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  1. Which boats would your rather see sold, instead of those mentioned in the pdf?
  2. Why is a jib good upwind? Is that in light winds or all conditions?
  3. Cool! Is that joint of the boards which goes from top att the bow down to the waterline at the bulkheads chosen to be able to make the shape of the hull? Or could the joint be placed anywhere?
  4. USA won a race in New York. That's a start to more competition for the wins. They apparently had a replacement trimmer due to injury. It was their wing trim teacher showing how it's done! Maybe they should keep him at the controls! =)
  5. I don't understand the hate. I love watching these boats and the races. It's just so cool to see them reach 30 knots in almost no wind. And so spectacular when they are a bit out of control. I wish there where more races with these boats. Also that there would be more teams competing for the top spots.
  6. I've just bought a Dragonfly 25 MK1, which according to the registration sheet was made in 1981! Can you have a look on my mast base. See pictures in this link: https://photos.app.goo.gl/yjkbbSzqqyePnRt88 Is this the original mastbase for an MK1? Mounted as by the factory? Or am I right in suspecting that it's mounted backwards? This is how it looks on an 800: The mast is forward of the pulleys, making it able to be lowered forward/raised from forward with the boom and mainsheet. Like this: If I can't lay the mast down forwa
  7. Robin showed me the rudders and they looked just like a Speer section to me. Not sharp edges. I remember wondering how the "feel" would be, since they have camber. I imagined that they would want to push/pull the tiller, depending on how they were balanced. But I didn't ask him about it. He also showed me the mechanism to automatically move the centre of lift to either side of the axis of rotation, depending on the direction of movement. It was all machined out of aluminium, with bushings and sliders made from nylon or similar low friction plastic. The rudders also had a way to kick up. I thin
  8. I wanted to do that myself Robin gave me a tour of the boat once, a few months before it was launched. As a matter of fact, that was almost exactly one year before the tragedy... It was around new years, 16/17. And I had no idea until recently when I found this thread. I thought the boat was a real work of art. Strip planked in western red cedar. Beautiful round shapes. Good luck! and let me know if you need one or two people for crew when you sail her... =)
  9. Just a guess, the sail/boom "behaves" better during the gybe?
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