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  1. Cool. In Miami, Regatta Park is great both for festivals and for, ahem, regattas. Similar things with the other locations I've named. Europe - Barcelona - la Rambla Cowes looks like a great spot. Many spots, if you race where it's very visible for expectators the winds are shifty, irregular, and it's not great racing for the sailors. You can schedule exhibition races. But then have most of the points be raced in the good racing spot...
  2. @greenwhiteblack -- say more about what you're thinking of... there's more places -- Punta del Este in Uy, Mar del Plata in Argentina, Paracas in Peru. Some spots have tricky tradeoffs. Might be in a spectacular location to sail right in front of folks on a promenade, but the launching spot is awkward, or the wind/wave conditions bad...
  3. Indeed. Sailed out of there as crew plenty times but the name was slipping my mind. But I got the wins (as crew) on a boat docked by the wind needle. Depending on what is meant by "intense foot traffic", I'd suggest Days Bay. Or, looking further afield, Tairua is a great venue for a regatta. Back to FL, Red Bull runs their Foiling Generation event out of Hobie Beach on Virginia Key - everyone runs/bikes/walks there; or just goes to the beach. We run informal cat races there once a month. It's a great spot: https://www.sailingscuttlebutt.com/2018/11/04/field-complete-red-bull-foiling
  4. Miami, several locations. Coconut Grove (Regatta Park, etc), Virginia Key Beach / Hobie Beach, Miami beach all through Hollywood & Ft Lauderdale(ie: beachcat launch into moderate surf, as done for Worrell 1000, Florida 300). Some nice beaches around Auckland NZ (ie: Mission Bay). Oriental Parade in Wellington NZ - cannot recall the name of the yacht club there.
  5. Hot chines on that outdoor jacuzzi...
  6. Talking smack like that just feeds hateful chatter and... people hear normalized hateful chatter, feel authorized to hate, and hate crime rises. A forum full of "chinese crap" blabber ends up in real world violence against someone. Your caveman references are spot on. And, not to worry. I've worked in China. I'm not on the market for an ILCA but the boats I own I'm sure have chinese parts. The gopro and speedpuck do. All the computers and electronics as well. Oh and thank you. Honored to be on the same list as Julian.
  7. Hey, we can agree with sober, clear statements. The world did with apartheid era South Africa, and with segregation era USA. But the xenophobic statements feed the monster of stochastic terrorism: the more people blab "chinese crap", "chinese virus" and that kind of stuff, the more violence you see against anyone who looks asian or is actually chinese. It's an odd thing but human crowds... pick your words carefully, save lives.
  8. It's a bit confusing actually. Season 1 had clarity. Fleet racing + match racing. Two distinct disciplines. A tad odd but a clear change of rules. Might have worked better on a best of 3 match races. The 3 boat race is an odd duck. Ok you've done away with the crowded fleet, no random crashes with a boat you didn't see. If the 3rd boat is lagging, match race, if not, small fleet race... Start line tactics muddled on 3 skippers making a bet on tactical mode with no time to spare. Sure, it mixes things up. But it does so on confusion. Unless the dynamics settle soon, it's a misfir
  9. Those two things are similar on one level and fundamentally different on another. You either have the mental clarity to tell the difference, or you don't. That's all. Unfortunately, there's a very real human impact to the inability to tell that difference. People amplify dog whistles because they are not very bright and/or because they are complicit... But the distinction is pretty blurry. The resulting stochastic terrorism is damn real.
  10. LOL. Ask a biased question, and get a mirror of yourself. It always works. Ask a neutral question instead and learn something about the world. Use a different web browser, computer, or whatever. Use duckduckgo. Be my guest. Good place to leave this conversation.
  11. Old means not current. Anyone can open an incognito window and google for "chinese brands".
  12. Cherry-picking stuff that's a decade old isn't making a strong argument, is it? Top results in google for your question are a lot more enlightening. Troll is as troll does. Have a good one!
