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  1. 'One Hears' it's $100million to ETNZ. A match in the Solent/IoW. ETNZ Win, AC38 in Auckland with ITUK as CoR. ITUK Win, AC38 in the UK, ETNZ as CoR. ETNZ just have to sell it to the public and the gummint. Good luck with that.
  2. 7 knot NW currently at Bean Rock. Hopefully it continues to swing round to the SW and build a knot or three.
  3. Boring, just alphabetical order (going upwards).
  4. Surely that is the major advantage in winning the cup - making the rules? Has been that way all the way through the history of the cup has it not?
  5. Just heard they reared up and tipped over off Waiheke today. Got back up and continued sailing. Be awesome if someone got footage.
  6. The Instagram Post mentions they were doing 28 knots in the boat the film was taken from. Light winds too (big headsail on), assuming this was taken yesterday (11 Dec) it was a pretty calm day here in Auckland.
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