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  1. Some more info on the details of Merc F1 involvement and what they will bring to the the table INSIDE MERCEDES’ BID TO TAKE ITS F1 GENIUS ONTO THE WATER
  2. America's Cup INTV Special | INEOS TV AC36 - YouTube (I scrolled through and don't think this was posted before)
  3. Is anyone able explain what they're saying here? Jimmy: Givonne? Bruni: Pineapple? True 1 and pump....
  4. Interesting to see that they've added some sort of cockpit padding next to shoulders of grinders and also Tuke up front. The Gs must be decent when they chuck Te Rehutai into a tack The guys who need to jump out of that deep cockpit probably had to join a Crossfit gym... Here's Blair Tuke using a neat handle to jump out. Shame the cockpit is so dark - can't see any good views of the foil control gobbins: Still no luck finding a good pic:
  5. Yes, there's something new below the clew end
  6. They do look a bit different from this angle. As if the foil flaps are quite a bit shorter and intersection between vertical and foils looks to have a different shape The tip of the 'bulbous' bit seems to be reaching further out in front of the foil arm vertical stock Could be just the angle of this view though...
  7. Really cool shot - I wish I could spectate the racing from this viewpoint....
  8. SailGP USA team snapping up guys from American Magic: Spithill snaps up American Magic sailors for United States SailGP Team | Yacht Racing Life Will be interesting to see what role Andrew Campbell is going to perform - I think when they announced Spithill joining to help, Rome Kirby was delegated to the flight control?
  9. Maybe they would have lodged a complaint if INEOS ever showed up to the races with them... I'd struggle to understand how that was meant to be a single and linear flap...
  10. I have only now noticed that the pivot point blade/fence is visible in that video The fact that INEOS showed these views meant that these were not going to be the final foils used in races... They must have known it wasn't going to be the winning set...
  11. Great video! I remember sketching over the foil jig plates from Ineos video, but I completely didn't catch onto the feature of external pivot point and how inner and outer sections have different behaviour The idea of sliding actuation achieving rotation also sounds like a good solution that teams have likely adopted http://forums.sailinganarchy.com/index.php?/topic/211990-ineos-team-gb/&do=findComment&comment=7249906
  12. Came across this post by Advanced Wing Systems - not sure if it was posted yet? https://www.facebook.com/273328252750248/posts/3740520526030986/?sfnsn=scwspwa
  13. New foil tips? Metal and look to be different in shape:
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