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  1. GU.


    I would---if there was a "Raft" Anarchy thread to go to.


    What do I (or anyone) have to do to get a "Multihull Anarchy" forum up.???


    Cheers. Oldsailor. :)


    Contact fellow Anarchist MomP via a PM. He tried to get one happening for years.






  2. hmmmm what about skandia? havent heard about that for a while


    Took this shot of Skamdia parked in the boat yard at Mornington a few weeks ago. Mode change # ? Deck seems a bit flatter than previously?? Dunno really, just guessing...



  3. ok i gotta see a photo of this thing


    Doubt theres too many photos of it - it was plain bog ugly! IIRC, when it first came to Melb it was sailed by Julian Boyd and a bunch of like minded desperates back before Julian decamped back to Auckland. It really didn't like the Bay chop (what does??)

  4. Do any of you guys know of a boat called Stilletto?

    40 foot wooden yacht with flush deck?


    My father built it in the late 70's and she was origionally called Syrenka and raced on the west coast.

    Some time ago she was racing in Williamstown (sp) and the last we heard, she had wiped out and broken the runner heading to hobart. The owner was going to put a canting keel

    Was a down hill flyer but not so fast up hill as she was quite light. One of the first ever fin keel yachts in Australia




    Rex Palmer had her at Hobsons Bay YC for a few years. Known as the splinter. Fastish downhill but diabolical to ww.I think at some stage they cut a bit off the keel so they could get into their marina berth at HBYC which did little for the performance. Big call taking that to Hobart.

  5. QT,


    How is the Rogers expected to go against the existing boats (e.g. XLR8 which is now a swept back RP46 version, and the upgraded "Dolly") and the new "Cougar TP52" ? The mail from UK is that they struggle to sail to their rating, but there could be differences between what's over there and Shogun.


    I hope she goes well. Do you have any pictures of the boat?


    Also, does anyone have an update on the porgress of the new Flirt and Chutzpah? The Corby website shows a deck mould from a while back and the Hart website has nothing. I assume the RP is be a downhill favoured design, but what about the Corby?





    Took 'em a bloody long time to wind the DK46 up to speed., Hopefully they have learned some of the shortcuts and will hit their straps sooner with the new ride. Will need depth of talent beyond that of the sailmakers.

  6. mmmm and there is talk about a 39 footer coming out of hicks shed?


    Hope its a better program than the disappointing H39 JAMHU :( . Hickie has put plenty of fast boats on the water over the last few years but that one has let the side down a bit.

  7. Sorry, are we speaking about the same Phillip Coombs?


    The only brakes Phil knows are the oversized Bembos on his 6-series BMW! And he only uses those sparingly...


    Damn right there Mex. PC back from Osaka and seen by many at the Brown Cow last Sunday apparently. But where's the boat? Maybe a Japanese fire sale coming??

  8. The RP 40 sounds like it will be a rocket ship.


    What is Worro up to at the moment?


    Wharro's SWT sitting in the MYC yard sans keel and rig last weekend - about to go to Mals shed for refurb # ?, maybe it should be renamed Silk Purse now.

    Corby advises on these pages that Steve Campbell is building the next TP style Corby 49 Flirt.

    The Syd 36 PC (older model, pre assys) due in Cat City today - pity the owner will be OS and miss the arrival.

    RP 40 must be starting to bite as big drop on Syd 38 asking $$. Probably the hardest offshore worked 38 around though.

  9. While we're discussing fast 40'ers, does anyone know what happened to Bob Steel's old N/M 46 "Quest" ?


    I know she went to Tassie, and after JB died she went to QLD, did one Southport race (06) and disappeared? That was one motherf*cking fast boat...


    Now owned by Kevin Miller? Currently listed for sale with Jake.

  10. what is grant up to ? is there a new 100 footer coming soon


    Big refurb and further mods to the current boat planned first, then Hobart 07, then ???

    You can be sure Wharro won't stand still for long while the "A" fleet gets even faster.

  11. get back to work OCS !!....That handle suits you! :rolleyes:


    Flatbag -So is CD looking at DCLR8?


    No idea about that - not my game.

