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  1. 11 hours ago, hoppy said:

    Congratulations to Ichi Ban and Khalesi for their clean sweeps in ORCi divisions 1 & 2



    Also a big shout out to Team Hollywood for their utterly unexpected victory in the Lada vs Lamborghini division.

    Victory is sweet. 

    Have to say there was much improved photos and video coverage of this (non) event after the debacle of the first day.

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  2. 17 hours ago, jack_sparrow said:




    I'm with LB, where other than I have banked my huge fucking WOXI winnings, I couldn't give a tinkers cuss about the result, and if any dimwit here thinks otherwise about my posts, they can't differentiate between "opinion" and "parody".

    One of the problems with this thread from day one when @Mid started it when the RC's protest was announced some 12 hours after WOXI's finish is anyone seen to question process or concerned about the knock-on  effect to our self-policing sport is interpreted as saying 'WOXI has cheated".

    Without evidence that is a fucking nonsense claim and a slight on WOXI and her crew. Similarly anyone over it and want to move on is automatically a "WOXI fanboy". Both are partesan and a reality of life where debate occurs. My only comment then would be who is putting up the more robust debate that allows a thread like this only 3 weeks old yet will before not too long overtake the 2018 S2H Race thread that has been going for a year?

    Simple facts of life are;

    1. What should have stayed on the water didn't, cats out of the bag but then did not lead to a competitor protest by either Black Jack or any other 100' in a self policing sport. Bunch of cockwarblers in the absence of that.

    2. The RC was then forced to investigate, but then didn't after 12 hours to then rely solely on Black Jack's panty split, so automatically blowing up their own protest without a hearing. Add another cockwarbler to the fucking basket.

    That alone is cause enough for controversy, but maybe should have died away by now? 

    However it hasn't (as shown by thread views here not fading but now going through the roof) that rests solely on the shoulders of Mark Richards and WOXI. Why?

    The porkies post race have been coming thick and thin out of WOXI via only Richard Gladwell at Sail-World NZ.com and still going as late as a few days ago.

    Gladwell for whatever the reason is drinking WOXI Kool Aid being a PR conduit and not reporting as an independent who asks questions. For instance he sides with WOXI's post, not pre-race view that AIS activation should never have been made compulsory for this race and the RC should never have protested. Fuck he supports WOXI's view the RC owes WOXI an apology. Yet he does not investigate why the RC didn't lodge a valid protest ie, "Sadly the half-baked allegations surrounding an electronic safety device were given too much credence by the Race Committee". 

    Here are just two examples that make people seriously question WOXI's (and the RC's) position and bona fides where they have been spared any investigation and a protest hearing and using Mark Richards own words and no one elses. 

    Using Gladwells first interview with Mark Richards published three days after the finish on 31 December, with my emphasis. 


    "After the festivities of the finish, Sandy Oatley, Val Oatley and myself, walked over to Black Jack to congratulate them on an awesome race."

    “They said nothing about a protest or claims that our AIS had been turned off. Nothing. They just said 'congratulations guys, well sailed race, fantastic result, well done" - and that was it."

    "They weren't flying a protest flag and they didn't say a word. Not a word,” Richards emphasised. “We hadn’t seen their TV interview, of course.”

    "When we were walking back from Black Jack to the hotel, a reporter came up and said "what do you think about the protest?"

    "I said "what protest I don't what you are talking about. There was no protest."

    "I was tired, we'd had a hard race, and I was blindsided by the question. We had no idea what they were talking about. That was when I made the comments about AIS not being mandatory under the Col Regs for ships at sea - which it isn't generally also for boats our size [or under 300 tonnes]. My comments were taken out of context, I was referring to the Col Regs, where it is clear that AIS is a voluntary navigational aid."

    "I'm an amateur sailor. I do it because I enjoy it. The effort this year I put into this program, out of my own time is huge."

    That exchange was with a Channel 2 reporter and here is the full extent courtesy of someone with a Twitter account who recorded that exchange in full. It is not a Channel 2's edited version so to give Mark Richards the full benefit of any doubt, albeit I'm sure he isn't aware of its existence, before his Gladwell interview.

    The points to note;

    1. The ABC reporter does not mention the words "protest" or "AIS" in that exchange but only the word "Tracker." The reason being for no mention of "protest" or "AIS" by that terrestrial not sailing reporter is she had just interviewed the owner of Black Jack, Peter Harburg just prior who said amongst other things in context the following; " 'We didn't know where they were, and they knew where we were all the time, so that has disadvantaged us and Comanche and we are very disappointed in that.' and The crew of his Queensland-based yacht wanted the race committee to examine the issue but that 'it's not our job to protest'."

