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  1. As always, there is lots of pocket pissing on here about the raging hot favourites for line and handicap honours. As we all know in the history of this race, they don't always salute the judge at Battery Point so who are the handicap smokies to watch this time, and why?
  2. Only thing I noticed was Cros's continuing use of utterly shit background music.
  3. To paraphrase Tony Abbott, at least we can all rely on S A as the 'suppository of all knowledge'
  4. Later one tonners were all around 40ft. Nadia was def a 1 tonner. Lou's Ultimate Challenge, a Hobart winner, was a Dubois 40 one tonner.
  5. WOXI to be a late scratching from the big show? The Injun is a different and much more dangerous beast this year. Oats and Ricko on a hiding to nothing.
  6. Spit, or swallow? Seriously, there is not a weak link in that team but lack of prep time in the boat pre-race will be their shortcoming.
  7. Ocean Respect Racing Crew List Stacey Jackson – Skipper Dee Caffari – Reserve PIC (Deputy Skipper) Carolijn Brouwer – Helm Libby Greenhalgh – Navigator Sue Cafer – Trimmer Sophie Ciszek- Bow (man?) Person Katie Spithill – Tactics Vanessa Dudley – Trimmer Bianca Cook – Trimmer Jade Cole – Pit Faraday Brooke Martin – Boat Captain Keryn McMaster – Main trimmer Katie Pettibone – Trimmer Lots of "trimmers" listed there but I understand that sort of thing is very popular with the ladies these days...
  8. Agree with you Lydia; yachting is not a sound platform if you're pushing the environmental barrow. There's the synthetic cordage, synthetic wet weather gear, diesel engine with fossil fuels and 24/7 exhaust, toxic paint systems and lots more. Perhaps they should be sailing a wooden boat? Then there's the issue of a last minute hand picked crew of no doubt very capable female sailors, sailing in a bloke's boat and the accompanying media blitz. The all female thing was first done in 1975 and had way more cred in a much less accepting time than today. All a bit too fabricated. To all those e
  9. Plus at least one Aus based TP52.
  10. Yes, you do. Fluently and frequently.
  11. Flirt that became Vamp was an earlier Corby 49. His latest Flirt went to Cape Town, Sth Africa in 2010.
  12. This is more like the Anarchy we know and love. Back to the essence of what this place has always been about. Cunts calling other cunts, cunts. Excellent work. Carry on lads.
  13. Noticed No Fear is no longer on the brokers listings and they don't claim to have sold it. Did it sell or was it pulled from sale?
  14. CorBy 49. I think it went to Safrica in about 2010? He's been playing with the SBs for a while so this is a bit of a jump back to big boats. I doubt you'll see the excesses of some of the past Melb based 52s with this skipper.
  15. I think you will find Couta is just one of the lackeys, not an owner. http://www.rolexsydneyhobart.com/the-yachts/2018/voodoo/ Pulling together some talent on that boat for Hobart from what I hear.
  16. OK so entries are closed at 93 boats we have the weather sorted and the Sunfish are lining up, lets cut to the chase. Who's gonna win the S2H 2018 showdown and why? Couldn't give a nuns cunt-hair about line honours, talking IRC??
  17. Just noticed on a rare visit to Bookface, Yoti having Philosophers surveyed for a punter today 31/10 That's taken a while, by now she's probs a few bucks down on asking I would reckon. Good boat, ex Akatea that one. Hard to tell with No Fearr if she's just a slow C-40 or just not all that well sailed. Hasn't done much for years since Coombsy had it.
  18. Crikey! Next thing they'll be asking for disclosure of crew experience or even worse, crew skills. Fucked, I tells ya. Some boats would be way safer sailed solo.
  19. Rush down to Sydney ASAP and impregnate an owners daughter. Choose your boat wisely and you could set yourself up for life. Others have done so before you.
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    The bride arrives at the Church. She walks down the aisle towards the altar while the congregation sings a hymn. And that's where she gets her inspiration: I'll Alter Him.
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    Done, thanks. FB
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