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  1. 6 minutes ago, Stingray~ said:

    That argument could have been made during any Class change before, but was not.

    It is a major, major factor for why ETNZ will very likely win this next Cup, I just wish they hadn’t resorted to it. Grant and others have pointed to it, it’s an obvious fairness problem as well as, apparently, a strategic (and deeply contested) money grab on top.


    Surely that is the major advantage in winning the cup - making the rules?

    Has been that way all the way through the history of the cup has it not?

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  2. 7 hours ago, alphafb552 said:

    And maybe hold on until the boat initiates and finishes a maneuver (gybe or tack)?

    And while we're at it, instead of saying they're motoring, how about mentioning what speed you're doing trying to keep up?


    The Instagram Post mentions they were doing 28 knots in the boat the film was taken from. Light winds too (big headsail on), assuming this was taken yesterday (11 Dec) it was a pretty calm day here in Auckland.

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