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  1. The spending cap isn't relevant here -- applies same cap to all teams. What we see is a "training handicap". You don't see any handicaps in tennis, golf or F1. The fastest lap gets pole position. The priority is the show, above competition? That makes it entertainment, Mexican Lucha Libre. It's ok. Let me say again: I watch it. But it's not a fair competition. Gotta grow out of it.
  2. Forget about the AC. Top level golf. Or tennis. Or F1, which is the clear model. Tell me which one tilts the field like sgp? There's a ton of things I like. I like the OD facet of it, the boat improvements, the fleet racing. But it's on training wheels if it has to be "managing" training time. It'll be good to see it grow out of it.
  3. It'll be competition when managed training time goes away. It's not a hangup, it's just... a fact. You don't see anything like this in any top level competition I still enjoy it! It's entertaining.
  4. No more managed training time?
  5. ESP/Phil is below NZ/Blair-Tuke in the rankings, Phil is a little bit less busy with other interesting endeavors than Blair/Tuke so the recent discussion here is just a bag of nonsense. Is there a Canadian lineup for Canada, or will it be a developing team? Maybe it absorbs Phil? A more rhetorical question is: when will we see what Nate can do with a top notch stable team? He's doing his bit to grow the fleet, but at some point this has to turn from a "managed competition" to competition.
  6. On most small foilers, there's a takeoff "trick" maneuver you want to figure out, in particular in light winds. It usually involves a reach-for-speed->bearaway with big ease-> head up back to reach; and in that bearaway there's a roll, (not entirely unlike a roll-tack). You have to be careful in not heeling to leeward, so maybe it's kind of half-a-roll-tack - from flat to heel-to-windward. It definitely helps if you're on the heavier side of the equation and/or the winds are light.
  7. Yes. And there is a technique to hoist., in particular when you have high batten tension (recommended for light air). Without the right technique it can be difficult, but then you're hoisting it wrong :-)
  8. Kudos on collecting this info. However, the UFO info is wrong. Carbon Fiber on the mast and boom (couple specific pieces - spreaders! – are alu). It's a very high tension setup, similar to a moth in tensions but using a windsurfer style setup (so, also a bit like a Wazsp).
  9. The recent episodes in Shirley Robertson's podcast cover GBR Olympic success stories and interview Paul Cayard.
  10. @flyinggorilla- your clips are well featured in this video -
  11. Someone's offering accessories for your toy! Validation! He's betting on the Rocket reaching escape velocity and I, for one, hope he's right.
  12. Depends on the boat really. When it gets too wild, we all do not-very distinguished things to stay in one piece.
  13. About 8nm of light wind foiling, the return leg of Columbus Day Regatta 2021 in Biscayne Bay. The first leg was an absolute drifter, shifting/rotating winds from 0 knots to 3-5kts, playing the tide was more important than playing the wind. Took ~4hs. The return... about 30 minutes. Good onboard comms and I a fun moment at minute 11.
  14. Fair enough. I'll have to go watch that SF race again then. Seeing that, I thought SailGP had amended mark room somehow.
  15. Final leg of race... 5? - AU, JPN, GBR reaching together to the finish. Dirty wind / lee-bow / ventilation and Japan goes down. Ok, but why would Nathan make room for GBR? He's squeezed Australia once against the finish line in season 1 IIRC, to great effect.
  16. It's definitely worlds apart in physicality from iFly/StuntS9/Whisper – I recall you asking about.
  17. I have been told the N17 is a beast on mainsheet and spi sheet loads (I sail a N15 FCS), and compared to F16s I think it's definitely true that the loads are quite a bit higher. Whether it's too much... that's probably something that hinges on your physical strength, stamina, etc. There's a handy table at the bottom of https://nacra17.org/nacra17/
  18. If it's in good to fair condition, that's an absolute steal. If it's in bad condition, it could cost a fortune, even if free.
  19. F18 is a beast to solo, unless you really know what you're doing. And righting it solo is...
  20. Reasonable. Another possible situation is that on a reach when you ease for a gust, catamaran foilers have a very timing-related tendency to "pop" out of the water. If your ease is not perfectly timed with the gust (a normal gust in the lull/gust cycle, doesn't need to be big) – and you ease a little bit to early or too much... the downpressure from the rig eases (because the gust hasn't arrived yet), the boat suddenly flies higher, and then the gust arrives finding you in a very tippy spot. I'll have to re-watch it in slow-mo.
  21. Thank you! You make me blush – I had a trip planned for right around now, but it got canned – Delta variant, etc. I always take the ferry and wonder – could I be sailing here? But it looks darn cold. If the water in Sand Point is warmer, I will def try there first! I'll let you know next time I have a trip there.
  22. That's my read too. Flew a tad too high, heeled a tad too much, rudder pops and off they go.
  23. Works but it's only a little bit safer, and only applies reaching or upwind. Broad reach, you need both foils down, and you're again in a very unstable configuration. If by outrigged you mean pointing out, like in the Pérsico Foiler, you have to factor in the risk of chopping crew in half, and that you can't dock anywhere.
  24. Most dinghies are not made to be left afloat for extended periods of time. Leave a Laser in the water for a week... The Nomad is larger, but it's still a dinghy; built with the expectation of being pulled out of the water at the end of the day. Maybe it's in the selection of gelcoat materials, etc. Others here in SA will know more. There's probably a way to re-finish it so that it can handle living on a mooring.
  25. NYT coverage - https://www.nytimes.com/2021/10/08/sports/sailing/sailgp-catamarans-speed.html It's super Press-Release-y, the boats seem to have materialized out of nowhere in 2019, and helmsmen "call themselves 'drivers' ". It's clearly the SailGP marketing lingo and canon. The article seems to cut off oddly. No mention of the cities in the circuit, female sailors on board and lots of other salient points. But. It's beyond good to get some attention on the paper of record.
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