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  1. Suitably chastened here - big performance variances noted in flatter water. Looking at the personnel involved across just the first two boats, hate to be picking up just the appearance tab for that lot. But then I guess Karl and Matt don't have to worry about such mundane things. Its going to be a tough battle among those two for the top spot.
  2. Good luck up there More Noise; strong wind against strong tide in a 31fter = tough going in that league when the bigger boats can power through it Karl Kwok / Gav Brady on fire in the newest BG schooling Matt Allen's latest Ichi 'gun by 3 + minutes after all those expensive mods. Getting done by that much over the line by the lower rating BG = searing rectal pain!! What was that about fucking spiders?
  3. You may be right Rick - too long ago They were certainly a bit off the pace against the other similar sized boats of their time. Dry White did AC trials here and was ok downwind but sailed with a funereal lack of speed upwind. Forgetting the 1 Ton thing, records show no VDS 40 went to Osaka in the first 2 M-O races.
  4. According to the official records, available to read in the SYC library, no VDS40 1 Tonner did either the 1987 or 1991 Melb-Osaka.
  5. Lifting keel, removable keel Southern Spars rig,who knows: Until they actually start building and sailing them they are just another vapour-ware boat, many of which have been touted in these pages over the years. Hopefully this one will gain some traction and actually make it to the water; the concept looks ok for this pond.
  6. Not critical, merely interested in the rationale behind the change when many other performance type boats have switched the other way ie Farr 40 ODs, TP 52s etc. Or could he be following Big RP Sister Scarlet Runners lead and switching to wheels for offshore and reverting to the original wiggle stick for round the sticks racing?
  7. Hey Don, Twin steering wheel pedestals appear to have have sprouted on your RP36 sportsboat ? Faaark, whats next, a Bimini sunshade with a BBQ on the stern rail?
  8. The racing is "out front of SYC"It is called "round the stix" and the last time I sailed in one of these races which is a few weeks ago, there were more boats and better competition than the last time I did a Club Marine Range race a few weeks prior to the RTS. The CMR series is the only series I have ever raced in (in 50 years of sailing) and been critised in writing by some dick who does the write ups, for actually racing my yacht in the division we were entered in, which was division 1. The nameless dick wrote and published that we were "intruders" and "bargers". Welcome to the Club Marin
  9. Do you mind if I smoke while you eat?
  10. Depends on achieving critical mass as to whether there is any point in maintaining them as strictly OD. Looks like a fun boat on paper but on its own, its just another yacht out there in Melbournes mixed fleets. At least this one will have a good team on board to show it off. Ex 14 sailor I am hearing. Is the market ready for an OD fleet of 30ft $250k race boats? Time will tell but with Maccas behind it, it does look more promising than some of the vapour-ware boats we have seen touted on these pages in recent years. Can anyone remember Long Tim's much heralded Soto 30 class that was going
  11. Whisper reported missing from its berth at RPAYC... Apparently it has turned up at HBYC today, cleverly disguised as Ikon38 :-)
  12. And they call that a One Design class?
  13. Who's the 12 Syd38s maybe? Phoenix are the ones to beat at present? 1. Phoenix 2. 38 Deg 3. Audacious 4. Challenge 5. Chutzpah38 6. Cinquante 7. Mille Sabords 8. Playground 9. Sierra Chainsaw 10. Slipknot? 11. new team? 12. visitors? Hmm... F40's not that far behind in numbers, seven at the recent Victorian "States" and apparently a Worlds coming to Sydney next year... Opportunity maybe for some of the Syd38 teams to step it up a notch and go International??!! Would be an easy transition for the likes of the Phoenix guys! Only 5 38s racing in the SYC ODs yesterday. Pos
  14. Surely not as a replacement for the Smooth One?
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