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  1. On 7/18/2018 at 2:17 PM, Alcatraz5768 said:

    Ahhhh don't want to snitch or anything but there's a dead guy lying in the bilge. Also probably doomed due to extreme asymmetry of the transom, and the prop looks like a tyre. 


    Apart from those little sticking points it'll probably go ok. 

    Attractive looking beast but at just 30ft LOA I can't see it doing well here on our pond (Port Phillip) with the  the spacing of the wave pattern. Several one design 9m / 30 fters have been tried here over the journey and nothing of that size gained any real traction.  Needs at least 3-4 feet more LOA to sail fast in the local conditions. I'm guessing that's a bit to do with the new Martini Racing build going to 34ft.

  2. On 9/5/2019 at 8:21 PM, trt131 said:

    What about the Melbourne to Hobart racers, or the Melbourne to Launceston, or the South Australian boats.  Not all boats do the Syd Hobart.  The NoR states that it is a Cat 5 event, definitely a conflict there.  6 races but 7 if you include the RSHYR.  Since when has the AYC been an offshore regatta.

    Australian Sailing, fucking the sport, one regatta at a time. Nothing new.

  3. 105 tons, 7m full draft but shipped with keel partly retracted to approx 4m draft. Owner supplied the shipping cradle. Cradle failed. $50+m yacht probably lost. Move along. nothing to see here.

    Unbelieveable amount of uninformed conjecture and bullshit being published here and on social media by the armchair experts.






  4. On 5/6/2019 at 4:16 PM, Editor said:

    This is really a thought bubble contest, that being after looking at the expression on Russell Coutts' face, what words would you put in his thought bubble...?

    I wish I had never agreed to wearing Larry's remote control butt plug

  5. 9 hours ago, P_Wop said:

    The 40-foot Classe Libera on the Italian lakes were at the extreme end. 

    A not-so-fine moment on Farrneticante when everyone was on the wire, posing a bit for the camera, and the mainsheet shackle on the car broke.  The rack went into the drink, and 12 trapeze artists were swept off the edge and wrapped up under water and then the boat, pushed into a crash-tack fell over on top. 

    I learned some very new regional Italian words that day.


    More strings than a Symphony Orchestra right there.

  6. 1 hour ago, shanghaisailor said:

    If there is room then it is not barging per se. Barging is when a leeward boat with rights under Rule 11 has to avoid the windward boat that comes in at an angle. I agree with axolotl though that if there is space then it is fair game but it is a ballsy call fraught with risk. 

    The leeward boat has to be careful to shut the door early enough to allow the windward boat room to escape. (Rule 16.1). If that escape room is given and the windward boat insists in coming on then he is barging and subject to Rule 11.

    Remember that the leeward boat can luff head to wind even if he himself is coming in fast and effectively establishing an overlap from behind (not all 'barging' is at extreme angles) because RRS 17 is off until the starting signal (no proper course until then).

    Coming in late at an angle is always risky if it ends up going to the room as the onus is on the give way boat to prove they did in fact give the right of way boat the room required under the definition "Keep Clear" and as the tactic has resulted in many serious collisions in the past protest committees (in fact everyone on the race course as well) tend to (rightly or wrongly) favour the leeward boat in situations like this.

    I have been in the room a number of times on this matter - once even the PRO called the ball it was so close to carnage and asked me in as a witness (it was my hiking crew that nearly had their legs chopped off). 

    Bottom line is it is bloody dangerous as soon as you get up to a boat of any size and borders on bullying - especially when a bigger boat does it to a smaller boat which is not far from becoming a RRS 2.

    I have to say though that although Scallywag were most certainly in the wrong it was more of a straightforward Rule 11 than some of the barging I have seen where boats even come in on a beam reach and expect some poor schmuck to just let them in.

    I say, flag 'em, shout the word and take them to the room - EVERY TIME. It is the only way some of these people will ever learn.


    Some will never learn, regardless of how many times they get called out or protested for dick moves like that. That guy has form, lots of form.

  7. On 4/30/2019 at 7:22 AM, Gorn FRANTIC!! said:

    Well that didn't last very long...


    Darey said he bought the TP so he could sail with his son and friends while it was still cool enough for them to want to sail with him. He should have known that kids these days have the attention span of a humming bird. I'm sure he will pop up again with something new and exciting but meanwhile he is still club racing and he has entered for the ORCV Apollo Bay Race so he's def not mothballing it until it sells.

  8. Interesting shape, I guess its OK on a flat river like the Derwent (mostly) but I wonder how it handles waves going upwind?

    But then Fred's no mug when it comes to designing quick boats. Is it a one-trick pony?

  9. On 4/30/2019 at 6:28 AM, Bowman said:

    Does anybody knows the following data about the Beneteau 30 (the JuanK design)

    mast supplier

    mast section dimensions ( length and width)


    The JuanK First 30 had possibly the shortest production run in Beneteau's entire history. Those sorry boats should have been delivered with a leash and a vaccination certificate.

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