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  1. With Vag raking in $8500/week, I can't blame them for trying. My question would be....why watch someone with neglible sailing experience? On the other hand....seems like a good gig for a bloke who can get a decent boat and establish a good youtube presence. Getting a continually new crew of bikinis almost assuredly guarantees a full life, or a life full of drama? Who really loses anyway? It isn't like anyone is being forced to watch.
  2. OK....he did toss the modern amenities including a/c's, tv, microwave, and stove. Mentioned in Episode 8. His drinking water also has birdshit since the deck is never washed. Fourth crew in 1.5 years? The Danish girl and him are hitting it off. Seems a bit extreme. Some things are safer when heated. Have not seen mention of a genset either. Perhaps his series will take off and the funds will grow.
  3. Just watched the first episode last night. He has a fun series and I am a bit intrigued by his ability to continually staff his boat with groups of girls. They are European and not repulsed by a man in a Speedo. He did not toss a TV or fridge in the first or second episode. I would not be without a TV or fridge....being a movie buff for one thing. Coupld years ago I bought am unused, commercial grade icemaker for about $1000. Thinking that it would be great on a boat, it is not a large unit. Last month I bought a $400 ice chest. Once again thinking it would be great on a boat. Think I alw
  4. Sure it wasn't Adrienne? https://abarbeau.com/ I am a little mystified by the donations. Sailing into Freedom has 100 uploads and doesn't even have a TV or a fridge. LaVag makes $8500/week?
  5. They may not cruise but they certainly linger...
  6. Title should be "Professional grifter floats around like flotsam" No?
  7. Don't be ridiculous. Figured out some story with the Sailing into Freedom dude. He doesn't have a fridge, a camping type existence may explain the seemingly high turnover. Plus he is running a Passion Booth. Before the Italian girls showed up he said there would be lots of passion (in the stabbin' cabin we presume). Perhaps they sent out a male scout first? An Italian guy did sail just before they did. He was married with three little girls. The wife didn't like sailing from appearances. He sure has a lively and entertaining personality. The Emerald Steel couple strike me as the bes
  8. I think New Zealand and Australia have pretty rigid requirements for hanging around. He better hope he doesn't wind up in either place I would think. I have started believing the charges about gross incompetence. He is probably as happy as a clam with no critical thought capacity whatsoever.
  9. $8500/week is pretty decent for the LaVag soap. The Delos crew seems to work a lot harder on their vids. I don't know what Delos clears but it must be pretty good. Making those vids is a full time job though.
  10. Being corrected by those who have only seen the winners version of history = priceless. The winner does get to write the majority of history of course. Oh well, still have not seen anyone prevail on the internet against those who simply scream louder while gathering in the flock. LaVag's caboose is looking as glorious as ever. I wonder how much money her fabulous stern has garnered. Now "augmented" with a new bow.
  11. Britain was saved by the fact that Hitler didn't mind the Brits. In fact he hoped for peace with England. They allowed the British Army to escape back to England when it would have been like shooting fish in a barrel. Probably regretted allowing that as we turned England into our military base while England turned around and fought effectively from her own soil. Hitler was a terrible war general, that may have saved him from assassination. His blundering decisions in Russia are what costs Germany the war. They never did get the fuel from the great Russian oil fields, due in large part to
  12. Nice dig. So what is up with all the drama lately? I would bet they had a pretty big fight and broke up for a bit. Of course that wouldn't be very big news... $8500/week? Dang. Isn't this their second videographer now? Thought they hired a girl for a week or two? Clearly, I don't watch with baited breath.
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