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  1. Jim, I love the color combo of a white boat and light blue decking. Another tuna harpoon boat I've worked closely with for 10 years has this paint scheme and I've always felt it's my favorite color pattern for a boat. Reminds me of old Cape Dories or the like!
  2. Damn, almost 10 feet wide. I'm a big fan of boats in the 24 foot range as this is usually about as big as you can make em while still keeping the beam under 8 feet for trailering (Hobie 33 notwithstanding). What's the point of limiting the length to only 24 feet if you're still going to make the beam too wide to practically trailer? 2.2 tons is heavy for a sailboat this size but lots of 24 foot powerboats are about this weight with fuel and a motor. It's about as big as you'd want to tow with a regular fullsize half-ton pickup truck, going off listed truck specs and what I see guys
  3. How can you still post this shit when people have linked current studies showing how vaccinated immunity is better than post-infection immunity in this very thread? Fucking embarrassing! "Duh uhhh it's big wall street trying to make money off of booster shots!" Yeah because pharma companies are making a killing on giving out $40 vaccines to people. You know how much it costs to be intubated for a week in an ICU? And monoclonal antibodies (for unvaxxed who get sick) are $4,000+ for just the medicine alone. If you had bothered to do the most basic research beyond regurgit
  4. The downeast-style fishing boats I've worked on are all full keeled and have similar handling limitations as I imagine you are facing, although somewhat ameliorated by several hundred horsepower. They will not steer in reverse in any meaningful capacity. Getting enough speed in reverse to meaningfully use the rudder in a harbor is usually impossible or a foolish test of your insurability. Align the stern roughly where you want to go with short periods in forward gear and assume you won't be able to realign it unless you put the boat in forward gear again. Even if you go faster in r
  5. I have a little boat in Harwich on the south side of the Cape. I've spent every good sailing day of the summer working on a tuna fishing boat and have not taken her out once. It will suck if she sinks just as the fishing is tailing off! The boat normally sits on a mooring but I'm going into a harbor for the duration. I thought about hauling out but my storage spot is closely surrounded by large, old, rickety trees. I'll be sure to report all the gory details here if the worst happens... Stay safe everyone.
  6. What a funny brag. "Unlike all the rest of you, I'm arrogant as fuck!" Almost as funny as when you try to act superior by insisting your lifestyle is lower-carbon than other posters. Sure, you might live in a shack. But the dickwads you vote into power sure don't, nor do their oil and coal exec donors... 64 years old huh? Average life expectancy for a man in North America is 70-75. Let's say that you have another decade of buffoonery ahead of you. Yeah, your politics are about exactly the sort you'd expect from someone who won't be around to deal with the consequences of his own id
  7. If one side says 2+2=4, and the other side says 2+2=6, then you'll be surprised by how many supposedly free-thinking independents or centrists are happy to agree that 2+2=5 for the sake of "unity" or appearing to avoid taking sides. There is 1 political party in the US today which runs on a platform of standing against science, and that is the Right. Whether it's screeching "respect the science" or "facts and logic" while repeating debunked 1960's pseudoscience about transgender people, banning mask mandates during an airborne pandemic, or just generally standing against any action
  8. A boat with outboards is usually tough to sink as common culprits (coolant intake, exhausts, shaft and rudder bearings) aren't present. However, I know of a number of boats which sank due to problems with heads or sinks. That's the #1 cause of sinkings I've personally seen or heard of. Presumably the insurance company looked the boat over, but finding nothing is not the same as there being nothing wrong. Without super obvious signs of fraud it's not worth the insurance company's time to obsessively check over every little detail in the bilges. They'd rather pay out what they have t
  9. Having written some articles for a variety of sites in the past, this is exactly the kind of piece you'd expect someone to write if they had spent the prior night drinking and partying instead of researching their actual subject before a deadline was due... I'm by no means a professional author but I have learned as I've grown older that unless an article is expressly written by an expert in that specific field, it's more likely that it was written by someone with a bachelor's degree who did under an hour of googling (paid by the word = paid to write, not paid to research) before p
  10. At first I thought you were just another stubborn boomer with a few controversial beliefs, who was at least somewhat open to dissent. But I understand now that you are a committed racist. The casual arrogance with which you write off millions of black Americans on nothing more than your own easily demonstrably wrong and inflexible beliefs is stunning. Your reasons for doing so are a copy-paste of the same tired rhetoric of the klan. If you were capable of understanding why you are wrong, you would have figured it out by now. But because I am young and struggle to accept such unreac
  11. Wait, so you're trying to be snarky by quoting a factually correct statement of mine, which I then backed up with actual data upon your request, and insisting instead that you're correct because... what, exactly? I think you need to go back to school... If this is the shit that passes for a "cogent argument" for you I'd hate to see what comes out of your asscheeks. Honestly. It's embarrassing to think that on the other end of your posts, an actual functional adult who can presumably tie his own shoes actually believes the things you're saying. Some day I hope you actually take the
  12. You just can't get through to some people. "Duhhh I may have claimed baselessly that several million black people are basically subhuman but you can't criticize my bullshit opinions until you uhhhhh completely solve racism in this country." Stick to watching Tucker and spare the rest of us your wisdom.
  13. Read it and weep, shithead: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_protests_and_demonstrations_in_the_United_States_by_size You wouldn't know a "cogent argument" if you came home to one fucking your wife. Who, I assume, would gleefully welcome an escape from the walrus-like, not-so-tender thrustings of a fat arrogant fuckwit like yourself.
  14. Pretty easy to deal with the bolded issues. You sure do care a lot about the black community and its problems and definitely are only motivated by the pureness of your heart and soul to talk exclusively and at length about the negative actions of a portion of the black community. Most of all it's funny to complain about whataboutism when the entire premise of your post--that any misconduct or supposed cultural faux pas on the part of black Americans negates or trumps any discussion of improving American racial equity--is itself a classic form of whataboutism. Problem 1: "blacks are
  15. I visited Gatlinburg to see the solar eclipse in 2018 or so. Beautiful town, largely tourist-oriented indeed. Losing those tourists would be a tragedy for them, but so is sub-50 percent vaccination rates. Of course, when their economy tanks they'll just blame Joe Biden and vote for any hardline conservative candidate they can. Reminds me of the logic of conservatives who vocally despise electric cars and brag about owning huge pickup trucks, and then complain when the price of gas goes up.
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