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  1. I don't have pix but I saw the boats which have aluminum tillers looks like ones which on Figaro, Sun Fast kind of boats.
  2. I've seen some boats have aluminum tillers on and even some new boats are equipped that kind of tillers. I googled but none shows up. I assumed those which I saw were not completely custom made, looks like some forms of basic model maybe available. I would say semi-custom.
  3. Does anyone know who makes a custom aluminum tiller? Thanks in advance.
  4. But, Tension of halyard has tbe really tight even with diverter wheel? if not tight enough halyard wraps above wheel? It's happened to me. Sorry made. a. Topic off fr OP’s question.
  5. Halyard wrap is always my issue. Any suggestion?
  6. Has anyone experienced or installed Mauripro's MZ mainsail cover? It looks like stack pack style sail cover. I wonder how is the installation and material quality. Thank you in advance.
  7. Thanks all, I try first measuring draw in time scale.
  8. I have 2 Blue top optima AGM dual purpose which are older than 6 years but could not tell the manufacture date since the label are not on and also Bar code number is older number than 2015, I believe they change the format of the code that year. Using 4 instruments, an auto pilot and VHF usually couple of hours and still voltage shows above 12.5 , and starting engine does not have a problem. For now I do not have issue yet but usually battery life is around 4 to 5 years, so I start worrying now. Is there anyway to tell the battery is good or bad?
  9. So, 33feet boat, If not Pelagic, I would go with NKE with mechanical RAM which does not have to be below deck, and less price than their hydrauric ram.
  10. Pelagic, very happy about it. Nke will be the best choice but expensive.
  11. Plus one for Benjamin Dutreux. His boat is ex-shiraishi's boat. I wonder what's happened with Clement Giraud.
  12. German Frers designed 33 racer/cruiser in 80's which had nice roomy cabins. I believe Bruce Farr designed more aggressive racing boat.
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