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  1. A year ago while visiting my friend, we went to lake pleasant and they dry storage had lots of little race boats too. There was even one of the early Mini 6.5 with about a 6' draft. It really looked out of place. It is a nice looking lake but my friend says the level is down. They have had less rain than us in So Cal and we have really had none.
  2. Here is a new report from KTLA 5 of the rant in San Dimas. Listen closely to how foul she is with her child in the back seat. Video: Woman goes on racist rant, calls L.A. County deputy a ‘murderer’ during traffic stop in San Dimas | KTLA and here is the video from the Officers personal body cam he owns for his own protection. This woman/teacher should be fired.
  3. While visiting my son and a friend in the Pheonix AZ area we had breakfast at a dennys. I was eating and looked out the window to see this big IOR looking boat. I cold not see much so I pulled out back to see it was in an upholstery shop lot. What is it? probably someone's home now. Next, here is a google map sat view of the Big Trawler I see in Quartzite, AZ when driving on the 10 to Phoenix. https://www.google.com/maps/@33.6690345,-114.1831234,131m/data=!3m1!1e3
  4. Every Administration has had the chance to fix the Tax system in the USA. They won't, plain and simple they love the money they get from those who get huge breaks. Tax Consumption not Production. but then they will lose control of the masses. Food is tax free. High sodium and sugar/fake sugar products are not food. Yea, there are some bugs to work out but we should not have to fill out forms every year.
  5. Well, this project has taken entirely too long. The last few months have not been that kind. Here is half finished. I had to coat the bulkhead in halves because hiking my ass out is not easy and my feet can dangle near the wet paint. I only cared about the Front looking good so the back is not as pretty. You can see on the backside that I did not beef up the center part. That is because there is glass already over most of it. I hope I get sailing soon.
  6. Yea, I know but it seems Scot is the one who is being bitter now.
  7. I used a few of those on my trailer. I never hear of the Aluminum so I looked it up. Professional Aluminum Primer Spray Product Page (rustoleum.com) I still have rust bubbles popping up after doing my trailer. It is a dual axle O30 trailer. Harder than fuck doing it from a wheelchair. I had to get on the ground to do the bottom sides.
  8. You guys are fucking kidding me. Nerf guns do not loot and burn cities. And Sol, there are Authoritarians on both sides. Watching you guys cheer and shout is like watching old videos of German's cheering for Hitler before he was in power. Once in power, he wielded his pen like Biden is doing now. Be careful what you guys wish for because it can be turned on you very easily. Look at every country that has had radical changes in the past. They crumble and then get invaded. Don't think it can't happen here. We are only a bit over 250 years old and rich and powerful want freedom to die so the
  9. So signing over 30 Executive orders/actions, in the first few weeks, is doing well? Remember he did this before ever having a Bye Bye/Partisan meeting. So much of the Unity speech.
  10. Well, just the other day the allegations about Kerry were on the news and all the sudden Giuliani. It just seems a bit weird. As for D being moderate, that remains to be seen. Both party's are leaning too far the wrong way for me. They are all a bit off these days. they all care more about their ideology rather than us the citizens that really are the USA.
  11. Ever notice the new format for the news. As soon as an allegation comes out against a D, News reports a bigger allegation against a R. I sure hope a Real Moderate Independent party is formed soon.
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