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  1. As a former and not particularly successful Laser sailor from way back (my boat had a 5 digit sail number) I can say that Chiropractors and Physiotherapists everywhere shall mourn his passing. Thanks BK, the fun outlasted the pain!
  2. Those self-interested, status-quo preserving cunts have their heads so far up their arseholes that they have shit on their shoulders. Change is gonna come as it has for the rest of the sailing world but they will stubbornly resist it until the bitter end.
  3. I see AS are still calling for nominations for their self important awards Who are your favourites? Individual Award Categories Male Sailor of the Year Butthurt Thin-Skinned Vindictive Prick of the Year Female Sailor of the Year Para Sailor of the Year Youth Sailor of the Year Offshore Sailor of the Year Coach of the Year
  4. Cunt of the Year for Season 2020-2021 will look good up there on the shelf with all the other accumulated silverware. I'm sure the recipient will polish it often. And maybe the trophy too?
  5. Saw Sud's van in the SYC car park - couldn't they find their way back to the Squaddy?
  6. Big Tony should be out soon due to Ms Gobbo's indiscretions; might even make the Hobart start this year. Has serious blue water cred. Navigated Aus to Greece a while back?
  7. FFS How long have you been sailing in Melbourne? 1- Zac's dad 2- Mick G will be a DNS. Mick doesn't like being seen hanging around dodgy characters - not good for his image.
  8. And so you should be Dick. Once again we see the uninspired organisation that is the CYCA maintaining consistency in the application of their long held Cranio-Rectal Proximity policy. What a bunch of extremely dumb self-interested cunts.
  9. Nah, that was kids in poverty. By 1990. That was a Non-Core promise...
  10. Bullshit, he built shit loads of much needed school gyms with public access being a key basis. How many homeless do you reckon they could accommodate?
  11. Aged Care in Victoria was one of many industries privatised by the much lauded and frequently outspoken Jeff Kennett ( actually pron. Cunt) . Turned out well, didn't it? Funny how so many of those who flocked to that new cash-torrent industry were significant LNP donors and supporters.
  12. Those cunts driving around in their flash Ferraris etc are doing so highly subsidized by the Government/ Taxpayer and on the back of underpaid and exploited workers, underfed, under-cleaned and under-managed aged inmates and I use that word deliberately. I have had twice in the past and currently have a relative 'existing' in ludicrously expensive private aged care situations ( 3 different providers) and its a fucking crime, an absolute national shame. As for the criminal extortion of insanely high commission fees on the post-death sale of the accommodation to the next sucker, that's th
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