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  1. Article just out in Irish National Newspaper regarding Cork bid for AC37. https://www.irishexaminer.com/news/munster/arid-40314656.html
  2. What does the boat looking magnificent have to do with winning races?
  3. I don't think so but I'm no expert. It does detail the winning syndicate not reaching the 7 race wins by the 24th of feb but I think that was with the foresight of adverse weather conditions.
  4. They are simply saying 'to hell with covid' in someone else's country. Bit much.... Don't think anyone can tell NZ on how to deal with Covid, they've done better and continue to do better then everybody else
  5. Of course I meant in terms of the cup. Obviously in the fight against the virus the AC and Prada cup is an irrelevant game. Safety of the NZ population has to come first
  6. https://www.nzherald.co.nz/nz/covid-19-coronavirus-two-papatoetoe-high-school-students-test-positive-in-community/C3ATAQONCFMPOTDWKZHJDGD57A/
  7. NZ Government & AC Event Authority Versus COR (LR) & The Protocol.
  8. This required weeks of planning in Soccer. It would mean NZ organising rapid testing for maybe 300 or more people ? Probably not a priority if the virus has begun to spread in the general population. (NZ, LR & UK as well as Umpires, Broadcasters, RC boats etc...) Not the simplest thing to plan overnight. Important to remember that at the moment time is of the essence.
  9. This could get Ugly. Italians will stop at nothing to win this cup so we shouldn't be surprised. Zero incentive for them to want to push the dates back. Only the fans lose out, get to see less races. Ben's chances of overturning the 4-0 deficit slim regardless, Unless they have made some big jumps while racing has been postponed. Is it correct in saying the Protocol governs the Prada cup as well as the match, meaning that for any change to be made there must be agreement between defender and COR on behalf of the challengers?
  10. Apologies Stingray, my comment wasn't clear enough in answering the question posed, while under a very strict interpretation of the rule there is some cause for discussion. I don't think there is sufficient evidence to expel the challenge or to seriously question its validity. It's definitely interesting. I find the protocol and the DOG interpretations to be an incredibly attractive and intriguing part of the cup, provided that the vast majority of the action remains on the water and not in the court room. On a slightly separate note, anybody know who represents ITUK?
  11. Pretty simple. Yacht Squadron racing ltd is a company set up as the americas cup team/ racing arm of RYS. This is the ed. making a story out of nothing to try and stir the pot. We as users of the forum are bigger idiots to even entertain it. Roll on the racing next week.
  12. Will hopefully provide for some close racing. Had been routing for NYYC so at this point, best I can hope for is a 7-6. Think INEOS might just edge it with the fact their comms are so clear & Giles as a dedicated tactician. Reckon LR comms will eventually let them down, spithill wanting to go aggressive vs Bruni staying sensible. Think the boats should be pretty close to being evenly matched. I think GB development curve will considerably less steep from the RR to the Prada final then it was from Xmas cup to the Round robins. Close to matched on final day of Prada round robins, but INEOS w
  13. Cant solely blame Deano for the crash, the decision was made, dean comm's were clear and avoided confusion. Was it the wrong decision? In hindsight yes, even the very best get decisions wrong from time to time. If they had nailed the bear away everyone would be saying how brilliant the call was. Goody warned that it was a hard manoeuvre but didn't break the clear chain of command/communication they had on the boat. TH & AC were definitely slightly on the quiet side. Arguably though this is a team comms issue which comes from time racing and not something DB can be blamed for. Just look at
  14. AM chances of winning the cup and challenger series went out the window the day they capsized. To do what they did and turn things around to even compete in the semi's is incredible and hats off to them for that, but after that capsize the writing was on the wall. Never regained the confidence they had prior to the capsize which is understandable and after seeing the issues they had yesterday, justified. Personally I would love to see NYYC challenge again next time around and I think they they will. TH & DB are very likeable and the campaign was definitely stronger then the scorecard
  15. Looks like they havent put it on their website yet, I heard it on the apple podcasts, think it should also be available on Spotify podcasts. Only went live this morning so Im sure they will update in the next few hours. Its episode 26.
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