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  1. Definitely R Bennett. West Coaster 1990? It was used in one of the Ronstan Catalogues a few years ago too. Can't find mine right now or I would scan it for you.
  2. You were not recorded as OCS on the Sandy result sheets when I saw them a few minutes ago. Maybe your "appendage" is not as long as you think.
  3. Told ya! Good to see the Doll hand the bigger Cougar its arse on a plate at Sandy yesterday. Shit boat handling and a stuck halyard only compounded a really bad missed shift on the last run which saw the Doll chew up a good lead and head Cougs around the leeward mark. The TP 52 came in hot on Dolls heels at the leeward mark with a late drop and fucked it up royally with the chute stuck at the top while the Doll sailed away to a clear 2min win on line. Last week their chute wouldn't stay up and this week it wouldn't come down. Having a fast boat ain't always enough. A course in remedial boat
  4. Thats only if the halyard clips don't let go (again!) Watch for the Doll, she bites!
  5. To prove a point? I call BullShit!!! Its a purely commercial exercise. He has a history of changing over his boats quite frequently. This one has a pretty ordinary performance record so he's gotta do something to make it look good for some sucker to wanna buy it!
  6. Also note that the DK 46 starting in Div 1 and sailing in clear air all day only managed to take 1 min elapsed out of the new RP40 Chutzpah (Div 0) around todays course .
  7. Interesting shots, thanks CF. Found this beauty from marine photographer Steb Fisher on the RYCV website. Hopefully more will come to light as he was lurking out there for much of last Saturdays Range race. Show us what you got Steb!
  8. The "Ben Cousins" of outboard motors?
  9. Tell Don to get a bigger outboard
  10. Lots of shell shocked Range "racers" out there on Saturday for the first race of the season with offshore mains and poled out headsails or running fractional bags when they should have been running their biggest gear. C'mon peoples, there really wasn't that much wind. Never saw over 23 true and that was only briefly - most of of the day I read at around 16-18 true. Gone soft over the winter? Cougar was quick, damned quick. The new Chutzie looked interesting and performed OK but not blindingly fast (yet) until they went home early. The old 12m Kooka looked to be sailed much better than sh
  11. Impressive list of Range Race 1 entries so far:- http://topyachtsoftware.com/db/aus/series_...ies_display.php No start time listed there for the new Div 0 and it looks like HBYC haven't quite figured out who should be in Div 0 anyway. Good luck to the poor sap in the S80 in amongst the tall timber Few notable absentees but more boats may appear on the list tomorrow.
  12. It's good that the race management people involved with the Range Series have finally seen the light and will run the races in 4 divisions this season. The newly established Division 0 (Zero) is for the larger, faster boats so we will no longer have 30 fters lining up against the 45 -100 fters as we have seen in the past. Also some changes to sailing instructions/courses compared to last years events so read up folks! Weather looks like crap for the first one this Saturday so good luck to all! Unusual to see a Range Race as the very first race of the season so those start lines could be i
  13. Melbournes new A35 has been weighed for AMS / IRC.Strange to see a new boat with no bulb on the keel these days. Terry took it out for an airing the other day to see if the sails fit. Apparently they do. Season Opening Day next Saturday then the real stuff starts the following week. Will watch with interest...
  14. All together class ...can we say "build quality" Word was around after the first one hit the water in the UK last year. At least he can race Mary in their respective Etchells until they get it sorted. Mind you, she'd probably hand him his arse on a platter Hope to see the 'Gun back and racing soon.
  15. So, is there a Q 2 on the drawing board? The Geelong Bundy Storm won't be the same without you guys.
  16. Josh and his crew made a lot of friends on their visits to Skandia Geelong Week. Nice bunch with awesome thirst. Agree very quick in a bit of grunty breeze. Graphics may explain the 'media darling' status of the boat. She always was a bit of a sticker in the light stuff though.
  17. Had a quick word with a mate in Annapolis who had done a mile or six on Rush before it became Cougar 11. Apparently, in TP52 circles, it is reputed to be able to lick it's own balls. Still, its a great looking boat and will doubtless score a few guns here on our pond. Until something faster comes along that is... Georgia, on the other hand is an absolute glamour machine.
  18. Can't quite figure how you can translate 35 seconds in 2 hours 11 minutes as a 3% margin. That equates to roughly 0.5% which is hardly convincing. Maybe the Cougar team are just slower learners than Willo's mob No question the TP should be quite a bit quicker than the older style F53. Bit of a rude lesson too for the poo-brown boat: right is wrong!
  19. The two boats finished 35 seconds apart in a race that lasted 2 hours 11 minutes. They both sailed the same course. What happened throughout the race is of no consequence - the margin at the finish was still only 35 seconds. So tell me, Oh bearer of startling intellect, in what way do their relative performances in that race indicate a huge speed difference?
  20. 35 seconds apart after 2 hrs 11 minutes of racing in their first ever encounter at SYC. Hmmm, you're probably right Rossco, not really very close at all. http://syc.com.au/raceresults/WSAT07/10RGrp50.php
  21. Good close race today at SYC between the Farr 53 Georgia and the TP52 Cougar 11 with the TP52 taking the gun just ahead. Not at all surprising to see the vast distance between those two boats and the lamentable 'Finger.
  22. Have actually sailed a bit with Bill S, amongst many others. Interesting experience that. The interior of his boat is individually responsible for the deforestation of large areas of Thai teak forest. None of that lightweight veneer crap either, we're talking solid here. Just don't get in his way.
  23. Damn, my secret's out. I confess, I really am the evil black Wiggle Well, I do have a particular fondness for yummy mummies!
  24. To quote Mr Wolf from Pulp Fiction.... "Lets not go sucking each others dicks just yet"
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