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  1. At first I thought you were just another stubborn boomer with a few controversial beliefs, who was at least somewhat open to dissent. But I understand now that you are a committed racist. The casual arrogance with which you write off millions of black Americans on nothing more than your own easily demonstrably wrong and inflexible beliefs is stunning. Your reasons for doing so are a copy-paste of the same tired rhetoric of the klan. If you were capable of understanding why you are wrong, you would have figured it out by now. But because I am young and struggle to accept such unreac
  2. Wait, so you're trying to be snarky by quoting a factually correct statement of mine, which I then backed up with actual data upon your request, and insisting instead that you're correct because... what, exactly? I think you need to go back to school... If this is the shit that passes for a "cogent argument" for you I'd hate to see what comes out of your asscheeks. Honestly. It's embarrassing to think that on the other end of your posts, an actual functional adult who can presumably tie his own shoes actually believes the things you're saying. Some day I hope you actually take the
  3. You just can't get through to some people. "Duhhh I may have claimed baselessly that several million black people are basically subhuman but you can't criticize my bullshit opinions until you uhhhhh completely solve racism in this country." Stick to watching Tucker and spare the rest of us your wisdom.
  4. Read it and weep, shithead: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_protests_and_demonstrations_in_the_United_States_by_size You wouldn't know a "cogent argument" if you came home to one fucking your wife. Who, I assume, would gleefully welcome an escape from the walrus-like, not-so-tender thrustings of a fat arrogant fuckwit like yourself.
  5. Pretty easy to deal with the bolded issues. You sure do care a lot about the black community and its problems and definitely are only motivated by the pureness of your heart and soul to talk exclusively and at length about the negative actions of a portion of the black community. Most of all it's funny to complain about whataboutism when the entire premise of your post--that any misconduct or supposed cultural faux pas on the part of black Americans negates or trumps any discussion of improving American racial equity--is itself a classic form of whataboutism. Problem 1: "blacks are
  6. I visited Gatlinburg to see the solar eclipse in 2018 or so. Beautiful town, largely tourist-oriented indeed. Losing those tourists would be a tragedy for them, but so is sub-50 percent vaccination rates. Of course, when their economy tanks they'll just blame Joe Biden and vote for any hardline conservative candidate they can. Reminds me of the logic of conservatives who vocally despise electric cars and brag about owning huge pickup trucks, and then complain when the price of gas goes up.
  7. Radiation scares make for easy sensational journalism. "55 times background levels..." or "100 times background levels." They strenuously avoid giving the actual readings in rem or millirem because the public doesn't care enough to contextualize radiation exposure and it would ruin the drama of the story. A Geiger counter is an incredibly sensitive instrument which covers a range of tens of orders of magnitude. They also only ever tell us the single most radioactive spots they measure, or relative to the "local environment" which may constitute sub-millirem levels. Our yearly avera
  8. The $500,000 sportfisher with a Trump flag in the harbor (the only boat with a political message on it at all in the entire harbor, despite MAGAys screaming about liberals overpoliticizing things) has switched from a Trump 2020 to a Trump 2024 flag. So suffice to say I think this plan is a few points short and a few months late to rally the base...
  9. Catalina 22 has a 5' deep, 500 lb. swing keel in its most popular configuration. Something north of 10,000 of these boats out there, including mine . Not a lot of horror stories of capsize+sinkings and those which exist point to user error in sailing technique or picking bad weather days. I am happy with the stability of my C-22 and it behaves nicer than comparably sized boats I've sailed which only have integral ballast in the hull (if that) and a steel plate for a centerboard. One fear of mine with a swinging keel is that it might retract in a broach where the boat goes over past
  10. If she had been towing a boat trailer then her approach would have seemed pretty normal compared with how most boaters go about trailering!
  11. https://sailboatdata.com/sailboat/mercury-15-fk-cape-cod I've had the pleasure of sailing a fixed keel Cape Cod Mercury 15 on the Charles River through Community Boating. It sails reasonably well for a vangless dinghy with a handkerchief of a jib and is a great choice for the many first-time sailors there. It's noticeably more stable than an unballasted Mercury which I've also sailed, which is great when the hectic duckboat traffic of the Charles threatens to overwhelm. I think Cape Cod Shipbuilding still manufactures them in Buzzard's Bay. https://sailboat
  12. NYT gives 83% of Japanese against holding the Olympics there this year. Other articles give varying figures but all well above 2/3rds of the population against hosting the Olympics. https://www.nytimes.com/2021/05/18/world/asia/covid-japan-olympics-poll.html Seems cut and dried that the Japanese as hosts should have the final say. That they would want to lose the chance to host the Olympics and the money/tourism which attends it should show how deeply-held and genuine their desire to not host is.
  13. What a terribly complicated-looking (and surely expensive) mechanism to hang off the very extreme end of your ship. Pretty cool idea until you want to go any direction but dead down sea. There has to be some better way of capturing the energy of ocean swells. Our smaller fishing boat cruises at 18 knots and, when going down the tall face of a huge, long ocean swell, easily hits 23 knots. It's pretty scary when you plow into the trough at the bottom and the forefoot grabs the water and slews you over but we haven't tipped over yet... I've been told that the ancient Hawai
  14. Say what you will about his odds, but this guy isn't shilling a Patreon or angling for corporate sponsors, and seems genuinely motivated to prove a point about human power. Okay, I'm definitely biased because I like bikes. But this dude is a hell of a lot more sympathetic to me than 99% of the sailing vloggers flogging patreons out there. I'm not that invested in watching people faff about the tropics on a $500,000 catamaran but this guy is trying to do something interesting and different.
  15. I found this article about the refloating and incident here: https://www.soundingsonline.com/news/a-vessel-aground-and-a-long-battle-won The framing of this article is hilarious. Halmos is a "self-made man" who suffered an unavoidable "act of god" and was persecuted by the government for events beyond his control. In reality, he's the son of wealthy immigrants who made his money in the dot com boom not from building a successful company, but from suing the pants off of his company after he was ejected from it for tax fuckery. He chose to spend hurricane seas
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