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  1. 5 hours ago, The Dark Knight said:

    On topic for a change with an actual big boat, but after a year hibernating in Sydney, Primitive Cool is back in Melbourne. 

    It's now living at SYC. 

    Saw Sud's van in the SYC car park - couldn't they find their way back to the Squaddy?


  2. 2 hours ago, SCANAS said:

    Mokbel has CAT0 experience but he’s locked up. Daryl can source parts cheap, much desirable skill in yachting. 

    Big Tony should be out soon due to Ms Gobbo's indiscretions; might even make the Hobart start this year.

    Has serious blue water cred. Navigated Aus to Greece a while back?

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  3. 5 minutes ago, The Dark Knight said:

    Who is Paul Heyse?

    Warro won't be trying anything dodgy to screw over Gatto


    FFS How long have you been sailing in Melbourne?

    1- Zac's dad

    2-  Mick G will be a DNS. Mick doesn't like being seen hanging around dodgy characters - not good for his image.

  4. On 10/31/2020 at 9:22 PM, DickDastardly said:

    As a 25 year CYCA member I’m appalled. 

    And so you should be Dick. Once again we see the uninspired organisation that is the CYCA maintaining consistency in the application of their long held Cranio-Rectal Proximity policy.

    What a bunch of extremely dumb self-interested cunts. 

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  5. 1 minute ago, FinnFish said:

    I do like the fact Rudd ended homelessness in Australia just like he said he would. Top marks that man.

    Bullshit, he built shit loads of much needed school gyms with public access being a key basis. How many homeless do you reckon they could accommodate?

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  6. Just now, The Dark Knight said:

    What did Labour do to fix aged care when they were in power and what have the Libs done to make it worse since then? 

    I don't know the answer to either as I was living in Europe from the early Howard days and until late in Abbotts time. 

    Aged Care in Victoria was one of many industries privatised by the much lauded and frequently outspoken Jeff Kennett ( actually pron. Cunt) . Turned out well, didn't it?

    Funny how so many of those who flocked to that new cash-torrent industry were significant LNP donors and supporters.

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  7. 1 hour ago, The Dark Knight said:

    I certainly don't mean all. Like the hospital system, there is certainly a need for private. I'm happy for owners to drive around in flashy Ferrari's if it's because they have created a successful business with happy customers who are forking out extra money to live there. The same applies to well run non-profit homes that rely totally on Government payments.



    Those cunts driving around in their flash Ferraris etc are doing so highly subsidized by the Government/ Taxpayer and on the back of underpaid and exploited workers, underfed, under-cleaned and under-managed aged inmates and I use that word deliberately. I have had twice in the past  and currently have a relative 'existing' in  ludicrously expensive private aged care situations ( 3 different providers) and its a fucking crime, an absolute national shame.

    As for the criminal extortion of insanely high commission fees on the post-death sale of the accommodation to the next sucker, that's the greatest legalised scam in real estate which is really what the private "aged care" business model is based on. They are NOT in the business of providing care.

    As an undeniable Federal responsibility, Scomotionless and his torpid LNP have a fuck ton to answer for with regard to private aged care in this country. That day is coming...

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  8. 12 hours ago, Gorn FRANTIC!! said:

    Ichi Ban is not the entry list for Festival of Sails. 

    Ambition (now Celestial so assume won't be there) Frantic, Secret Men's Business, Zen & Quest are the TPs entered.

    Hughie H is delivering Ichi Ban direct to Adelaide from Hobart and she will sit there until Ad - Lincoln and Lincoln Race Week. Ichi did not want to do the Passage Race, just the TP 52 Class Racing stuff in G-Town. (Not sure why because IB is not a true TP 52 anyway with her taller rig and deeper keel) Apparently the Regatta organisers wouldn't accept an entry on that basis so she is a non starter. 

    Looking at the entry lists with a bit over a week to go to the regatta and official entries closing today, this regatta continues its downward spiral from once dizzy heights of participation. Many years of food, beverage and accommodation price gouging is taking its inevitable toll.

    Those who go will still have fun but the burning questions are, of course, will Bundy & Coke top $10 a can and what vigorous new strain of STIs will be served up at Lambies this year?

  9. 6 hours ago, Zeusproject said:

    68D6D210-B979-4C5D-AD47-CFBB35A31B14.thumb.jpeg.6813220be91fa22d11492406e078255b.jpegFor sale 

    Oh dear, the Thommo knock-off T-980-Mod. It seems to have been for sale for quite a while now. 

    With Fehs's Shaw 11m Akatea just shipped across to commence racing in NZ, Smoothie also on the market and with her price plummeting like a brides knickers and all the Melgi 32s now gone it looks like the mildly interesting Super 11 concept is pretty much dead in the water. Shame, it showed potential for some interesting racing.

  10. How embarrassment?

    Sydney-Hobart: Victorian makes a little White Noise


    The Australian 8:54PM DECEMBER 17, 2019

    Victorian architect and town planner Daniel Edwards is not well known in Sydney yachting circles but he is something of a hero south of the Murray.

    Edwards was crowned the Ocean Racing Club of Victoria’s offshore champion in 2016, 2017 and 2018 in his very fast Beneteau First 35, White Noise. His success had him looking further afield — about 800km north.

    “I decided to build a new boat to compete in the 75th Sydney to Hobart race and for the following four years after that,” Edwards said on Tuesday. “I had my eye on a 45-footer designed by Irishman Mark Mills.