    Mark Richards responds accordingly to the reporter about the RO's "Tracker" (that they are obliged not to interfere with and WOXI download theirs and other boats tracker data directly into their Nav software), but he suddenly brings up AIS and out of the blue and it's activation being not mandatory?  Did Mark Richards having no knowledge of Black Jack's complaint, suddenly experience a "AIS Epiphany" or some message from God?

    2. Mark Richards doesn't mention the word "COLREGS' or even imply in the context of saying "AIS activation is not mandatory" (assuming his COLREGS' reference means SOLAS vessels over 300 tonne or for non SOLAS commercial Australian Registered Vessels less than 300 tonnes now regarded as 'regulated vesels' where AIS activation is mandatory).

    If he was aware of say the latter walking down that dock on Friday morning tired he joins a handful of maritime lawyers on Australia aware of the existence to a recent regulatory change that arguably captures a <300 tonne vessel like WOXI to turn their AIS on, as an Australian Registered Ship while in a recreational event, but are manned by professional crew?

    Conclusion: The Gladwell interview is a fictional reconstruction of an exchange with that Channel 2 reporter that simply didn't happen. This interview by the ABC went live mid morning on Friday and put on their website at 1.32 pm AEDT or nearly seven hours before the RC lodged a unsupported protest having no evidence other than solely relying upon Black Jack's complaint and nothing from WOXI? 


    "We've sailed all year with our AIS turned on. Others have chosen not to - we've chosen to sail in every race with AIS on. We do that from a safety perspective and because we are trying to support what the club's are trying to do with showing competitor positions."

    "Why would we suddenly choose to sail without our AIS turned on for this race, especially when this a provision of the Sailing Instructions?"

    What Mark Richards refers to there is the CYC's (and RO for this race) Blue Water Series and valuable form guide to this race which not tracked. What he refers to is AIS Interweb platforms like Marine Traffic and Vessel Finder etc to allow fans to follow the Blue Water Series. As an aside most boats do the same thing and have AIS TX on all the time save for when they are doing something strategic like which gybe they have taken after rounding the top mark in the last race of the series (WOXI not in that one).

    Therefore his comments as follows in the same interview are totally weird.

    "Unless someone tells you that you are not transmitting, there is no way that you know."

    "We believe our VHF splitter had been compromised through the video live-stream download before the start. We were receiving AIS information, but we now believe our signal wasn't strong enough to transmit with much range."

    "Subsequently Wild Oats XI found that there is a website that can be used to check AIS transmission strength, however, they were not aware of it at the time."

    Conclusion: By Mark Richards own words it  indicates mid interviw with Gladwell he is suffering some sort of massive on-set dementia thing about Interweb AIS, that or the WOXI PR machine need putting out to pasture.


    You lazy pricks can draw your own conclusions whether you want to be a WOXI and Gladwell cockwarbler or not.

    Either way you will no doubt note I have not bothered to even touch on the new urban myth propgated by WOXI that a television up link at 2 GHz can fry electronics and join the "dog ate my homework". For instance the Tour de France RO is awaiting this amazing revelation from Mark Richards that for decades those camera mounted motorcycles and Helicopter downlinks have been frying everyone's fucking cell phones beside the route and even toasters in each town.

    The world's outside broadcast industry are sitting spellbound for this evidence from Mark Richards now three weeks overdue and a promise to provide that microwave evidence. You remember that promise of course from Mark Richards via the Gladwell interview to provide that microwave evidence.

    Fuck even Gladwell wrote in his latest misive; "As we write the matter is still unresolved. An explanation needs to be made as to how Wild Oats XI's AIS could have been affected/fried by microwave transmission equipment operated by the Channel 7 camera crew. Without that explanation who will have media people on board before the start of the 2019 edition of the annual offshore classic?"



    1. My sole interest is the knock-on effect to our self-policing sport by this catastrofuck attached to a world wide signature event.

    2. I'm of the firm belief after years of watching their demeanour, the Oatley/WOXI team have developed a culture, lead by Mark Richards or otherwise where they are not straight shooters in a self policing sport. They are are bullies in our sport no different than that Opti kid with monied parents with not a bees dick of appreciation of rules. They are the last people on earth to play a game of golf against.

