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  1. 26' Centaur @ 3,039 kg/6,700 lb, so on the heavier side. Only coastal sailing, maybe the odd 30 hour passage in the English Channel, nothing overly demanding. Been looking for forestay fittings, not finding anything ATM. Toggles I know, but the mast end eludes me ATM. EDIT, I was aware of this Wichard babystay tang fitting (pic), which remains an option. The factory fitted forestay on this mast is attached to a substantial aluminium masthead crane. If I had a local rigger, I'd drop in and seed if I could get advice, but we're a bit of an outlier WRT sailing trades establishments,
  2. I'm not familiar with this item so I just looked it up. RigRite say "Spectacles, are attached to the Mast under the Jib or Spinnaker Halyard entrance, providing a smooth, clean lead for Halyards." - my halyards are external so don't have entrances so I can't see an application for this, but may have missed it?
  3. Thanks. We're planning to take the mast down this winter, so that will make life easier and I can inspect the mast crane assembly to see if it might come off without too much of a struggle. I haven't given up hope that there's scope for an attachment to it. I'm conscious of the need for round holes/no corners and was contemplating using a holesaw of the correct diameter and making an oval wooden jig then grinding the residual centre peaks away. I had initially assumed that just the backing plate was needed, from the articles I'd seen, but someone (who has a fair bit of boating exper
  4. See level - and nothing more than that - no extra plating?
  5. I'm reading around on fitting a Solent stay and the various stuff I've read often blithely mention fitting a T terminal fitting (attached example from Sail magazine, by Joe Cooper). They never mention whether reinforcement is needed inside the mast or if the mast is normally thick enough. In my case its an old school Proctor beastie. Any experiences of fitting one would be appreciated. Thanks.
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