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  1. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-5091115/Doctors-claim-marijuana-overdose-killed-Colorado-infant.html
  2. Me too. Claims are claims. They say could find no other reason for cardiac arrest. The infant had enough THC in it's system that it would have failed a roadside driving test. I don't think that's enough to cause cardiac arrest.
  3. Propagating BS like that is below you Mark. I'd expect it from BL, Sloop, Left, Mitch et al.
  4. Quite. Where LB sees dicks (you and bent) I see a pair of cunts. Australians understand that type of talk.
  5. Ol mate Bent is the master of ignore. And Randy didn't even quote you...
  6. I see a couple of Colorado doctors are claiming they have the first pot OD death. An infant in 2015.
  7. One nation has been here for 20 years Bent boy. It’s more than an aberration. The majority of the country is done with open slather immigration. It’s finished.
  8. There’s been a few cases of late. A former PM was assaulted in the street by a LWNJ. His sister was attacked while trying to attend a fund raising event, again LWNJs. The instance you’ve quoted is some RWNJs publicity stunt. Punks.
  9. How many referendums do you want? SSM, Manus and now this? I reckon "this mess" has been ongoing since before you got here. And how many passports do you hold?
  10. Is it the rifle or the mag that gets surrendered when you die? WTF did you comply and register it?
  11. Utopia? Surfing every day for 4 months? Maaaate. I think I'm in Brisbane on Monday. Beers?
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