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  1. Do you actually use the race displays? Do you find the sail steer graphics too cluttered? i went ahead and purchased the WS310 wind sensor along with two Triton2 displays and a new speed/depth/temp transducer to replace the Nexus stuff. Maybe down the road I will succumb and purchase a processor and H5000 graphic display.
  2. That is how I read the web site as well, but I have been told by a B&G technician that I need the Processor to make a H5000 graphical display show the Race and Steer screens.
  3. It is a 2018 Vulcan FS which I believe is current.
  4. I am going to try the Vulcan outdoors again to make sure. The last time was during a race so I wasn't able to mess around with it.
  5. I have a Vulcan7 as part of my N2K network and really like the Sail Steer and Race screens available on it. Unfortunately the Vulcan does not have great sunlight readability and so is not good topsides. I was considering adding a H5000 Graphical display to see the SailSteer and Race screens topside but am unsure if it will work without having to also buy the H5000 server which makes it a very expensive proposition. Anyone with experience that could advise would be appreciated.
  6. Looking to improve the airflow through my J105 while at the dock. Thinking of installing a couple of solar powered ventilators - one on the bow and one on the stern. Would remove them before sailing in any kind of weather or racing. Anyone have any suggestions or experience on this topic? The boat is down here in the hot / humid south.
  7. I have a Vulcan 7 at the chart table and 3 GNX 120 displays under the mast (along with wind depth and speed sensors), What if anything would I gain by adding a processor to the network? I do want to add a display on the seahood of some type so I can see the B&G wind and start line graphics topside.
  8. That is about what I figured. Thanks!
  9. I am a new J105 owner and was attempting to close a hole from a no longer used coaxial antenna mount in the portside corner of the stern. I quickly realized there doesn't appear to be any easy way to get inside the stern area on the port side other than removing the instrument panel. Even when I remove the panel I can't reach all the way up to the upper aft corner of the compartment. I would really prefer not to have to cut an inspection port so does anyone else have any suggestions? Also, if water gets into the aft compartment does it drain down to the bilge or is the bulkhead s
  10. Keep in mind. If you go change you backstay adjuster brand you will need to change the length of your backstay. The harken takes a shorter backstay then the Sailtec.
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