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  1. Graduates of ASA 101, 103 and 104 should have demonstrated all those skills when they completed those courses. If they have done a reasonable amount of sailing since that time, there is no reason why they should not remain proficient. But many (most?) people take a course - or two, or three - and then do no further sailing: in which case, their skills quickly atrophy. That problem isn't unique to the ASA, it's pretty common to all sail training systems. I would have to agree. Students do need to practice docking, but it's part of an instructor's job to step in as necessary to prev
  2. Nice Albacore. Please post more photos!
  3. You can also afford plenty of legal and accounting advice to help you not pay that tax. 100%. Few Canadians purchase boats costing C$250,000 or more. But after this new tax is imposed, that number will drop to almost zero. Revenue generation is not the point of this new tax. It is all about getting the NDP to support the budget - and outflanking them on the left - by purportedly sticking it to the rich. Actual results are immaterial.
  4. It’s good to hear that things eventually worked out (no thanks to Brian Hancock of Great Circle Sails). Overall though, what a dismal customer experience! There is no excuse for retaining a 50% deposit without delivering promised goods, or for refusing to respond to reasonable follow-up enquiries. Thanks for publishing your warning about the way you were treated by Brian Hancock of Great Circle Sails. P.S. Brian Hancock of Great Circle Sails boasts on his website - still up and running, BTW - that he is a member of Certified Independent Sailmakers. When you were communicating with Cr
  5. That sounds good. What stage of development is it at? When will it be available to purchase?
  6. I hope the 'overhaul' does not significantly change the SpeedPuck. Keep it simple! It is just fine as it is (or was ... can't find 'em anywhere now. When will it be available again?).
  7. I used to do my own work. But eventually I had to fire myself, as I got really tired of my shitty attitude. The final straw was when I caught myself drinking on the job.
  8. Nope. This is wrong. Maybe it’s true of ad hoc PCs composed of competitors reluctantly pressed into service. But it certainly doesn’t apply to organized PCs made up of certified judges. Most judges - and all good ones - sincerely believe that the proper application and enforcement of the RRS contribute to the fairness of the sport. They dislike the idea of a competitor potentially ‘getting away with’ a violation because the protestor failed to observe Rule 61. But when it happens, there is nothing the PC can do to ‘fix’ the omission(s): fairness to the protestee precludes that. In an
  9. The photos show that the starboard hydroplane is broken. The anonymous Japanese officials claiming “damage was not major” are on crack. I can’t begin to estimate how many passive sensors are on that submarine, and yet the crew failed to detect the presence of a largish bulk carrier until the very last minute. Makes you wonder.
  10. True ... but damning with faint praise! Mount Gay is perfectly drinkable, but mediocre. Boring, really. There are plenty of other rums that cost no more and have more character ... including Goslings. ^^^^ This ^^^^ I have never been particularly ‘cool’, nor worried about it. And the older I get, the less cool I am, and the less I care. I have only one MG cap. I rarely wear it, but not out of concern for what others might think. When sailing I usually wear a Tilley hat: which is about the most seriously uncool hat anyone could possibly wear, but helps ward off skin cance
  11. Indeed. So Mr. Fracker (sorry, “Sir Jim”: knighted “for services [sic] to business and to investment, FFS) - who is not a sailor, knows nothing about the history of the AC and cares less - wants to further push the Cup into some sort of half-assed foil-borne aquatic F1, all in the interest of feathering his corporate nest. As Fourourselves pointed out, billionaires come and go, but the AC remains. I hope the Frackers fail in a humiliating fashion and that this clown then bails out of future competition (as he has already signalled his intention to do unless he gets to mould everythin
  12. Indeed he is an excellent spokesman; but as a solo racer his actual racing results are quite important. No doubt he feels that way himself. Are you able to provide a link, please? Agreed.
  13. The real shame in this controversy is that it was quite unnecessary. Everyone is well aware that the cancellation was effectively beyond the control of the CCA, and no reasonable person blames them for that. And it is plausible that in preparing for the race, they incurred some - presumably relatively modest - expenses. Whether they should have absorbed such costs, or passed them on to competitors, is at least debatable. Where they have gone wrong is the failure to provide an accounting. The bland statement that “the majority of entry-fee deposit funds have been spent in preparation for t
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