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  1. There's plenty dedicated youth classes, and youth events. Those kids can definitely take podiums there (and have probably been doing so). And then they choose to mix it up with the grownups, including pros, and they show up pretty damn well. A 5th or a 10th next to the NO is worth more, to anyone who understands, than a podium at youth event.
  2. Tell us more about this. Did you get a "load extender"?
  3. To be fair the original poster doesn't/didn't want to protest, just wants to understand.
  4. +100 on the above. I sail in a mixed cat fleet with a range of performances and skills, and I just work to stay out of other boats paths. Might play it closer with boats that rate and sail similar, just for kicks as I know the sailors well. Sounds like with a little bit more attention you could have sped up, pinched, and gotten on the inside of him, all while staying out of trouble. As the faster, higher-pointing, more nimble boat, and as the boat overtaking, it's on you @Dazz to stay well clear. This isn't specifically about the RRS but about general principles. For example:
  5. Apologies about the delay in posting this! Got absolutely swamped with work and family stuff. I know that @Kelly Federal also has amazing footage... https://youtu.be/yxkeQNlKzso
  6. RWO levers are great. I love them, but tape the pin, i can wiggle out. Dyneema is also excellent, but you'll want a way to measure your settings in some easy way for a reproduceable setup. Loos and rigsense are both excellent. I end up liking the rigsense more.
  7. Lots of good info on this thread. For the record, I'm not an Opti hater. Optis are fine, but limited, and limiting. Ideally your fleet has some Optis (or rotomolded opti-like boats) for the very beginners and as kids advance you might have more interesting boats. Or you might have better Optis and support them in the Opti competition pathway. For some folks, the Opti is the one true way (see early in this thread, folks casting aspersions on the plastic Opti-like boats because they are not optis). It's one path, and if that's what you offer, what you prefer to offer, what you can off
  8. Yeah I like the open bic. But note I named boats that are 2 handed and carry 3 sails. Start with an opti or bic, and then...
  9. Optis are a mixed bag in this era. Moreso when the jump is from opti to 29er. I wish there was an intermediate class, self draining, skiff-y dynamics, fast, fun. So good sailors do a short run on optis, them off to a flying ant or a feva.
  10. I have been using ChartedSails, based on a recommendation from an a-cat sailor. Not polars, but pretty spot on race analytics – VMG, "cost" of your maneuvers (time, meters lost). Very easy to upload GPX and give it the info it needs; as of a month ago, it guesses where the start line, upwind, downwind marks are (and lets you adjust, but the guesses are pretty good). A GPX of a practice run, followed by a long distance race https://www.chartedsails.com/session/59ef589e-e8bc-4c94-b7ba-86de5bab8a24 4 short races (click on the race names along the bottom, it'll expand the race and show p
  11. I think it makes sense that, (assuming planing speeds) there's a target weight you have to move around - boat + crew weight so there's a minimum sail size, and forces involved including leverage given mast length said leverage wants to dig your bow in the water in general, particularly on the back of the next wave so if the hull is very short, you're always digging its bow in the back of the next wave. You could make racks to move the crew further back, like an 18ft skiff, and you'd effectively be making the boat longer again, just not in the water. If you want t
  12. Right, the pic doesn't have references to scale, so it really looks like a Wave-sized boat. If this has half the sail of a Hobie Wave, then yeah, dramatically underpowered. I wouldn't mind a composite cat, about Hobie Wave sized but lighter for fun. But I guess that doesn't exist as a viable market niche because it ends up overlapping with old 2nd hand a-cats.
  13. You could ask on thebeachcats.com about comptip replacement and repair options. Comptips have apparently gone out of fashion, as they do break with some frequency. I'm not an expert but there might be alternatives. As far as I know, the comptip is fiberglass, so if you have the broken parts, $50 of fiberglass + epoxy and a few hours of work can sort you out.
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