    3. As I have already articulated upthread I was quite prepared to give Richard Gladwell the benifit of the doubt with his first Mark Richards interview dated 31 December even though a contrived WOXI PR piece and full of holes as articulated above. That was because I both valued his journalist integrity and appreciated his thrust being Black Jack fucked up and him being a RCC nazi with a truckload of experience.

    4. His second article dated 19 January unfortunately turned him into desperately now needing to gargle a few gallons of WOXI Cock Wash.

    5. The penultimate reason to making this post was Gladewell's plead as follows in his latest piece of a couple a days ago; 'With the Race Committee remaining tight-lipped, the spotlight remains fixed on the crew and owners of Wild Oats XI - accompanied by jeers and innuendo from the usually nameless chatterati that they have cheated or won a race by breaking the rules."

    "Make no mistake the 2018 Rolex Sydney Hobart race should have been a big celebration for the Oatley and Wild Oats family - with a Line Honours win ...instead they came away having been booted where it hurts, with nary a public apology or explanation from the competitors involved, the Race Committee or the Club.

    You guys are better than that."

    Gladwell writing that PR  fluff piece for WOXI thought that no one from the "the usually nameless chatterati" he pours shit over could possibly be bothered doing his job of poking the bear as an independent journalist. By way of example my quick above ABC TV recreation according to Richo is total craploa yet he printed it. If push came to shove did Gladwell honestly think he could make shit fly?

    6. Now the icing on the cake, the coup de grâce or in French the "blow of mercy" a "death blow" to end the suffering of a severely wounded person or animal, or in this case poor old Richard Gladwell and the WOXI PR machine wanting to make all this shit all go away.

    Remember Richard Gladwells article of 31 December with the penultimate paragraphs that said this; 

    "We can very clearly prove that we had our AIS on for the entire race. We can prove, and will confirm in a week's time, that we were compromised by live-streaming from the helicopter".

    Well if you click on the first linky below, you will find that penultimate paragraph of Gladwell's article dated 31 Dec has now disappeared. Stolen by aliens maybe? Can't reverse engineer the "fried splitter" via microwave story, so hit delete and hope no one notices and it all goes away?

    I have to say that borders on journalistic suicide. I really hope it is a slow death now for Gladwell.

    I hope with this post I have dispelled any thoughts that those that think something is on the nose, now might think it in fact stinks to high heaven. I get no joy from this. In essence from Australian Sailing down by ignoring this catastrofuck means sailing in Australia is rotting from the head down and with the concurrence if not clear support of participants and the sailing media.

    Time some of us decided that do we have either "normal heads" OR, are we happy with bring "coneheads" coming from getting competitor PR and RO/CYCA dicks shoved collectively in our mouths and are forced to drink shit wine ?  Hopefully this meme helps those who struggle beyond comprehending two line posts.

    Choice is yours people.





    In all of this it's interesting to note that the Oatley family's usual spokesperson / mouthpiece is notably silent on the matter. Mumbles has been doing the PR for WOXI and the earlier Oatley rides since day zero but now it seems that Sail-World's Kiwi scribe Richard Gladwell has taken up the mantle. Too close to home for comfort or is it simply a case of him recognising which side his bread is amply buttered on?

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  3. Just now, Dark Cloud said:

    Dunno about considerable expense - they're all here for the FoS

    Go check out what it costs to truck even a 40fter, let alone a TP52, from Sydney to Melb, set it up in the yard at $YC,  put it on its keel,  rig it and prepare it to race, and then reverse the process at the end before trucking it home. And then there's the small matter of  crew costs and expenses.  You could probably fund a small African nation for a while on all that outlay - FOS just spreads that cost out a bit. And for those that sailed here from NSW, Tas and SA on their own bottoms, time is money, both ways.

  4. 6 minutes ago, Chucky said:

    Appears that most Melbourne boat owners does not support IRC rating and prefer the AMS rating unless you own a TP52 or B45! The exception is the Botin 40 which appears to be sailed well and also rates on IRC

    The FOS entry list appears to be the same with most of the other types of race boats preferring the AMS cruising division.

    I certainly prefer AMS over IRC as it rates SOME race boats better than IRC


  5. Surely this event must be swirling the bowl in terms of an ongoing future in the Australian Sailing calendar?

    I can see some validity in making it part of another major regatta that actually attracts good entry numbers such as Sydney Harbour Regatta, Festival of Sails, Lincoln Week, even Hammo but what we are seeing here is just plain embarrassing. Kudos to those interstate entries who have gone to the trouble and considerable expense of turning up to compete, only to be largely spurned by our local sailors; you deserve better. 

