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  1. Is the visibility of targets limited by range? I had a similar occurrence when my splitter failed. The AIS can still pick up targets out to a few of miles with no antennae.
  2. Hi Steve, Can you do more tests on anchors in the <15 lb range? Many more people own smaller boats than those that own larger boats. Most of your tests are ~20+ lb anchors. A lot of people with 15-25'' boats will be really interested in the smaller anchors. Thanks
  3. What's your opinion on the merits of the F9/C31 for ocean passage making?
  4. Really impressive. What ocean did you cross on the F9?
  5. Can anyone comment on how common such a catastrophic beam failure is in F27s? I hoped to acquire an F27 at some point in the future, but a failure like this gives some pause, particularly as the F27 has the reputation for being the tough open water performer.
  6. I was out on the Bay yesterday (6/5) and heard on Channel 16 that a trimaran capsized near Pt Cavallo. A race was coming in under the Golden Gate (maybe the full crewed Farallons). It was blowing a steady 20 knots true. I hope no one was hurt and the boat recovered. Any info out there?
  7. No, completely serious. It is one of the most spectacular and memorable places you will have ever see. The East Landing area is often protected from the prevailing NE weather and it is alive with marine and bird life. http://tiki21littlecat.blogspot.com/2020/12/overnight-in-gulf-of-farallons.html
  8. For those with less expensive tastes I have been running one of these for a couple of years and it works great. They come with or without GPS receiver. I got the one without the receiver which I regret as I had to mess around wiring in from my Garmin for location. Cost me around $100 at the time plus a $30 splitter from glomex. Edit: woops after posting I see that the focus is on transponders. Still might be interesting for someone.
  9. I have a Tiki 21 and do lots of coastal open water sailing. The design characteristics make it feel very safe and reassuring in a seaway (as Rory McDougal has demonstrated). I am sure that a Tiki 26 and 30 can circumnavigate. It is not which of these boats can do it, rather what is your preferred level of comfort? The Tiki 21 through 30 have camping-like amenities. The Tiki 38 is the smallest with standing headroom and room for a sizable galley and separate head/stand up shower.
  10. Thanks for these incredibly valuable videos. They show that mythology cannot compete with empiricism! Looking up how to make a contribution for all of your work.
  11. I had been thinking about trying a flat finish, but after reading the comments here have been put off entirely. But what about half-way - semi-gloss instead of flat?
  12. I have found the Sailrite 24oz - 30oz trampoline mesh to be very hard wearing (but not the 10oz). Something to consider if you want a cheaper/easier alternative.
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