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  1. Has to be an older motor because the styling on new Yamaha V8's is totally different. The picture's also mirrored for some reason. That tall and boxy motor style is very mid-2010's and it doesn't look like Yamaha has built a two-stroke outboard that big for a relatively long time in the US at least. I'm saying it's a 4 stroke motor, and the barbie doll is probably 2 stroke.
  2. The only thing wrong with it is about 30' of LOA and 10,000 lbs of displacement too much boat. Maybe a sail training school could snap a boat like this up but what other serious use is there? $150k is doable for your average cruising retiree couple but the upkeep and dockage, to say nothing of handling the lines, is surely beyond this market's ability. And if some rich nostalgic person picked it up, it still is too old and narrow to make into a cruiser and too outdated to play with the modern racers. That said maybe there is something really screwed with it beyond it being 70 walle
  3. A few select quotes from Trump on our friend Mr. Bolton. But now after months of attacks on Bolton suddenly he's a reliable source: "...a disgruntled boring fool who only wanted to go to war. Never had a clue, was ostracized & happily dumped. What a dope!”..." "Many of the ridiculous statements he attributes to me were never made, pure fiction. Just trying to get even for firing him like the sick puppy he is!” And not that Dog or the other cucks would care, but here's Bolton condemning Trump's recent remarks on the military. Not exactly the words of a ma
  4. I cannot stop laughing. Stupid salon owner agrees to let Pelosi in, lies about agreeing to let her in, and then gets publicly exposed for having illegally operated in-person for months beforehand. This story has already conveniently left the Fox news cycle so no viewers will have to worry their little heads about this whole thing being exposed as at best a sham and at worst illegal entrapment and business fraud. Another hilarious attempt at reputational warfare brought to you by the "Grab 'Em By the Pussy" party.
  5. That's interesting, I've never heard of a place with regulations like that. I found this page linked from the Forestry Service site for the BWCA: https://www.recreation.gov/permits/233396/additional-information 12. Is motorized equipment allowed in the BWCAW? Motorized watercraft meeting specific horsepower limitations are allowed only on designated routes. No other motorized or mechanized equipment (including pontoon boats, sailboats, ATVs and sailboards) is allowed, except for the use of portage wheels on specific routes. Drones are prohibited. There's nothing i
  6. I'm lucky enough to have done a vanlife thing (truck life in my case but close enough) for about half a year, and to now own a 22' sailboat. Vanlife is both easier/cheaper to live a "normal" life with, and generally less difficult or skill-intensive. Getting wifi, power, heat/AC, and toilet access is easier on land where you have campsites or RV parks. Dispersed campsites are free and plentiful, as opposed to public anchorages, and you don't need to anchor a van. Marinas are much more expensive than RV parks or campsites, and you need a ~30' boat if you want to stand up inside and h
  7. On the 4th of July, I was staying on my small sailboat on its mooring with my boyfriend. We're in a small harbor on the south side of Cape Cod. Lots of folks going in and out to anchor just outside the breakwater and watch the fireworks. For the most part people followed the no wake rules in the anchorage, as it's pretty tight and a small space. There was one boat, however, which didn't care. It was a giant plastic sportfisher with two giant Trump flags flying from its outriggers. These are the kinds of boats that us professional tuna fishermen love to watch--they spend the whole d
  8. L M F A O M M F F A A O O Can you die from laughing too hard? What about schadenfreude poisoning?!? Irony overdose?
  9. The point CarCrash made regarding operating expenses is a good one. I'm sending this from the deck of our 40' Osmond Beal downeast longliner. With a 900 HP Cat she uses 20 GPH at 16 kt. cruise. If you get untaxed non-road diesel you might pay $2 per gallon, so we basically pay $2.40 per mile to cruise around. A really efficient 40' trawler might do 2 MPG. The trade-off is that you're in displacement mode and going only as fast as a sailboat would. I personally hate how badly the trawlers I've seen and been on have rolled and pitched in any kind of sea; the lack of a ballasted keel
  10. Speaking of "Mainstream Media" coverage (and I should add that Fox News, which immediately began 24/7 coverage of this story, is the largest and most "mainstream" media outlet in the country), here's a great Forbes article over how reactionary and outright white-supremacist right-wing media figures are using this boy's murder to further their racial and political agendas: https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.forbes.com/sites/lisettevoytko/2020/08/17/how-the-murder-of-5-year-old-cannon-hinnant-became-a-conservative-controversy-about-race/amp/ On an unrelated note, when will
  11. Now THAT is a monument I would be proud to tear down and hurl into the sea! Unrelated but I love the line you see tards like BB and the Fox hosts spitting, that "99% of people are fine from Covid!" 1% of the population is 3,500,000 people, so will we just write off these folks who will die or spend the rest of their post-recovery lives with disabilities in that scenario? And yet, these same cuckservatives go crazy over 1 or 2 homicides a day in Chicago...
  12. I think there's a 5th category of boat that we're missing here: none at all! Sailboats are large and often laborious material commitments. Even small dinghies need places to store them, trailers or dollies, etc., and cost thousands of dollars. Mooring or dock waitlists at public harbors (read: affordable to lower-crust folks like myself) can run 25 years or more. Kayak, canoe, and paddleboard sales have skyrocketed recently, and that makes sense. Why buy a large, expensive, skill-intensive sailboat requiring years on a waitlist to have a place to keep when you could get a kayak you
  13. "In the Facebook post, a woman participant said she was in a yellow boat (seen in the video) that came to the sinking boat's rescue. She claimed that the boat sank because it had "too many people on one boat" and not because of the Trump boats." Looks like 4-5 adults on an 18-20 foot boat. Definitely fully loaded, but not overloaded per se. Certainly doesn't look like a high-freeboard boat to start with. I'm not surprised to see deflection and blame-shifting coming from the rally participants and organizers considering who the rally is for. I've seen plenty of lobs
  14. I'm far from an expert on insurance, much less the international insurance market, but I do know some things from recent experience and have several adjuster friends. My understanding is that, unlike car insurance where the massive market and high rate of owning insurance (200+ million cars in the US) means companies can make good profits on small margins, there are far fewer private boats than cars in the US and a much lower proportion carry insurance. As a result many boat companies don't care about old, relatively inexpensive boats (particularly sailboats which are generally che
  15. I did read the fine print I only carry liability insurance as my boat is so small & cheap, and I am so young, that annual hull loss or replacement premiums are more than 25% of the boat's total value. Geico gave competitive coverage for the price (although it's always a question if they'll pay out, but I think all insurers try to shaft you this way) and they had already made the BoatUS switch by the time I got my policy. Reading the fine print is always good advice though!
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