    “I contacted the builders, M.A.T. Yachts in Izmir, Turkey, and they set to work. The boat finally arrived, shrouded in shrink-wrap plastic at the start of October and we worked flat out to get her into the water.”

    Also called White Noise, the new yacht was everything Edwards hoped for and was third in its first, and so far only, outing: the Melbourne to Stanley race.

    It is now waiting at the CYCA in Sydney for Edwards and his 10-strong crew to arrive from Melbourne for the Boxing Day start to the 630 nautical mile classic.

    “She was purpose-built for the Sydney-Hobart race. We decided we wanted to play outside the bounds of Victoria and she is the perfect ocean racing machine,” Edwards said. “We like to think of ourselves as just a bunch of Melbourne mates who decided to go for a cruise down the coast at Christmas. Just a bit of fun.”

    Edwards and his mates will be carrying the hopes of the famed Sandringham Yacht Club on their shoulders in the 75th anniversary race, acknowledging that, despite the skills of Victorian yachtsmen, it is the Hobart race that captures the public’s imagination.

    “It is always a race in which the weather decides the winner,” Edwards said. “We are obviously hoping for a small boat race with a lot of wind on the nose.

    “If there is a lot of downwind sailing, the bigger yachts will just romp away from us but a tough race into the wind would give us a great chance on handicap.

    “White Noise was the ninth M.A.T. 1245 built and we are hoping she will be the ‘lucky ninth’.”

  11. 20 hours ago, mexican said:

    Lipton Cup Regatta was a little sad with regards to the keel boat fleet. Eight boats in Div A and eleven in Div B. Was extremely amusing to have Protagonist clear the boats away from the committee boat end of the line with a massive barging run in the first race. Caused mayhem for Ikon and Scarlet but they did their turns so I guess that makes it okay...

    Reasonable turn out if you were sailing an an S80, Bluebird, Etchell or trailersailer. I don't think having the main trophies being tied up with a club teams event helped.

    Rumour has it that SYC were actively dissuading boats from entering in response to RYCV doing similar for the Assoc Cup. And the whole teams angle of the Lipton Cup was designed to wedge SYC now that they have the Assoc Cup.

    Good to see we can all behave like adults in the interest of the sport.


    More unsubstantiated Bullshit but then that's what this place is here for. IIRC the SYC Commodore published his best wishes to Sandy members, keelboats and dinghies, participating in the Lipton Cup in the club online newsletter on Friday. 

    Looking at the entry list for the Lipton, looks like RYCV is flogging a dead horse with what once was a viable and competitive regatta. Not well supported by many from other clubs either and and if it weren't for the venerable S-80s and the even more venerable Bluebirds, there wouldn't be much of a regatta at all. They did succeed in dragging a few Etchells away from their home base at Brighton. which is a notable achievement.

    Can't blame other Club's boat owners for not wanting to park their boats in that dodgy, surge affected excuse for a marina either. Pity RYCV don't yet have a floating marina but then they do have a very nice concrete lined hole in the water that no other club can boast.

    Sandy ran a variation on their standard W/L on Saturday with a slalom course which was obviously deemed more attractive to a reasonable sized fleet than trudging all the  way up to Willy and back.  

  12. 1 hour ago, The Dark Knight said:

    Looking as cheerful as ever. Must be impressed by the sound of the diesel.

    Musto sponsorship perhaps?



    Hasn't anyone told her? Modern day Musto is shit gear. Leaks like a politician.

  13. 14 hours ago, schakel488 said:

    For only Adults $180, children 4-15 $150, kids under 4 free.
    one can book aboard this vessel and watch the show on boxing day
    with this magnificent vessel:
    Mathilda 3 bookings

    Buy a fucking ad. Why would I want to pay $180 to stand on a boat loaded with half pissed Post Christmas bogans on Boxing Day when I can watch Ricco live, up close and personal for 2 hours on Channel 7 for bugger all?

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  14. 19 hours ago, Swanno said:

    Sounds like a bit of Mundles one handed reporting?


    Yep, prepare for the annual onslaught of blinkered Mumblespeak from the Oats campaign. Hilarious oversight that he declined to mention that the team that so professionally 'saved' the boat also royally fucked it in the first place. Chalk that up to an Oats psych-out by BlackJack. The Summer of 2019 scoreboard thus reads BJ -1, Oats - 0. And as the saying goes, Once you go Black...

  15. 1 hour ago, Recidivist said:

    How fortuitous it was that there was someone there filming, so their embarrassment could be preserved for posterity. 

    EVERYTHING gets filmed these days!

    Not so sure that Low Stress (DA) would have lived up to his name in that situation. Loads of blue water experience on the No Limit so it just shows that 'shit happens' without fear or favour. Hopefully damage was "limited" to  a few bruised egos rather than to that fine vessel.

  16. At last a "big" boat coming to PPB ( or more properly, Corio Bay) with the new Eccy being ex Ubox and ex a few other names including Jazz which bloody nearly won a S2H  a few years back.. Has had a successful record like pretty much all of the Cookie 50s - will be good to see her carving up the Big Boat scene here. Coming ex Honkers and pitching for the 75th Hobart. Nice buy Paul, with a bit of help from Nudge who is driving her home.

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  17. When I think of the tragedy of 9/11 I still am amazed that so few actually died in that horrible atrocity; somewhere around 3000 souls. And yes, the death of 3000 souls in one event is appallingly tragic but then I reflect on the fact that just about the same number of Americans are killed in gun related deaths EVERY MONTH and that has been going on for decades with little or no moral outrage. 

    America quite rightly did something about the causes of 9/11. 



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