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  1. That begs the question. If the human brain is conscious and has the capacity of consciousness, then is the universe also conscious? Since the universe came first and we're evolved from pre-existing, established and refined forces, patterns and mechanics of nature, that pre-date us by nearly the age of the universe, im going to have to conclude it does.
  2. It makes sense that personal vessels have limited regulations. a personal property owner should have nearly full responsibility for his own vessel and his own safety. once it turns into a commercial vessel the hammer should drop because your inviting civilians aboard who probably cant even imagine all the necessary safety concerns. sometimes leaders (ie...coast guard commanders) need to step up and crack the fucking whip. i find it hard to beleive they had no authority in enforcing the inclusion of a safety hatch because they are forced to deploy overseas and have a limited budget. fucking e
  3. you mean to say the USCG inspector cant tell the boat owner to fix the fucking problem or else? seems hard to beleive the owner of the vessel has more power to tell the USCG to go fuck themselves no matter what the current state of funding is.
  4. i think the USCG and any other agency responsible for the safety oversight should be fucked with a piece of sharp coral. what are the two most dangerous things that can happen to a boat afloat on the water? sinking and fire, fire being #1 by a longshot. every boat owner with half a brain realizes how fucking dangerous even a small fire aboard can be. its terrifying to even think of it happening even in the safety of a slip. it doesnt take a rocket scientist to sit down aboard a vessel and within a few minutes imagine half a dozen potential fire scenarios. i own a sailboat and even a
  5. "Jeesh honey....how many times did you drop Johnnie on his head when he was a baby"?
  6. "i'm gonna sharpen it and try and get a couple of those ORCA's"
  7. "I'm just trying a few things out".
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