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  1. It is my intention to race the boat ( a LOT ) in the Seattle, Puget Sound area. I am new here and do not know anyone (yet) and need crew for my, new to me ESSE 850. In particular we need a tactician who knows the area well and a few others that are great sail trimmers. This boat is going to be a hoot to sail, race and in a nice breeze should go downwind in the mid teens easily. I am a very capable, competent and competitive sailor with >35 years successful racing on San Francisco Bay. reply; James95409@gmail.com
  2. So then bmiller and any other interested parties; The deal is done!!! I will be driving down in my truck to SF Bay this coming week to bring the boat to it's new home in Seattle. If all goes as planned the boat, trailer and I should be at CSR Marine by 4-12 The boat will be there about a week getting some paint repairs, the rig put back in and a preliminary tune on the rig. In the meantime i will be doing my most favorite thing, wet sanding, burnishing the bottom, keel, bulb and rudder. How fun is that. i have two new crew members now though it would be great to have a f
  3. Looks a LOT like a J 100 I could be wrong, wont be the first time. Amati, just FYI I was raised in Marblehead, learned to sail / race at the Eastern YC jr. program. when I was ~10, still at it 66 years later, so ya I am 76yo. The one thing which I feel is sad is that I was taught to sail & race by men my age now. They consistently tried to instill in all of us the "Corinthian Spirit" of what sailboat racing was all about. Sadly, this has been lost over the years with too much, all the emphasis on winning, no matter what! Sooo very sad! I sincerely hope others reading this p
  4. This thread started with comparing the ESSE to the Synergy 1000. The Synergy 1000 is a great boat, make no mistake about that. I raced against several of them for years in SF Bay. They are fast and sail to their rating, (40's typically) providing you have 7 to 10 of your best friends for rail meat. The ESSE can be raced competitively with total crew and skipper of only 2 or 3, so. Also worth noting the ESSE rates (70's typically) an approximately 30 sec/mile difference which is significant.
  5. We will do a formal name change ceremony also, don't want any ghosts on board. New name will be; SHAKEN NOT STIRRED
  6. A few pics, enjoy. Yes it has a 15hp inboard Yanmar diesel. Water skiing, wake boarding anyone...
  7. So, where to begin on this thread. I don't mind one bit sitting "on the boat" as oppressed to "in the boat". How can you possibly see and be aware of what is going on around you your sitting "in the boat"! I just purchased the ESSE 850 listed and pictured on this thread here. Should have her here in about two weeks. I can hardly wait! We will race in the Puget Sound (Seattle) area. As quite literally a life long sailor, primarily racer since I was 10yo and about to become 76 on May 1. The discussion on this thread was intriguing so I thought I will add a few more thoughts. H
  8. who are Peters & May do you have a link to them
  9. I am having a tough time finding a trucking company to ship my LS-30 from Norfolk,VA to Seattle, WA. This boat is 28' w a two foot sprite so 30 LOA 7'6" beam 6' draft ~3300 pounds Can anyone recommend a trucking company, hopefully reasonable $ This has become mission impossible for me. Thanks in advance Jim
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