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  1. As Sportscar said...the event is what it is....personally I had a ball with great crew that was pushed by damn good competition (IRC Div 2)...with hard fought starts (Div 1 were embarrassingly poor!!) and really close finishes. And we did our best to support the bar after the last race!! (despite the gouging prices...hey..it's Geelong!)

    Personally, the most disappointing part is the presentation - really poorly attended and rude behaviour (talking over the MC and very little clapping of the winners).

    The format could benefit by finishing on the Saturday arvo with a huge party that night including presentation...so sailors & supporters can celebrate together as a tribe.....then lick our wounds and dawdle home Sunday. Sailors happy, bar takings good and sponsors get acknowledged. Any sponsor who attended Sunday's "presentation" would have been pretty disappointed.

    Half the problem with the FoS Preso was the poor PA system which couldn't be heard if you were back near the Club,strategically close to the bar as most of us were. It may have been OK for those up close to the stage but the sound had no carry. Even the squalking from the so-called Event Ambassador, the disturbingly self-indulgent and ill prepared Sailor Girl who only turned up halfway through the regatta, was hard to hear.

    That should be an easy fix; piss off the self promoting Ambassador and get someone in for the whole event who knows the boats and people better and have a couple more speakers strategically placed near the Club so the whole audience can hear whats going on. I have to agree agree with Couta that the audience was generally bloody rude.

  2. Dismal turnout of boats in Geelong for FoS 2017 compared to recent numbers and massively down on past. WTF were they thinking in changing the traditional dates? Went this year, against my better judgement. Black Sorrows brilliant on Sat night but the rest of the event was woefully under attended.

    Bugger all competitors in IRC Divs, particularly Div 1 which ended up with a massive 4 (count 'em) boats. Bar takings must have been way, way down with such a small crowd in attendance. Will / can they do that again and suffer another huge revenue shrink? Time will tell.

    Lots of grumbling from discontent inter-staters, particularly the Sydney-siders but then, you get that anyway.

  3. Plenty of sailing, and way cheaper Bundies, to be enjoyed elsewhere. Other clubs itching to run alternative regattas.

    I am certain they would get plenty of support from the numerous disenchanted victims of RGYC greed in recent years.

    Good call, its about time the Geelong Regatta was exposed for what it really is - a giant dollar grabbing rip off of habitual yachty attendees who have become unwittingly attuned to absurd costs for accommodation and on-site refreshments at the increasingly corporate us-and-them event.

    They lost me back when they encouraged local ferals to join in the fun. Don't know about the rest of you but I can do without their local 'flavour'. There are just enough fuck-wits in the sailing crowd without importing more of them in tattooed, toothless droves from the surrounding bogan infested populace. Where the fuck is Corio anyway?

    Festering of Fails 2017 - Include me out.

    I will, however, concede that watching the lurid antics of the bi-curious pseudo-lesbians at Lamby's was mildly titillating.


    Here's a classic example from just a few years ago of some of the local class they let wander through their "family" regatta site:


  4. I see they're pushing hard on line for Festival of Sails 2017 entries. To those of you who forward booked your accomm for the 2017 event when you checked out of your regular acomm in January 2016, as has been common practice for decades, the change of regatta dates that the rgyc organisers have since dropped on you has created a major fuck-up - best of luck changing your accomm to the new dates when you find those new dates are locked out for you!

  5. Hahaha. My point exactly - Janet was far too nice to her crew on DE. Hopes on Gladiator was a whole lot less nice and weight too far forward was abruptly removed.

    But it doesn't matter who it is - unnecessary weight on the bow downwind on any boat like that is always slow.

    You may even be right LP but for fucks sake, give it a rest.


    Any news on the progress of the Farr 40OD cut n shut rebuild job that Robert Hick is doing in Williamstown?

    Which 400 is that?


    Not a Farr 400,


    There is a Farr 40-OD (One Design)undergoing major hull mods at Rob Hicks factory in Williamstown.


    What's the best part of sex with a transvestite???



















    ...Reaching around and pretending it went all the way through :o

    New keyboard required....

    did not see this one coming at all.



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