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  1. So the Rogers 46 Shogun is now on the market at $AUS650K having proved superfluous to owners needs. Whats the verdict on the R46 design? The boat arrived here with a big rep but apart from last years Southport was hardly stellar. Dud design, operator error or wassup? Good choice for replacement but!
  2. I guess the new owner won't be leading Melbourne offshore sailing identity Fat Tony Mokbel although it would appear he has the sailing credentials. See John Silvesters report fom the Age today>>> wtf is a self righting mast? "In a plot worthy of a James Bond thriller, Purana ganglands detectives have pieced together the movements of Mokbel from the time he jumped bail in Melbourne in 2006 until his arrest in Athens one year ago today. They know that he spent about six months hiding at an associate's modest country property at Bonnie Doon near Eildon while his associates h
  3. C'mon, spit it out. Your secret is safe with us here....
  4. Flatbag


    From the movie Carry On Nurse made over 40 years ago except the victim was himself a surgeon and the flower was a daffodil
  5. Credible eye witnesses say otherwise re the P & S.
  6. Thereby guaranteeing doom and unmitigated failure. With Savvo on the same boat? I seriously don't think so.
  7. New spray dodger on Terribly Firm has me wondering. WTF? Good to see liberal use of three major construction materials: Poly tube, Poly film and Duct tape in keeping with the finest traditions of the Aus boat building industry
  8. Flirt seems to be on the improve as they get the hang of the boat. While you are at it, what's the consensus view on the Rogers 46 Shogun? Pretty ordinary results so far in its short life - dog design or just not well enough sailed? If the latter then the change to Living Dead may not bring the silverware home either.
  9. If you were an owner spending those sort of bucks would you necessarily inform the hired help??
  10. You mean other than Michael Hiatt?
  11. You want sauce with that humble pie?
  12. Usual Sydney suspects (minus owner) on the Tiger this weekend. Will she roar?
  13. Something new around 40ft coming out of Rob Hicks shed soonish?? XLR8s price is dropping like a brides knickers. Any sniffers yet? Seems to have been for sale for quite a while.
  14. Excellent work T-POT, LMAO. Thats all we need, another bald bowman
  15. Yet another victim of that lone rock just nth west of Anonyma that recently claimed a Sydney 36CR. When will they ever learn...
  16. Thats Australian Aboriginal art. Maybe someone should say "Sorry" for that too?
  17. Variety Splash fundraiser event.
  18. The unmarried mums of Corio are less than average, albeit numerous.
  19. SOD U (If you'll excuse the expression) She's only a 40fter O S.
  20. Aaah, G-Town! Where it "blows" like an unmarried mum from Corio Where men are men and sheep are anxious.
  21. I can hear their thought processes now... "Will I go upwind in 30+ knots out of the south west on the rail of the Crim or crush my balls in a vice? Which way to the nearest Bunnings?"
  22. Flatbag


    tonsils is easier to spell....
  23. See Coombsy's on the move again... http://www.boatpoint.com.au/boats-for-sale....aspx?R=2894418
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