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  1. I have not been around for about a month because of Aholes like you Mr. Randumb. It is impossible to chat on this swirling turd bowl of a website because guys like you and scot keep up your shit slinging My boat is in the water after getting a new bottom sprayed on and things are looking good for a sail soon. I just need to replace some expired safety eq. I am going to hopefully meet and take for a sail soon, a nor cal sailor vacationing in Carp. Hanging in the A frame curing.
  2. OMFG, the human race is doomed....................................well based on the idiots on scot's forums. I hate the fact that I actually helped to create this pile of shit. Scot Trumpesta is a total dick smoking dip shit homo user. I knew his parents, his brother and I can say that Scot is the worst part of his family. Why because everything he has, has been on the backs of others. Fuck this pile of shit forums.
  3. JFC, are you pussies still talking about nothing.
  4. Oh BOY, unelected bureaucrats telling us how to live. sounds like Fauci and his lockdowns. We know how that worked out for everyone. Everyday I am seeing more business still closing. nefarious.....wicked or criminal. If wicked, though maybe not illegal. Having worked in the wasterwater industry which included source control (aka runoff), I can say this is BS. This is nothing more than the state of Commifornia trying to label everyone who owns a boat and keeps it in the water, a 1%'er. they hate us and want to tax us for having more than other's have, so they can take and give
  5. OK, 70ml/4hr is 17.5 mph against a river current.
  6. Have the stopped ALL run off from the surround areas that dump into Shelter Island Harbor? With all the shit in the streets who know what leeches into the harbor.
  7. Oh yea, I love how you did not object to my interpretation of OUR right to bear arms, unimpeded by state laws.. You truly are a fuckwit leftist trying to deflect from the actual argument.
  8. That is because you are a fuckwit. Most of the crimes committed are in areas with the tightest gun laws. Because the criminals know they have the guns, not the people. I'd love to have a little pistol but Kali is full of nannies that want you to be criminalized so they can help you. It aint happening.
  9. I feel bad for young girls today. they are growing up without an identity because M2F Trans actually think they are girls. If you never had a Vulva, uterus or ovary's, you never were or will be a girl. If you never had Testicle's or a penis you never were of will be a guy. Hormones' alone cannot make you a different sex. And why is this not an issue with F2M Trans?? Maybe because most girls that make the change want to go back to being a girl. But guys that change, love beating women at sports.
  10. Well, way back in the day, the average person was the Militia.......Meaning People had the right to bear arms.................You dumb ass. I go not want the Government to be the only armed force. At that point our fearless leader can bend over and led Ding Dong Ping fuck us all. But with a well Regulated Militia (THE PEOPLE) Ding Dong Ping or Vlad Poopin will have a rough time. Unless of course you sissy fucks get control. If you want to stop gun violence, start having punishment that is just. But The Dems don't want that. They want Chaos, then they declare Martial Law and you are all
  11. What ever happened to personal responsibility?? Oh, it went out the door along with sensibility, ever since the crazy libs have destroyed just about everything that the middle class cares about. I do not know one gun owner that has shot places up. Maybe crazy people have shot places up. Which is why we need better mental health facilities. Just about everyone in this forum needs some sort of help, mostly people who think they are doing right by electing NUTS. With the Local DA's and State AG's not enforcing and adding the enhanced gun crime , the crazy and
  12. Who needs MS Support??? unless you need to have someone holding your hand? I like the MS Office subscription. 99 bucks a year and I can have me, my wife, son and 2 more with the latest suite. Our YC is still using something like Office 2012 and struggle because the manager is a cheap ass fuck. I did play with Linux quite a bit ago, like maybe 10 years back. The programs I used, mostly graphics stuff were hard to learn after using the Win versions of them. I really liked the original SokoBan game, I think it was called. It's like Stick vs Auto, it takes time. But I don't do
  13. That is what I liked about the 1/4 class. The 2 times I visited the Ton Cup in SD, there were so many back yard projects. Off the Wall designs and all sorts of foolery
  14. Soros has funded too many left wing Stata DAs that are letting repeat criminals out on the street. He does not believe in Prison. and I agree. Death Penalty to repeat felons is better. Sol, you have become a festering pile of shit too. This place is a festering pile of Fascists' shit.
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