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  1. Or at least Jack Dyer's famous Truth column "Dyer 'ere" Seems quite apt for this thread.
  2. Also a big shout out to Team Hollywood for their utterly unexpected victory in the Lada vs Lamborghini division. Victory is sweet. Have to say there was much improved photos and video coverage of this (non) event after the debacle of the first day.
  3. MILFS Sketches of Spain? Now thats a whole 'nother story
  4. In all of this it's interesting to note that the Oatley family's usual spokesperson / mouthpiece is notably silent on the matter. Mumbles has been doing the PR for WOXI and the earlier Oatley rides since day zero but now it seems that Sail-World's Kiwi scribe Richard Gladwell has taken up the mantle. Too close to home for comfort or is it simply a case of him recognising which side his bread is amply buttered on?
  5. Go check out what it costs to truck even a 40fter, let alone a TP52, from Sydney to Melb, set it up in the yard at $YC, put it on its keel, rig it and prepare it to race, and then reverse the process at the end before trucking it home. And then there's the small matter of crew costs and expenses. You could probably fund a small African nation for a while on all that outlay - FOS just spreads that cost out a bit. And for those that sailed here from NSW, Tas and SA on their own bottoms, time is money, both ways.
  6. Surely this event must be swirling the bowl in terms of an ongoing future in the Australian Sailing calendar? I can see some validity in making it part of another major regatta that actually attracts good entry numbers such as Sydney Harbour Regatta, Festival of Sails, Lincoln Week, even Hammo but what we are seeing here is just plain embarrassing. Kudos to those interstate entries who have gone to the trouble and considerable expense of turning up to compete, only to be largely spurned by our local sailors; you deserve better. And to the publicity people who put out that streaming
  7. Just back home in Melbs after 6 weeks island hopping out in the Pacific. Did I miss anything? Thought I might wander down to the Squaddy and watch some of the "Aus Sailing Championships" next week until I saw the entry list showed only 11 boats. Granted, there's some high quality boats in that list but WTF happened, they had 38 yachts and 16 multis racing last year - just 11 and 4 this time? https://www.topyacht.com.au/db/kb/970 Only 4 Victorian boats in it so it looks like the locals aren't all that interested. Has to be disappointing all round for the organisers but maybe
  8. Flatbag


    There once was a lady named Rhoda Who kept an immoral Pagoda The walls of the halls were festooned with the balls from the tools of the fools that bestrode her
  9. I would like to extend an invitation to you to walk into the Customs House after if you arrive in Hobart and tell the assembled multitudes what you have written here. And its OK to bring your Mum too. That crowd loves a good dismembering.
  10. I had no idea the Shippies had become a gay bar. The things you learn here. CH is more my scene.
  11. Good to see Australian Sailing getting behind the big race and its sponsors. AS are running a big promo for Zikh on their FB page referring to the Hobart race when Musto are the official clothing sponsor and no doubt pay serious bucks to be there. Classic ambush marketing. What a bunch of self-serving cunts. But we knew that didn't we?
  12. Now that the splits have been published, what are the Anarchists prognostications for IRC divisional honours?
  13. Hey ass-wipe, I have had the misfortune to sail with some dickheads who have (somehow) completed more than twice as many Hobarts as you (claim to) have done and I wouldn't give some of them deck space in a no-extras twilight race if it was my choice. Sailing Hobart races is not what makes you a good sailor; that's just distance. There are plenty of seasoned Hobart strap hangers that know fuck all, believe me. The really good ones usually can't remember how many they have done because that's not what matters to them. Introduce yourself at the Customs House and I might even buy you a b
  14. Plenty of good boats not even on sportsbets list and a few on there where you would have to wonder why?
  15. Ba-da -ding! Correctimundo. Choose anything off the top shelf! Last I heard there was another spare mast off a VO70 for it lying around in a shed in Sunshine. Free to a good home ? Why the sudden interest in the old W/Thing? Sunfish getting jumpy about this time of year?
  16. It explains all the pollution off west coast USA.
  17. Good to see the stakeholders involved in this conversation.
  18. Hearing said owner of a B-52 may have another pressing issue to deal with.
  19. Don't forget world peace and abolition of the 2nd amendment.
  20. I don't want to play in your game, I don't like you anymore.
  21. Hardly a smokie. It aint Winx, too many variables. What else you got? 92 boats, 1 chance? FFS
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