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  1. Short version: do you have a line that you really like for 2:1 trapeze setups on the usual Clamcleat CL253? Tell me all about it! Long version: On my Nacra 15 the adjustable line of the trapeze setup is lots of things. Nice is not on the list. I recently hopped on a different boat that has a light and supple line for this, didn't get too deep in the groove, it was nice! For various reasons I could not get intel on what line is. This made me realize I've never had a really good line for my trapezes in the few boats where I've trapezed. It'd be nice to get, and it's a limited length
  2. All true once you have basic boat tuning, are good at maneuvers/boathandling and when you have time to dedicate to it. At least for me, it's all time on the water for maneuvers, boat handling, starts, weather/tides and tactics. Good weather, bad weather, time on the water rules. We have just gone through a season of boat handling, and I'm shifting a bit of time/effort to boat tuning and (yes) smooth foils. Why? After a season of consistent improvement in results race to race in a mixed fleet we got lucky and bumped into a same class boat in our bay. And a top team practicing for Wor
  3. For the mainsail hook and ring, I had an super finicky, infuriating setup oh my Whisper. I'd do all sorts of voodoo, and still fail often. Until one day I said fuck it, and bent the small metal loop at the top of the ring, bent it slightly towards the "aft" side, away from the stopper knot. End of story. From there 100% success rate.
  4. @ita 16 very interesting on the observations side. I don't think T foils are the answer for cats but I'm all for folks trying them.
  5. @PitPaterwell congrats on the boat arriving, at long last! Funny enough, on this N15 the main hook/ring hasn't given us headaches. The jib did, but we seem to have mostly tamed it. Hooks and releases on demand. The release line wears out and if it breaks you end up needing to capsize the boat to unhook. So we check it every time.
  6. Not many Nacra 17 sailors here in SA. There's a Nacra 17 group in Facebook, you could ask there.
  7. Glorious video showing a race of Patin, a small rudderless Spanish catamaran. Watch the mark turn at around 4 minutes, the cross at 1:40. Silly, wonderful and worth it
  8. I think it's interesting. No bashing from me, I like both competitions. But I do observe... - to get 52+ kt boatspeed they'll need some foil innovation, is there anything in the bag or just smoke? Past 50kt you need hyper-cavitating foils and that's a big complicated hurdle because with the state of the tech so far, this means foils that are horrible below 50kt, and only start performing well at 50+. - they're going to have to pick a venue :-/ - cyclors again!
  9. If you have a Skeeta, you're welcome to join us in the Miami Midwinters 2022. See the UFO thread for coordination...
  10. Looking at organizing a UFO Midwinters 2022 in Miami. Something like Feb 5-7. 2022 (the date is not set yet, just throwing an initial dart at the calendar). Around those dates, the weather here has good winds and spring wetsuit water temp. For folks driving down the Eastern seaboard, @Kelly Federal is thinking of a pre-event too. Would you come? Say something (post, or PM me or @Kelly Federal).
  11. Let's not overdo it. Lots of people rush in without knowing it all. Sometimes they get in trouble, but get through and learn. Easy to be judgemental on the internet. To the op - get in trouble and make your mistakes in protected waters. Be aware of Dunning Kruger. That's all.
  12. Yeah there's a few races there. But not all. Nacra medal race isn't there, afaics... On this URL I get "this video doesn't exist, or is not available in your country" https://olympics.com/en/video/sailing-mixed-nacra-17-medal-race-tokyo-2020-replays
  13. I'm all for multiple fleets developing, and just more excitement along dinghy sailing. These boats are clearly distinct from each other. Not everyone can handle the cost and complications of a moth.
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