    And to the publicity people who put out that streaming of yesterday's racing; good on you for having a red hot go but probably best you stick to what you are good, and practiced, at. What went to air yesterday was dreadful in appearance, commentary and content. Find someone who knows how to do that stuff and can deliver a knowledgeable and compelling commentary, like Nic Douglass or Harry from DUS, or just don't do it at all. 

  6. Just back home in Melbs after 6 weeks island hopping out in the Pacific. Did I miss anything?

    Thought I might wander down to the Squaddy and watch some of the "Aus Sailing Championships" next week until I saw the entry list showed only 11 boats. Granted,  there's some high quality boats in that list but WTF happened, they had 38 yachts and 16 multis racing last year -  just 11 and 4 this time? 


    Only 4 Victorian boats in it so it looks like the locals aren't all that interested.  Has to be disappointing all round for the organisers but maybe indicative of the malaise that is Australian Sailing these days.

    Also its a shame that the TP 52s can't park at RMYS 'cos its a tad too shallow in their marina - that'll split the social scene unless they run a shuttle bus up and down to Sandy where they all will have to live between races. 

  7. On 12/20/2018 at 4:34 PM, Chris in Santa Cruz, CA said:

    There once was a man from bombay, who fashioned a cunt out of clay,

    But the heat from his prick turned the cunt to a brick and

    He rubbed all his foreskin away

    There once was a lady named Rhoda

    Who kept an immoral Pagoda

    The walls of the halls

    were festooned with the balls

    from the tools of the fools that bestrode her

  8. 9 minutes ago, Feilberg said:

    FYI customs is a gay bar every other week if the year. NTTIAWWT. 

    So now we know your scene.

    I would like to extend an invitation to you to walk into the Customs House after  if you arrive in Hobart and tell the assembled multitudes what you have written here. And its OK to bring your Mum too.

    That crowd loves a good dismembering.

  9. 2 minutes ago, Feilberg said:

    Lol I'm sure you can find me. I think i have appointments out back of the shippies.

    Not sure I'd be able to find you. There'll be flat bags everywhere in that place which one will you be? The flat bag lying in the human filth on the floor of the cubical with the rest of them? ;-)




    I had no idea the Shippies had become a gay bar. The things you learn here.

    CH is more my scene.

  10. Good to see Australian Sailing getting behind the big race and its sponsors. AS are running a big promo for Zikh on their FB page referring to the Hobart race when Musto are the official clothing sponsor and no doubt pay serious bucks to be there. Classic ambush marketing. What a bunch of self-serving cunts. But we knew that didn't we?

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  11. 9 hours ago, Feilberg said:

    My point exactly. It's actually my 12th hobart. 

    Another know it all that knows fuck all

    Hey ass-wipe, I have had the misfortune to sail with some dickheads who have (somehow) completed more than twice as many Hobarts as you (claim to) have done and I wouldn't give some of them deck space in a no-extras twilight race if it was my choice. Sailing Hobart races is not what makes you a good sailor; that's just distance.

    There are plenty of seasoned Hobart strap hangers that know fuck all, believe me. The really good ones usually can't remember how many they have done because that's not what matters to them.

    Introduce yourself at the Customs House and I might even buy you a beer. You do drink, don't you?


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  12. 13 hours ago, terrafirma said:

    The odds have certainly narrowed for Comanche and Ichi Ban. 

    Comanche - Opened at $2.50 now at $1.85 Line Honours

    Ichi Ban - Opened at $4.50 now at $2.85 Handicap

    Teasing Machine narrowed to $4.75

    Privateer - Out from $10.00 to $14.00



    Plenty of good boats not even on sportsbets list and a few on there where you would have to wonder why?

  13. 58 minutes ago, terrafirma said:

    That's the smallest rig I have ever seen on a 100 footer by about 20 feet.! It belongs on a 70 footer

    Ba-da -ding! Correctimundo. Choose anything off the top shelf!

    Last I heard there was another spare mast off a VO70 for it  lying around in a shed in Sunshine. Free to a good home ?

    Why the sudden interest in the old W/Thing? Sunfish getting jumpy about this time of year?


  14. 1 hour ago, waco said:

    The whole TP 52 Championships have been abandoned. The owner of a certain Botin 52 has been told it is not a TP by TP owners, and therefore the gigs off.




    I don't want to play in your game, I don't like you anymore.


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