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  1. If I am curt with you it is because time is of the essence, so pretty please, with sugar on top. Clean the fucking car.
  2. Much frivolity at the SYC Ball last night. Hearty congrats to Mike Welsh for taking out Club Person of the Year; some small recompense for blowing up both a headsail AND a mainsail in last Wednesdays mid-week racing. Stirrer of the Year goes to Harpo, also well deserved. Good to see Elvis is alive and well and still treading the boards, accompanied by a couple of feathered bimboes who looked remarkably similar to last years bimboes. Great work as always from Billy S as MC and well done to the 'laced up' Gillian S on her win due entirely to the draw by the aforementioned Mike W acting as
  3. Fuck off, quite loudly Excellent pick up LPB, you must be an Aussie?
  4. Bored out of my tiny brain here at the Coal Face so I just checked the entry list for ORCV Winter Series to find only twenty three boats are entered to race plus four Sydney 38s in their own division. This series used to be fucking huge with big fleets in multiple divisions only very few years ago. I didn't even look at the numbers in their much touted Cruising Division (OK so I lied, there's a whole two (2) entered there!). Its the Ocean RACING Club fellas! I know Club race fleets have been seriously shrinking in recent years but this was once the absolute "Must Do" series on this puddle.
  5. I have a bathroom door in my apartment that seems to swell in the winter to the point where it won't shut properly. I went down to my storage shed this morning looking for my plane to ease a bit off the sticking door edge only to find that my plane is missing too. What the fuck is going on?
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