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  1. Thus further justifying his often applied nickname: Half-Witt!
  2. I seriously doubt that arrogant dick-head broker would have a clue. Since Jade Cole left them over a year ago they haven't had anyone there with much knowledge about such things.
  3. For those who might not know, this was filmed on Anarchist "Don"s boat. Cant imagine why a boat like his has lifelines. Can you?
  4. Who is at fault - ask the Coroner. The report on Graeme Paul's death was handed down some years ago and and is a matter of public record. I don't know if the Top Gun case has reached that stage yet.
  5. To Quote Hoppy - "The Association cup is racing that is no different to any other club racing run on the bay and of no greater risk". Except that, in recent years, two bloody good blokes have died doing it. His claim that it is a "Knee jerk overreaction by SYC with the convenience of knocking out some of the more competitive IRC race boats on the bay" is plain stupid. I now know there has been a lot going on in the background for many months at the highest level of the Club and a lot of top flight legal expertise has been applied to get to the position they have now adopted. His in
  6. Fucked you say? TWO dead sailors and you still think its an overreaction? You might like to speak with the families and friends of those two deceased sailors or perhaps the crews of the yachts that pulled them from the water, and see how they felt about it at the time and how they are still feeling about it today. I would be so bold as to suggest that the Race Officer for the next event in which a keel boat sailor dies while racing on Port Phillip will very likely face some time at Her Majesties pleasure and the conducting Club will likely be sued out of existence. Would you be prepared to vol
  7. Two dead sailors is not enough precedent for you ?
  8. See the ? at the end? My post was intended as more of a query than a statement of fact. Hopefully it can be revived to a level of good competition again. Will watch with interest. No sane sailor can argue with the lifelines requirement. RIP Graeme and Max.
  9. Everything old is new again
  10. No more Association Cup? WTF? Used to be a BIG deal teams challenge between the Clubs. And ORCV's annual Easter Race to Port Fairy canned for lack of entries this year. Only four boats entered. A sad state of affairs for Victorian keel boat sailing.
  11. Narrows it down to a half-tonner or an S & S 34?
  12. Pretty sure that was always the plan. Results in 2018 Hobart would have to up the resale value, results in Geelong perhaps not?
  13. Not ignorance DC - more a lack of info on the AMS website / Rules about how water ballast is accounted for under the AMS Rule. Is a water ballasted boat measured with ballast tanks full or empty? Reading AMS requirements for measurement it states that all water tanks must be empty but nothing is mentioned about ballast tanks. Are you able to point me in the direction of an explanation of this situation in the AMS rules?
  14. So you're telling me we have a measured rating system (AMS) that takes no account of the use of water ballast in determining a rating tcf? If that's true, its fucking outrageous and they may as well use the Performance Handicap dart board system. Surely taking on water ballast completely changes all the in water measurements to the extent that a "measured" yacht is no longer sailing in its measured trim. How the fuck is that fair?
  15. Anyone here know what impact water ballast has on AMS ratings? Do the gurus at AMS even know that Jav uses water ballast?
  16. Been that way for a while. Ignore it, everybody else does.
  17. Big call about the effect of a rating change on estimated value. If you want to play in the measured ratings game then that's always a risk, not matter the measurement system. IOR used to wipe out whole fleets on an annual basis, the AMS dudes are amateurs in that respect. As for holding her value, lets just say that Stampede is not a boat that crops up much in conversations about sailing excellence.
  18. Not aware that Festival of Sails is an Invitation event? I have absolutely no connection with Voodoo or anyone on the boat that I am aware of but as I see it, Voodoo entered in good faith and paid their money to be there like everybody else. Surely they are entitled to a reasonable expectation that the organisers, who accepted their entry AND their entry fee, will run a course that the yacht they accepted as an entry is capable of sailing. They have raced 100fters down there in the past and set courses to accommodate them, why not this time? On that basis, it is perfectly reasonable
  19. There has been a not infrequent history of RGYC laying marks with too much scope at FoS over the years. Waters there are reasonably shallow but with quite a bit of tidal flow so the scope can extend out a long way between the marks and the anchors setting a trap for the unwary. The comment from the Jury that the mark was laid "Correctly" might be considered 'arse -covering' at best. In shallower waters with tidal flow the scope should be set with a mid-weight to hold the line vertically beneath the mark at a reasonable depth to prevent what has been happening over many years. I can reme
  20. Klinger was the smallest, hot little rocket in its day with its bilious green paint job. Spiesy did it in a modified Triton 28 at some stage too.
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