this particular boat? https://www.yachtworld.com/boats/1984/catalina-sparkman-stevens-2947107/
  4. Thanks for this but I don't see the correlation. Here are the current Portsmouth ratings for the Nacra 450 Turbo (closest boat they list to the 460). Since the SCHRS tables only list one number for each variant of the 460 I'm assuming it's the SCHRS equivalent or a D-PN number? How does 897 correlate to 76.60 or the actual PY DP-N for the 460 which would be 7X.XX? Is the Nacra 4.5 the same boat as a 450? There are many differences between the 5.0 and 500.
  5. Thanks, now to convert it to a DP-N Portsmouth number?
  6. Our local club uses the PHRF handicap figures. There is a listing for the Nacra 450 Turbo (close in specs to the 460) but not the 460. Does anyone know of an active, accurate figure for the 460 that could be converted to a PHRF figure? Thanks In Advance
  7. Yesterday was a great day of sailing on Oak Hollow Lake. I had the pleasure of helping my friend Curtis Crotts rig and launch his new Nacra 460. Congrats Curtis!
  8. A rare central NC late June wind forecast of 10 - 15 mph lured me to the lake a week ago. Enjoy... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wiyfgH65CPE
  9. We are very fortunate that our lake/park is still open. And yes, VERY therapeutic.
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