  13. There's chinese brands out there if you pay attention. On electronics and cellphone, definitely. Not at the top end of the market, except in specific niches. If you get out of USA and EU, you'll see a lot more chinese brands in the mainstream market. Countries are not unified, they produce stuff in a range of qualities. Big countries, even moreso. "Anything from xxx country is crap" is always definitely uninformed bs. Go get a mirror.
  14. There's a lot of bigotry here yeah. There are different stages to industrialization, and also to pollution. We are not too far in time from pollution-heavy pictures of LA and Detroit, and the acid rain years across the USA. And low quality car manufacturers, on US soil yes. But, nothing fundamentally wrong about US manufacturing, lessons were learned and things got better. Japan started at the low quality end of the spectrum and walked its way up remarkably quickly. Chinese manufacturing exists all across the range, perhaps because it's a large country (unlike, say, Japan). Some regi
  15. Ummm. I have _literally_ worked in the factories you are talking about. And I don't share your, um, worldview.
  16. What's the story with your xenophobia? This is an international forum. I've lived and worked in many places, China one of them. And this forum runs on computers and on the internet, most of the computer hardware is manufactured in China. Spend your day free of products from China, if you can!
  17. There's a good video on yt with the onboard audio from Japan. Initially Nathan thinks he'll cross first. Speed is a bit uneven. He then realizes he won't, and he just doubts for 2 seconds. By the time he calls for a tack it's too late. Rust? Team not yet fully gelled and up to speed? Just a human error? Damn interesting.
  18. Welcome to the forum and to multihull sailing! Corsairs are fantastic. A key thing to keep in mind is that ocean crossings are... not something you do on your first boat, nor on your first season typically. Yes some people learn to walk today and are pole vaulting next week. But they are the exception and that's why they make the news. Better to plan a good learning process, gradually longer, more challenging passages. Probably with a different boat but by then you'll know.
  19. Rotomolded boats (ie Zest) and amazingly durable... but are quite a bit heavier, so keep an eye on weight. Modern composite boats are very light (ie: aero, rocket). Everything else, I think is easily observable - sail size tells you the power, and how much you'll have to hike. Modern laminate sail + cf rigs are super easy to depower in a blow. Know how hard you are prepared to work (hike) and watch videos, does the sailing shown match your idea of a good time?
  20. That's obviously a cheat card -- gets people ramped up, and "competitive" quickly, likely saves a ton of money in training days across the group. I definitely like the results but don't like the cheat. As a bootstrapping device, 200%. At some point, hopefully soon, it has to be put aside. Perhaps there's a max training days/hours to avoid an escalating training costs war, but it should be flat/even across teams. And it should be plenty – a day or two isn't. I am not aware of any pro sports that does anything similar at the top level, particularly in the long term. Giving folks
  21. Truth is, we're spoiled for options across the range of tradeoffs. Fast-fragile to slower-reliable. All the boats discussed in this thread are solid in their spot. Go pick one! And if you do your first 1000 capsizes in a more reliable boat, get to basic competence, and then trade up to a moth, you've probably saved yourself a bunch of expensive/complex repairs on that fancy fragile speed machine. And you've enabled the next sailor on the boat you've sold.
  22. Looks like crazy risky racing, but damn good show. Soma is right, all the upsets and confusion is lack of practice on these boats. From a safety first pov, they should be given more practice time. But without thrills and spills do you have a compelling TV show? Either way, they are talented sailors, they'll have it under control soon. Shout out to @Mozzy Sails, he got a great bit from Dylan Fletcher in a recent interview, where he was pointing out that in the AC the boats are finicky, training sessions are consumed by time spent in sorting gremlins out. The sailgp cats are sort
  23. A fun rip – a good friend and my 11yo son in 15kt gusting 20+kt, with big shifts in the gust. I challenged them to run the kite and steer for balance aggressively. I think we need the center hiking strap for the helm... :-)
  24. And if you're somewhere in between, there's a range of fun foiling machines. Just like owning an F1 or must expensive Lambo is not the only option for a fun fast car.
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