    Hypothetical but it seems a reasonable proposition though, to at least look at DCLR8 if you were considering the big spend to do a new build of a similar sized boat by the same designer, particularly when refinements to a sister yacht have shown that it can be significantly improved. CDs past history shows all 2/h boats, not new, so he's not fazed by that.

    Will be interesting to see what transpires.

  12. Another season just about done and many are for sale, it's just that no one down here seems to know how to sell 'em. Tough when they all hit the market together and there are only so many $$$ to go round on the local pond...

    CD could do worse than to move into DCLR8 and do the mods that Geoff Boettcher has done to get HSMB going so much quicker. With a new rig and some Q gear, he would have to save an absolute shitload on a new R/P build. Then GT can do his mini-maxiboat campaign. :o

    L/Doll is having a bit of a tidy up right now so who knows whats going on with that one. Syd 47CR Gomez is up in the SYC yard ; is there movement at the station now there's a wedding to pay for?? Jazz Player now back in the piss after a tidy up so will be interesting to see her perform out of RMYS. 97 back on the Bay recently and just took line honours in the Easter Port Fairy race against sfa. Not blue anymore, pity about that.

    Yet another Syd 38 on its way south for ex Bull 9000 guys and their website says the highly succesful Bullet is off to Willy. Is that 6 or 7 38's at SYC now?. One Mumm 30 in to SYC ex Syd, (ex Kato), one Mumm 30 out to Pivot City. On the AWB front, another new shrink wrapped Benny 36.7 in the SYC yard this week; yaaaawwwn!


    Stay tuned for further developments on these and other exciting projects.


    Anyone else heard anything of note??

  13. She was...

    ...only the fishmongers daughter.

    But she laid on the slab and said "Fillet!"


    she was...

    ...only the cricketers daughter

    but she could catch a full toss in her crease!


    She was...

    ...only a Roofers daughter

    But she liked her Asfelt


    she was...

    ...only the Japanese poet's daughter

    fleeting like autumn.


    She was...

    ...only the coal miners daughter

    But she liked a good shaft down the pit.


    She was...

    ...only the jeweller's daughter

    but she had a beautifully tooled ring.


    She was...

    ...only the sailor's daughter

    but she had a taste for seamen.


    She was...

    ...Only the Carpenters Daughter

    But CHRIST could she suck a cock!


    She was...

    only the cheesemonger's daughter

    but she couldn't half handle blue vein


    she was...

    ...only the Irishman's daughter

    and I never fucked her but oughter

    I showed her my wick

    thick as candlestick

    now only used to pass water.


    She was only the tree surgeons daughter but you could hear her ring barking for miles.


    She was only the saddlers daughter but all the horse manure (men knew 'er)

  14. A teacher asks her class to use the word 'contagious'

    in a sentence. Sally, the class genius, raises her hand and says,


    "Last year I got the mumps, and my mom said it was contagious."


    "Very good," says the teacher. "Would anyone else like to



    Little Johnny raises his hand and stands to give his answer.


    "Our next door neighbor was painting her house by hand, and

    my dad said it would take the contagious."

  15. A little boy walks into his parents' room to see his mom on

    top of his dad bouncing up and down. the mom sees her son and

    quickly dismounts, worried about what her son has seen. she dresses

    quickly and goes to find him.


    The son sees his mom and asks, "what were you and Dad



    The mother replies, "well, you know your dad has a big tummy

    and sometimes I have to get on top of it and help flatten it."


    "Your wasting your time," said the boy.


    "Why is that?" the mom asked puzzled.


    "Well when you go shopping the lady next door comes over and

    gets on her knees and blows it right back up."

  16. After a long night of making love to his new girlfriend, Arthur notices a photo of a man on her bedside table.


    At first, he really didn't give it much thought; she had never mentioned it so why should he.


    But after a month or so he begins to stress about it; even imagining the photo is staring at him doing the deed.


    It was causing him so much anxiety that he finally decides ask about it.


    "Is this your ex-husband?" he nervously asks.


    "No, silly," she replies, snuggling up to him.


    "Another boyfriend, then?" he continues.


    "No, not at all," she says, nibbling away at his ear.


    "Is it your dad or your brother?" he inquires, hoping to be reassured.


    "No, no, no!!!" she answers.


    "Well, who in the hell is he, then?" he demands.


    "That's me silly, ...... before the surgery.

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