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  1. Well now you've gone and hurt my feelings. I feel so ashamed. Et tu brute?
  2. I'm not worthy. Stop it, you guys are making me blush. I must say though this whole sock puppet thing is quite liberating. I think I've discovered a new hobby while the boat is on the hard for the winter. I'm not a Lesbinon Robotte but my wife is.
  3. I know, total asshole. What kind of boat owner thinks adults with good jobs should be able to take care of themselves and pay for their own food and booze. It's the same when I stay at someones house for free and they don't pay for my meals, booze and everything else. They should be kissing my ass because I came to visit them. What a cheap asshole boat owner, he never once asked the crew to pay for anything or help with any work on the boat. Ever. He'd probably decline if they ever offered but they never have. (Correction, once a guy on the crew asked if I wanted help buffing and polishi
  4. Uh oh, someone must have started calling out names when they weren't supposed to. Stay classy SA!
  5. And another fucking thing, I'm calling BS on the whole "you're a cunt because you don't pay your crew in food, booze, travel and hotel expenses for the hard work they are doing for you." If anyone sees their experience crewing on a boat as a job and not something you do for fun you're a fucking idiot. Seriously, that's just stupid. Do you hate your kids and wife that much that being wet and cold all day and doing something you see as a job is more fun than staying home with your family? Just for a free dinner and some booze? If it's a 2nd job you're looking for you could get a far better r
  6. Hangover is wearing off and I'm slowly coming to my senses after my drunken rant. Looking back, Jesus fuckin christ on a popsicle stick I swear a lot and sound angry when I'm drunk posting. Never thought of myself as an angry drunk, maybe need to rethink that, or maybe I need to drink more till I get happy. I still stand behind the main message of my OP that it's ridiculous in this part of the world traditionally the owner pays for everything. But I certainly don't hold it against the crew or even really mind doing it necessarily. It's more of a "hate the game not the player situation".
  7. Hey man, stop bringing the truth into the conversation! Late entry edit: $30 for a fucking shackle and $100 for a god damn winch handle.
  8. Lol. Problem is as much as they piss me off somehow I've grown attached to them. Except for that one asshole who shows up late, never responds to emails and gives me attitude. But holy shit that fucker can get a kite down in any conditions. Maybe it would be easier to just start a tennis team.
  9. Late to this party regarding boat owner expectations, took me a while to find my sock puppet login (and enough booze to make me write this) because I sure as fuck am not posting this under my normal account. But this shit has been on my mind for years and there are a few other posts recently that triggered me and I know for a fact many other boat owners feel the same but no one wants to say it. For a weekend warrior program without professionals onboard the fact that traditionally (at least in the U.S.) a boat owner is expected to cover all costs for the crew, including travel, food, bee
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