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    Holy shit! I just realised that the S A Joke thread is actually older than Facebook! And probably a better read too. Thanks for nothing Mr Fuckerberg, you owe me a whole lotta time. And what ever happened to the O/P "JOD"? - haven't seen anything from him here for a loooong time
  2. Isn't that what submarines are supposed to do?
  3. Yep, it's blowing the rocks out from under the oysters here today. Massive tide surge too, check your moorings and marina lines peoples.
  4. 2014 it went well? Four teams... and it went well. You're fucking kidding, right?
  5. And not to forget the largest keelboat class on the bay, the S80! You could not seriously consider S80's or indeed Adams Tens if you want to run the event in true One-Designs. As for the Beneslug 7.5s they have at Sandy, I would rather poke my eyes out with a hot roofing nail than ever set foot on one of sail those horrible shitters ever again. What were they thinking? My suggestion to revive the Ass Cup fwiw: rig-equalised Sydney 38s, one per club with boat selection drawn from a hat... but you & your crew can't sail on your own boat. You could even it up further with OD sails for
  6. Flatbag! Cynicism? from you???? Will the Sun rise in the East tomorrow? Will Politicians stop arguing in Parliament? Will Julia Gillard dye her hair blonde and strut the catwalk? I did qualify my statement with the last two words...."for selection". Are the Kennedys gun-shy? Does Dolly Parton sleep on her back? Don, my point is that you're going to have to get your fingernails dirty getting the governing authority to make the changes to the Ass Cup format so that there could be something for you to put your hand up to be selected for. Nothing cynical about that as history around these p
  7. Put your hand up what? What I mean by that is that to get any change made in yachting on this pond or indeed in this country, you're probably going to have to put your hand somewhere not very nice. The only change they want anything to do with is the stuff rattling around in our pockets.
  8. I think that Ceil III was definitely 27.5 and was sailed in the '74 Torquay OTC, John O helming.No Teak Deck. Yep. Long hull, small rig. Hull sister Rampage won S2H on 1978. Good boat for the OTC revival? Rampage - a bloody good boat in her day. Ed Fuller raced her succesfully out of Royal Brighton (Melb Oz) for a few years. My dad sailed with Ed for a while and told me Ed had a collection of amusing Rampage themed newspaper headlines stuck up over her nav table. ie 'Drunken Bikies on Rampage', 'Teenage thugs on Rampage', and 'Petrol Sniffing Aboriginals on Rampage'. Here's a shot of her
  9. With respect, few at SYC have any interest in the Association Cup at all and I doubt Jason had that in mind when he decided to purchase what is a superbly prepared and equipped yacht that he can race hard but still have a bit of fun on with his family and mates. Tons lighter than his last ride, it has to be more fun to sail! Adams Tens still need to be well sailed to beat the A31 but If cockpit space was the determining factor, then he couldn't have gone past an A10. A10s are fun, fast and relatively cheap boats and yes, some of them (by no means all A10s) have proved to be hugely successful
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