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  1. Agree with SloopJonB; Looks like a Morgan 54. Where was it "discovered", some Bayou in Louisiana? That was a pretty good design to the CCA rule. Rage, as I recall was 2nd overall in the 1968 Newport-Bermuda race. It looks like it's done, though. Maybe over done. Happened to a boat I built, a Britt Chance daggerboard of soft woods. 2 years ago cut up and sold for the engine, winches (14 of 'em!), 11,000 pounds of lead, and a 3 spreader rig. Like the clipper ships, they are monuments of snow....
  2. Here is RT, as from "Yachting" magazine, long ago.
  3. SA allowed an upload this morning. Here is Chuck Burn's Topaz. I think Chuck worked at Gary Mull's office for a time. The clipping came from Sail magazine. Does anyone know what became of this boat?
  4. Lydia, that is a neat boat! Is it yours? Here is one of my favorites. It is not a sailboat; powered by some unknown type of fictional electric propulsion. Of course, if I could afford one of these, I'd have it powered with a small reactor, maybe surplus from USS Jimmy Carter. The designer of this vessel is Harper Goff. He passed away many years ago, but if Disney ever does a re-make, they had better stick with the Steampunk Goth design theme. Fun times....let's go sink a few warships.....just watch out for the giant squid.
  5. OK, here is the C&C 61, including an ad, for a bit of color. The C&C 61 was probably a crowning design for C&C. Big, very fast, and given the big foretriangle, a bear to sail. The one here was named Sorcery, had a good race record, and was rolled over in the Pacific en route from Japan to the US. Made for an epic sea story. Anyone looking for other designers? Post a request, there a many more. Will be posting Charley Morgan's noted design Paper Tiger soon.
  6. The famous S&S Running Tide. This is the Yachting magazine design section, dating from 1971. probably one of the best looking sailing vessels ever; nice sheer line, moderate overhangs (for the time), still very modern in appearance.
  7. That's pretty nice! Looks like an original drawing from Ted Hood's shop.
  8. That's kinda nice; agreed, some color is needed. But unless you have blueprints, can't furnish much.
  9. Today, it's allowing the upload! Here is a really old one published in 1960. This little vessel became very well known, and fostered a number of sailors and designers. Enjoy!
  10. Trying to get some help with this from SA admin. This might take a while....
  11. That's a pretty boat. Soon as we figure out why SA won't upload a .jpeg image, will be posting more.
  12. Bill Lapworth's Cal 40. These are still potent boats for racing or can be cruised without much change. An attempt to load the Cal 48 did not work, so will try later. The 48 is a big sister, but not many were built. The Cal 40s production run went to around 200 boats.
  13. Here is a select from Britt Chance. First a 42 footer that he drew up, but was never informed if any were built. Then the famous Equation, at 68'). Britt would seek the most complicated systems for adjusting things; and constantly brought revisions while a boat was being built. In all honesty, I might have been one of the few people that got along with him, and can say that I was not always patient with some people. Here they are:
  14. Next is Scott Kaufmann's AJIII, which was a neat boat, saw it is Annapolis many years ago. It has since disappeared from any records.
  15. A couple of days ago, dug in to the files and scanned a few from German Frers and Scott Kaufmann. Frees produced some really elegant designs under IOR. Just as a historic note, German had a first cousin from Argentina named Ernesto Guevara, better known as Che. Yes, the revolutionary from Cuba. Frers first:This 39 foster was from the early 1960s, and think it was Frers the elder, flooded by the 46 and 49 footers of the mid 1970s.
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