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  1. Has Biden ever talked about or explained the 30+ EXE action/orders he signed on day 1? Does he even know what he signed and what the impacts would be? Who actually wrote those orders/actions he signed? Some say it was Obama getting back at Trump for turning around his programs. But who really knows? The main thing is what Biden has don has j=hurt everyone except the wealthy, Thanks Guys As for your historical funding bill. Trump was ready to sign a 2.2T infrastructure bill but it was only for Infrastructure, not amnesty for a bunch of Illegal border crossers. But the Dems killed that,
  2. At least they have the flag at the mast head in the right direction. And given they are damn near by the lee, if you were holding the head of the main, the leach may actually lift in such a way. Ever play with windsurfing? do Freestyle? Using the leach of your sail can be useful. You guys should stop kissing the Ed's Butt.
  3. Military grade my ass. I've shot one and the only thing that makes a gun dangerous it the person behind it. Did you notice in all the video he never had his finger on the trigger until he was attacked?? maybe all those Looters and Rioters (not protesters) should be shot. Kill all Humans As the FBI stats show the majority of people die from the killer using his feet or hands. No other weapons. Maybe people kill and not gun the nutters as you say. I'd worry more about one of those BLM or Antifa Criminals sniping him. or just catching him and killing him.
  4. It is inexpensive. But you should read about it. Here is a real life story about a couple of paraplegics the build a ferro boat and head out into the Atlantic from Cape Town. Very inspiring and yet it is amazing that they do not kill themselves from lack of experience. Ocean to Cross: Daring the Atlantic, Claiming a New Life https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/2185314.Ocean_to_Cross "Permanently crippled from a fall from a horse, Liz Fordred refused to accept the limitations set for her. Together with her husband (also an accident survivor) they decided to build a boat and sai
  5. Yea, and I need something to line the kitchen trash too. JFC, you guys boil everything to Politics. It is just plain old GREED, which our Tax Code promotes. Every Administration say Pay Your Fair Share but never fix the pile of shit. Ever since Regan all the way to Biden we have had failed leadership. Biden, Pelosi and Schumer could really do something but they really don't care. Their actions speak volumes on how much they don't care. All the GOP admins have fucked us too. But back on the subject, it is the real investigative journalism that suffers because it take time
  6. I saw that live. What the F was she dressed for, Looked like a total skank and why did she have so many security on the grid? Not like anyone was going to jump her............eewwww The first half was great then it became the usual parade. The outcome was obvious. But it is so tight at the top, the rest of the races will no doubt be good, if Max and Lewis and keep from taking each other out.
  7. OK, I'll grant you old guys this. David Gorski David Henry Gorski is an American surgical oncologist, professor of surgery at Wayne State University School of Medicine, and a surgical oncologist at the Barbara Ann Karmanos Cancer Institute, specializing in breast cancer surgery. He is an outspoken skeptic, and a critic of alternative medicine and the anti-vaccination movement. He is the author of the blog Respectful Insolence, and the managing editor of the website Science-Based Medicine. at the end of his article he does state that the science is not confirmed whether one or th
  8. Meat Wad


    it's coming. Been raining since 8am, light to heavy, good breeze too. Holy shit a squall and heavy rain just started.
  9. Worry about yourself. 400,000 at the F1 weekend in The Circuit of the Americas and you guys worry about a piddly ass sailboat race. Oh Chris, it is not Mythology that Natural immunity is better. Why do you think they are giving boosters???? Because the MRNA Vaccines are not as effective as was preached by the Politicians at first. What do you believe Politics or Medical Science. If I could get natural immunity I would. But I am so healthy, I don't even get the flu. I've been exposed to the virus before my vaccination and never got sick. So I got the vaccine.....WHY..
  10. Yep even as limited as I get to shoot. A visual check, when given a firearm by someone else, is mandantory. I cannot believe as much as Alec Baldwin has been around movies with firearm he has not been taught this. Do you think he has ever paid a certified instructor to teach him proper handling. Alec is an idiot, and a rich one at that Shooting, no pun intended, has bee suspended indefinitely for now. reports the new this morning.
  11. Meat Wad


    Lake Powell and Mead get most of their water from the Rocky's runoff and snow melt. Here is a great view of the storm. You can see the moisture being sucked up and aiming just south of Conception right now. https://earth.nullschool.net/#current/wind/isobaric/1000hPa/orthographic=-124.05,44.61,351
  12. you boil sailing down to something that sounds awful Of course in between there is all of those things. I have experienced them all having been around the world by the age of 12, then making sails and sailing for many years, then became disabled and still sailing and meeting more people from around the world in Para Sailing, then land sailing and meeting the desert rats. And of course helping to build this community which really seems to be a fractured microcosm of the world ripping it's self apart due to lack of direction. Sailing is everything, it opened the world or as some say de
  13. Probably good thing we can't see you dreams or mine. Actually it is the Human Race that has flucked the world. We are borne and we die, in between we try to go sailing AMAP
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