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  1. That's a waitress that needs a creampie.
  2. We still haven't found out if the waitress takes it in the ass
  3. I don't see any of you clowns picking up a rifle and jumping on a plane
  4. Hawaii, embassy pays for the flight and bills him for it. Probably going to take it out of his SS. Ive got a buddy whose expat life in the Philippines went pear shaped 6 mts ago they sent him to Kona
  5. 90 days at A9 anchorage then you have to hop between La Playa, Glorietta and behind the jetty. too much for Rimas. There is a nice little anchorage off Benicia State park, good holding and you can walk to town
  6. why are you so bitter? Is it because youve never untied the docklines?
  7. Rimas is a hero. Get used to it. Hes got more miles under his belt than most of us. sad , but true
  8. Whoever writes under this "Moderate" name is the truest example of American Scum. 

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