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  1. Good for Yannick. I felt so bad his 400+ mile lead evaporated off the Brazilian Coast. Kept fighting all the way to the end. Well done!
  2. Boatspeed sure seems off on Boris' dashboard. Well under 10 knots in 19 knots of wind?
  3. He wasn't laying the line, had to gybe.
  4. Just don't see how Boris can save his time on Charlie, especially if he has to throw in a gybe. Yannick looks far enough North to avoid a gybe, with the breeze going more South over the next few hours.
  5. Charlie up over 19 knots on the bad foil gybe to the finish. Looks like the wind might be swinging south over the next few hours, heading him toward the line. What an impressive sailor.
  6. Seems Charlie has just gybed. Dang this is going to be close!
  7. I wonder if L’Occitaine is the smart buy. Seems to have been durable, quite quick, and because it's not one of the leaders one could possibly get it cheap...
  8. I'm saying: it seems foolish to not carry a spare on such a well-funded platform being sailed around the globe.
  9. If Pip Hare can singlehandedly replace a rudder in the Southern Ocean, I think a full crew could accomplish the same on Gitana. In fact, it should be a contingency plan. Seems silly to not have a spare rudder on such an expensive globe-trotting machine, especially given the recent experiences of so many others...
  10. Pedote seems to have made a jump forward. Best VMG/fastest of the lead group over the last 24 hours.
  11. Definitely someone I'd enjoy sitting down and having a chat with. Plucky, capable, indefatigable. Go Pip GO!
  12. This dinghy sailor is nervous for Yannick, who seems to be to outside/to leeward of the shift and fleet with breeze right. Given that and smaller foils, he's doing a good job keeping up as well as he is. Meanwhile, Burton continues his march to the front.
  13. Conrad being so easy on the eyes as well as knowledgeable sure makes these updates compelling.
  14. I don't know if it was a mistake as much as a favorable weather system allowing the others to catch up. In any case, poor guy is in trouble!
  15. Man, Louis Burton is tearing it up: 376 miles in 24 hours, compared to 284 by Damien Seguin.
  16. Duly respectful of and awed by the conditions, yet continuing to push and taking us along for the ride. Go Pip!
  17. Pardon the VG newbie question, but is there prevailing wisdom for passing inside or outside the Falkland Islands? Seems there's more wind outside, but the angles look challenging to get North and West thereafter.
  18. Louis Burton is really moving through the fleet, basically tied with JLC and 52 miles(!) faster over the last 24 hours than Dutreaux in 5th.
  19. It was a Wednesday night race early in the series. Had to be at least 30 knots. The World Record in Aeros is a bit over 23 knots(!) There are pictures (even video, I think) out there somewhere.
  20. Benjamin Dutreux has put in an impressive performance!
  21. 20.9 knots, GPS verified, on my RS Aero. I'd only had the boat a few months and was scared something would break (coming from the L@ser), but the Aero was bulletproof, FAST, and the blades didn't hum. Exhilarating!
  22. Second on the Aero. I think the chined hull doesn't pick up wetted surface as much as a dish-shaped hull, and the 9 rig has tons of power. The fleet at Cedar Point YC in Westport CT is up to 19 boats, fyi.
  23. Here's a link to the floats. Mislabeled "catamaran," which might make them less likely to be bid on. https://www.pickles.com.au/damaged-salvage/item/-/details/Unbranded--Catamaran/1040299343
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