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  1. Portion Control is everything. Everything in moderation. After 24 years in a wheelchair, I am only about 10 to 15 lbs heavier. Once I got your stomach shrunk down, I have found I can never eat 1/2 of what restaurant's serve. I keep telling my wife to stop eating so much carbs. I asked my doc if he had any stats on what the LDL of a 60 year old para should be. With the biggest muscles in the body not working, I figured that it should be different from a normal person. He had no answer and never tried to find out.
  2. Meat Wad


    Talk about space without narrow corridors or lots of stairs. Sound good to me. And look at all that deck space for solar cells....bla bla bla and a girl on every pillow How about a mini (flying) sub moon pool in the main hull. Admiral Nelson of the Seaview would be impressed.
  3. Lots of those look like a spaghetti factory Clean and simple, the way to go.
  4. Mike Waltz, that was the other guy I was thinking of, fairly short stocky (brick shithouse) build, sandy blonde. Had arms like Popeye. When it comes to short boarding, knowing how to control a surf board is a good thing. I never surfed but I was fast on my Tiga Gun fricking thing was awesome. I met Mickey Fremont and he built me a swallow tail board for surf, I wish I had saved it for mounting. I tried and I tried but I was just not quite there. Broke a toe at the Point in Ventura once, Too fucking cold. Most Sailing is a Participatory Sport, because it is so boring to watch. But
  5. so you are saying that the GOP will claim a fraudulent election just like the Dems said so when Hillary the K, lost??? The rioting and destruction will be justified because it is a bunch of sissy leftists'
  6. who invented gravity? what we need are anti-gravity tops so they never get saggy. God Bless tits (the only time I will get religious)
  7. Yea, after posting I went back and read that. After having raced on almost every 24' to 30' boats from the 70's to the end of the 90's (accident time) An enclosed head is a waste of space on a 30' race boat. but then again there is that 2 ton limit, which really limits your choices. You can always install a curtain.
  8. And that is why people created God(s), they are so Fracking scared of not knowing and understanding.
  9. If I were not a paraplegic, I'd be doing some Calif, coastal racing. I do regattas and some RLC stuff. usually win when we go out. All the boats listed above, we eat for lunch. Turn key, race ready. this is a marketing write up from the 80's. You'll notice my keel is a bit different. Boat can point. Probably the last Zap 26 that has been taken care of and not chopped up do to neglect. I know of a few that went to LIS and the Chesapeake Bay for rehab. All new shit, stanchions, lifelines covers, mainsheet system, bottom is only 6 months old been wyped 3 times and shit
  10. I had a piece of 1 1/2" reinforced plastic tubing in there. Cut up the side to get it in there and Gorilla taped. Worked good, but had to make adjustments to get the right length. If I had to do it again, I would use some leather and make it look really good. The new Harken system does not need the longer shackle because there is much more angle adjustment choices, oh and the cleats work so much better.
  11. Nothing but big boat stuff and sailing politics on the Mythical FP. Talk about regurgitation, I guess no one sails small boats anymore. Not a single piece from CRW, Yachting Cup, Ensenada. the Delta Ditch Run is coming up too. 21 boats entered with a month to go. https://www.regattanetwork.com/event/24093#_home Scot should take his 33 turbo and have some fun.
  12. Fake News (or is it Knews)
  13. Samantha Fox , these photos are from the early 90's. She's done lots of topless stuff, but I'm not gonna dig for them.
  14. New shit always works better. I used to have an Easy Block (????) 3:1 / 6:1 closed loop main sheet. I think the blocks dated back to the early 90's and what pain under load. Time to replace anyway so I went with the Harken 3:1 / 6:1 and wow new shit works better, releases like a hot knife through butter. Got the system from Bam at Oyster Bay. Got the New Marlow sheet at the local Chandlery. Harken also makes a 4:1 / 8:1. I don't like the fine tuner anchored to the Deck. it restricts the boom movement. Old shit vs New Shit You can see in this photo that I had t
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