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  1. It's only awesome if you know what you're doing.
  2. Flatbag

    rs aero

    Is Ikea selling Aero's now?
  3. Angels fans had it nailed (RIP Doc) No way, get fucked, fuck off. Entries get less and less every year as sailors wake up to find greedy hands in their pockets. A shadow of what it once was. But plenty of lonely wives and GFs around this town this weekend heh heh heh...
  4. Repair update? It must be terribly hard for the repair crew to concentrate with all that ISAF World Cup Sail Melbourne scantily clad eye-candy around the boatyard right now. Focus team!
  5. RIP Phil Hughes. Not a sailor, but a fellow sportsman taken far too soon (25) by a freak accident on the cricket pitch. A sad reminder that ours is not the only dangerous sport.
  6. Some crew, skilled or perhaps less so, just don't want to sail with some skippers. Get used to it. As for the M2P, by assuming some amazing metaphysical powers, ORCV is now going to conduct the M2P completely EAST of Cape Otway. Apparently Its going to be a bit rough on the other side of Otway but I predict it will be just as rough on the bladders of those poor sailors who will have to sail all those miles and never actually get 2P. Another dumbed down ocean race FFS. M2P used to be a much favoured offshore event in well prepared boats - back in the 80s before the over zealous compl
  7. According to the proverbial "little birdie'; sooner than you think. But what would a little birdie know that the hired help doesn't?
  8. Meanwhile Dolly continues her beauty treatment before heading up to Asia. Come with me girl and bring that big red strap-on; I'm gonna make you a star!
  9. Who's kidding who? Dolly was never a pretty girl by any stretch of the imagination and her dowager drab colour scheme did her no favours. Best she ever looked is when they snapped the sprit off the front. One thing's for sure about Mr Ray - he definitely ain't shy when it comes to self promotion.Why else would they call him Hollywood? And he does run a good sailing program with plenty of talent and the freight to back it up. This will be a program to watch with interest.
  10. Much upgraded and IRC modded in recent times, now more versatile but not sure it's quite a Syd Hobart boat. Watching with interest. Not many of those TP52 things left around these parts anymore. Good program, top people, well funded too which has to help :-)
  11. Welcome home Scarlet Runner... but only briefly as she's about to head off to a new (US?) owner too, leaving Terribly Firm as just about the only "big" boat left in this sorry pond where 40 is the new 50 Rumour Mill says Ray Roberts purchased the Doll. Confirm? Deny? The 50's will be back. Who the fuck do you think "Hollywood" is? OK, I'll give you a clue... his initials ar R R.
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