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  1. It is a pretty bad ad. Butt-ugly boat, mostly motoring in three knots of wind, accompanied by a droning, nails-on-blackboard soundtrack that promotes suicidal ideation. P.S. No lifejackets, no helmets, no sunscreen, no DayGlo clothing, no CO2 detector, no EPIRB, no life-raft, no float-plan filed ... and most scandalously of all, no anti-Covid masks, and openly drinking-and-boating!!! Health and Safety brigade would have a field day.
  2. Sailing, sure. Yachting, no. Oversized-dinghies - without grace or style, and lacking even rudimentary provisions for navigation or living (sleeping, cooking, eating, etc.) - cannot reasonably be described as yachts.
  3. +1 But the Thames already has enough on its plate, trying to dislodge the current Commodore before the 250th celebrations. We want Kate, and we won’t wait!
  4. Hope you will be able to visit CRVI and/or RYYCS. Great clubs (and bitter rivals!).
  5. Embarrassing indeed. Signing on this pair has and will continue to damage NYYC’s reputation as a serious club.
  6. Golden Gate Yacht Club is probably available. That would rule out Golden Gate. But nothing in the Deed of Gift requires an impressive club ... would AM really be so picky?
  7. You’re telling me? Bloody ignorant Yank. Rick Mercer should interview you ... no doubt you would have lots of ‘interesting’ things to say.
  8. ‘Eco-anxiety’ is the latest mental illness.
  9. Never purchase toys (boats, airplanes, sports cars, etc.) on credit. Pay cash, or do without. +1
  10. Correct. See Antigua Breaking News. What episode was that?
  11. Any further word on this? I can never understand why people say PHRF is not a credible handicapping system.
  12. No, we cannot expect that. Your hope/wish that the IC 37 will be generally taken up and prompt a renaissance of club racing is implausible. You’ve indirectly answered your own question. A new class that costs US$340,000 per boat is simply too expensive to have wide appeal. Newport will remain a relative hot-spot for IC37 racing, until the boats are eventually dropped by the club (either due either to decreasing member interest, increasing cost of upkeep, or some newer design coming out the stage). A few boats have been or will be purchased and sailed in other locations: especially by
  13. +1. Luiz was an exceptional person, invariably pleasant and helpful to everyone he met. An example to the rest of us. RIP.
  14. ??? The club’s results in their own biannual Invitational have been perfectly respectable, but can in no way be described as ‘dominating’ (only one win, and that 12 years back): 2021 (IC 37s): 5th 2019 (IC 37s)- 6th 2017 (Swan 42s) - 4th 2015 (Swan 42s) - 2nd 2013 (Swan 42s) - 9th 2011 (Swan 42s) - 2nd 2009 (Swan 42s) - 1st
  15. I have only a few America’s Cup books. Besides Spithill’s Chasing the Cup, they are as follows. L Related video to the last book:
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