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  1. Rat's ass

    Occupy Impeachment Depositions

    That's in podesta's house, I'm shocked as I thought you'd be defending his choice of art or at least apologizing and saying "to each his own" I'm equally disgusted as I am with the "nothing to see here" Epstein case. Have you seen the one yet? Are you saying podesta is despicable for hanging this shit up in his house? No.
  2. Rat's ass

    Roger Stone

    Build an ark on the nearest mountain Fakeliberal! I'm pro gag, especially those that feel they've been treated unfairly. Sol the Kool Aid Drinking Dullard should also be gagged so she won't be able to piss herself ever again!
  3. Rat's ass

    Immediate withdrawal from Syria

    Yup, it'll be just like going to the Theater. Godzilla vs. Gargantua! Shock and awe and blood literally boiling. Trump, Hillary, Obama, the bush and Buffet moved to a safe space while you piss yourself over AGW and gender-free toilets.
  4. Rat's ass

    Brexit, and all it entails

    US should sign up. Give away sovereignty for the good of the collective.
  5. Rat's ass

    If Rally Crowds Mean Anything...

    I guess so, my bad.
  6. Rat's ass

    Mattis mocks Donnie

    AJ you should get a medal for lifetime dupe.
  7. Rat's ass

    If Rally Crowds Mean Anything...

    Just next to hypocrite leftist moron.
  8. Rat's ass

    CUBA- I'm confused

  9. Rat's ass

    Immediate withdrawal from Syria

    70 years and counting. No plans on ending the occupation anytime soon.
  10. Rat's ass

    the potential of civil war

    What's that you say, lard ass?
  11. Rat's ass

    2020 polls & endorsements

    Thank goodness. You need troops on the ground in Syria! You are god's chosen interventionist nation. Saving the world by proxy. What would we do without you?
  12. Rat's ass

    Today's Trump Headlines

    Sensational, Sean. "Politics Is the Entertainment Branch of Industry" - Frank Zappa
  13. Rat's ass

    If Rally Crowds Mean Anything...

    Hillary lost, get over it already.
  14. Rat's ass

    Time to impeach?

    Like a hypocritical liar..