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  1. The word is 1 in a million have this issue. One another front, some of the people who get covid also have blood clotting issues. So did the chicken come before the egg.
  2. See there, because I am not like you, I am the one who is wrong. That is the problem with the Leftist mind set. If I leave you alone and you leave me alone and neither of us are hurting anyone, Why is it me that is beyond hope?? You guys and your social engineering types are what is wrong. You do not want the death penalty because you say it is immoral and then it costs so much to house the criminally insane. Then you let them out and they kill again. But you want to control me to the point we will eventually come to conflict and then you blame me. You are just like a girl who
  3. Yea, something like that in a Power Cat configuration would be cool. Wider side decks and more room form my wheelchair. Elevators everywhere and a moon pool with a Flying Sub.
  4. It is so funny reading all the BS in this thread. There will never be gun control just like during the Prohibition, there was no control of alcohol. The real story is about Population Control. If the firearms are taken from the good and smart people, crime will run rampant. Just look at the Left run States and their big cities. Defund the Police and let the Criminals do what they want. remember, Criminals will always have Ballistic Weapons, just look at Mexico. The leftists are so afraid of a Free People. Just like in the Communists countries, it is about Population Control. The US will
  5. It's all about control. They want to control the average person while the $$$donors to your elected officials get to do what they want. Good luck with that. it will take more money than Biden is tossing around to fight that battle. Having lived in So Cal since 1970 I've seen that the farmers reign supreme. We need water and food which is fine. But they should not make huge profits off of cheap water and illegal immigrant cheap labor. It all reminds me of the movie China Town with Jack Nicholson. Corruption and power. Another great piece to watch is a short youtube piece on calif
  6. no matter what kind of man he was, marring into money and not fucking it up takes some real smarts.
  7. Back in the 70's AYC hosted the SC27 Nat's and it was the old style course with the restricted start in the middle. One boat was in contention for the top 3 and went through the restricted Start Line. OOPS, boy were they pissed, lots of ill will from that as they came from Newport Beach and the "We never restrict the line" attitude. Sorry Bro, read the SI next time. I do like the new style courses as 90% of the finishes are downwind. A good crew and skipper can gain tons when paying attention to shifts and laylines. Everyone loves to relax when the kite goes up, but that is really attack
  8. Who listens to radio? I got Pandora and it is commercial free. TV is the new radio, sometimes I am busy and I hear the news but don't watch it. Other times when I get off my ass I do watch it. But I have a book right next to my pillow too.
  9. I have pushed for the change to TOT but the old farts running the club do not understand it and changing is tough for some. It was difficult enough to get them off of the crappy spreadsheet scoring that some club member(engineer) designed 20 years ago. If there was someone who could make a presentation to BOD and race officers, maybe the change could happen.
  10. After posting the above, I remembered I created a document to help the helpers. It is how we change the rating of boats for the next race and then finish and score. Currently we use -6, -3 for 1st and 2nd, reverse it for last and 2nd from last. It also has instructions on how to Publish. I do not include the BCR (Back Corrected Rating) anymore. Use the BCE (Back Corrected Time) as it shows how far out of 1st place you were. Here is our 23 race WW series from 2019 https://www.regattanetwork.com/clubmgmt/regatta_uploads/18696/2019WWseriesresults.html You can see that many boats have lots
  11. I think Sailwave is the most widely used scoring program internationally. They have good support and there are many who are really good with it. To choose your rating system, you have to go to the Scoring System page. There you can choose all sorts of stuff. TOT or TOD for PHRF.You can see this is our Basic WW format. I already have the discard profile in for on discard every 4 races. Also because it is a long series I had to change the Scoring Codes so the DNF, DNS, RET and DSQ reflect Rule A9. In really big regattas, the Fleets tab is used to help split things up. You can have divisions
  12. Yes, thou shalt not kill. But in America you are allowed to be a mentally challenged person and be free. but if you are a sane person, it seems you are the target. Only a crazy mentally ill person would shoot another person for no reason. Much like watching the video of people attacking the Asian elderly. No Fucking reason what so ever. At least when we become part of China, they will eradicate those mental people. And if politicians really care about people, why the fuck do states not enforce the distracted (texting) driving or under the influence driving laws that are killing/maimi
  13. It will be interesting in a year. My wife got the 2 shot Moderna and I got Phizer. Our innoculations are about 1 month apart. She just got her second and when I got my first. and yes J&J is the only 1 shot. Now Billy, you gotta stop with the denigrating of Americans by calling us names. It is only the fact that history repeats itself, that another country will rise to the top. In the past Empires were created by wars. In this new modern age empires are created by economic wars. It's really too bad that Freedom is an Idea that many do not value. Most of the great ideas that have helped
  14. Who was the boat that returned for major repairs and then left to join the race? I forgot who but he was basically out of contention but he still RE-joined the race.
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