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  1. Get yourself at the top of the fleet in Nationals in an Olympic class.
  2. Has anyone seen videos of the Nacra races from Thursday? NBC's sailing coverage was only 470 and RSX
  3. I'm pretty sure I've collected that in the unofficial owners' manual (in my signature)...
  4. N17 kites are pretty flat (designed for the foiling mode), so it's easy to stall them. Crews learn run on an ease/trim cycle to keep flow attached on the leeward side. And it's pretty punishing if you go too deep. In any case, if you go too deep or over-trim, flow detaches the boat stops and you have to point pretty high - almost reaching - to get going again. Might look like luffing.
  5. It looks damn hard. They've chosen to semi-foil in the downwinds, the waves look massive (for this kind of boat). That tells you something -- they could be doing 2-3 knots faster, and a few degrees deeper, in the downwinds, at the risk of ventilation and pitchpoling. @random. - I think Waterhouse/Darmanin are doing great - 2nd/3rd tied on points with Germany. The top of the fleet is super tight. Lange/Carranza blinked on the finish of the 2nd race and lost 3 places. Commentary is awful. Not helpful to non-sailors, not helpful to sailors. Argh.
  6. So you want to go fast. Sitting/hiking, consider a foiler - UFOs and Waszps -- and while not as cheap as a 2nd hand laser, you can find some opportunities. If you are up for trapezing, options include a Musto Skiff, Swift Solo, or single-hand a 29er. There are some sitting/hiking skiffs (RS 100). All these discussed in this forum aplenty.
  7. The boom mounted cameras are too far! The don't capture the colorful language ...
  8. Welcome to the jungle @IC43! COVID year, no schedule right now. I organized a small event here in Miami couple months ago. @Dave Clark - not a bad time to start asking whether we could/should have a winter event.
  9. In the short term, I'll have evenings at home, and enjoy my performance at greater angles of attack. Once other facets (tuning, tactics, maneuvers...) are sorted, and the top of the fleet is calling, we'll have this (amazing!) thread bookmarked, and polish, fair and wax. We sail a beach cat, and a big big part of the fun is the beach, which is quick to ruin your perfect finish...
  10. All good stuff. And you're getting good advise from all corners. Just to note that the video is key for yourself (and anyone you ask for advise) to "see" your current setup and technique, and advise. For me, my early videos were key to get past my learning hiccups. In other words - videos will get you to sustained flight.
  11. It's an evolution of the big ugly box they had in London. Gradually gets better - hopefully. It'll be a phone-type hardware with GPS, video, etc, and a big ass battery, all waterproofed and 'tethered' to the IOC broadcasting overlords.
  12. Do you have video? It usually helps see whether you have too much/little lift on the foils and other issues. Had you made changes to the boat? Some custom mods interfere...
  13. While I generally agree, these boats are designed for olympic campaigns. That's a hell of an extra load compared to how mere mortals sail them... A demanding, non olympic sailor, won't drive the boat to that max. There's headroom. These boats are rock solid, and comparably heavy IMO. With beaching, the foil exit "cassettes" on most Z foilers (inc the Nacras) are either movable or fragile. Sand gets into them and makes a mess. Look at the pictures here: https://nacra17.org/class-update-following-the-nacra-sailing-recall-of-foiling-boats/ - the issue on the N17 is resolved, but shows t
  14. If cost is a consideration, a converted N17 is a steal. The slightly lower frame rigidity and extra Kg might make a difference in that medal race (hence Olympic hopefuls not wanting them), but for cruising it's irrelevant. What's a couple scratches in a hull you'll drag onto a beach? Any foiler will need a couple more knots of wind to foil with an extra 40Kg but it'll foil just fine. You'll put them near the middle of the boat near front crossbar.
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