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  1. then do one for each boat, the RC32(x), RB32(x) position is different for each boat each boat will have a slightly different CG point not aligning with the CL of the boat depending on the cant they are running on each foil and the weight distribution in each foil, position of crew etc etc etc
  2. so you say they are wrong by assuming the teams have different leavers/weight combos ... then you go on to make the simplification that both teams have the exact same leaver ... ... ... they don't
  3. yips ... its a rope can only assume its a protection sleeve until it's attached to the sail control mechanism. whatever that PVC is hiding must be fancy
  4. thanks weta are these the new streamlined pie warmers? also have the PVC pipes on the outsides of the sail bags with rope running through them. maybe protecting something before being put inside the sails
  5. fixed it for you a foil with a right angle ... ok and yes it has changed my thinking thank you ... I think we are both right but wrong so can agree to merge results someone with the time to SohCahToa can tell me if the yellow line is on the foil mirror line for various angles ... i.e, can LR move the pivot center outside the mirror line
  6. yes and no. you are trying to balance leeway. I'm trying to balance RM in the simplistic (ignore the rudder etc) try Zero the force moments around the red dot. the leeway provided by the foils (ignore the upright pretty much cancel each other out (etnz style) so all you are left with is to balance weights vs sail force to keep in balance. more weight / distance = more sail force
  7. this guy is onto it with the angles and forces in the X/y
  8. yes and no we are taking the simplistic model of ... and trying to balance forces around the red dot. the original discussion was to do with RM (hull, windward foil weight multiplied by the distance from leaver) as above we were debating where that relative leaver (red dot) is ... quite clear its fairly central on the etnz T foil ... on LR, my pick is it's outside the symmetry plane due to geometry
  9. haha sounds good, sorry if it comes across as criticism. just trying to get a clear understanding of the principles/application/benefits of the T vs V foil. we make enough assumptions from our armchairs I think its healthy debate to challenge each other's theories and schematics. if I was an AC designer / sailer i would have probably gone for Max RM ... but with independent actuators as I see times when a moment control (ailerons on an aircraft) would be beneficial when rounding marks for example
  10. I'm agreeing with the method of splitting the vertical and horizontal forces as you have with the black arrows I'm not agreeing with how you have added the 2 LR vertical forces together and place them halfway between (still on the mirror line) and called that your equivalent the effective Red arrow should be outboard from the foil mirror line (green) for the LR. this would bring the centre of vertical lift from Center of the boat dimension closer to ETNZ's so would tighten up the advantage in knots as you also describe the mirror image of this is the leeway horizontal force
  11. I would like to see the numbers before saying 'further' it does leave LR more susceptible to coming off there foils in choppy conditions and they would have to be more accurate with rideheight being so dependant on the vertical lift from the outer half of the foil while the tip is continually coming out of the water
  12. ha - just watching your episode 2 so might have spoken too soon I have an observation I don't think you have taken into account regarding combined vertical lift (your red arrow position) (let's ignore foil tip out of water for a second) LR with the more vertical lift coming off the outside half of the foil there will be a ratio someone can SohCahToa between the 2 halves ... this will move your red arrow outboard which would close the gap with the ETNZ flat foil centre. yes/no??? what gets more complicated is if LR are using different actuators for
  13. geez Mozzy creating a video of something that was discussed here 13 months ago I'm curious as to why your video uses the term 'diddly squat' ... yes the pic I have above is based on the extremes of top / bottom of foil weight positions but I would suggest the benefit of 0.5% that you state is under exaggerated if I'm correct you ignored the COG of the hull being the different distance from the lever point? in your video its 123mm so about 2.18% difference in lever/moment just from Hull/rig/crew weight maybe we agree to meet somewhere in the middle? ... if I was an AC designer
  14. the announcement on sunday was along the lines of ' Level 3 until Wednesday night' i.e ... it will not be dropping before Wednesday night, anyone who wasn't preparing for starting up L2 on Thursday would do themselves a disservice - be prepared
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