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  1. Fascinating transformational journey on the Wikipedia page - the OSTAR version must have had a lot of extra buoyancy to be able to add all of that interior / cabin top levels etc later on.
  2. E22's? Yawn... its all about the Etchells 46 now. Everybody's moving up.
  3. Sweet! - post some cockpit, deck, interior photos! Are you planing to keep it on the trailer in the dry sail lot with the other Etchells?
  4. The 'ol YouTube algorithm suggested this - cool project!
  5. Congrats - please upload pics on your progress.
  6. Not so much the 5G - issue was more the Category 5 named 'Irma'
  7. Hmmmm, there's a reason I tune into Salt & Tar that this series is desperatly lacking.
  8. Agree, and the hull is such a small part of the overall finished project. I feel for these guys and watch YouTube channels like "Acorn to Arabella" or "Salt and Tar", their work ethic is impressive to watch, really inspiring, I want to see them succeed, they are making great progress, but I can't help to think how long they have to go. If you took the same effort, and did a full refit they'd already be sitting at anchor in the Caribbean. But to their credit they will have the "built it from the ground up" pride. Having the the hull is such a small part of the final boat, it even trickles down
  9. Looking at the trailer set up it must be an Etchells sailor.
  10. Love following these videos. What are they keeping? Seems like everything is being re-built from new material. Would it still be considered the same boat?
  11. Where are the North American DF65 regattas listed? Is there a way the 2018 events could be posted in this thread? Anyone have them?
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