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  1. Omer, I like everything about that. Well done! quote name="Omer" post="5393700" timestamp="1469211717"]This is my baby... I think it is kinda cool and perhaps kinda admirable... Only because i designed and built it myself, if not for anything else. I have an engineering background but not NA. I have never ever tackled to draw or build anything bigger than a model plane when i was a kid. But doing something like that was a life long ambition. It is built out of cedar strips, 5 metres long , and weighs 45 kilos. People ask me why it is 5 metres? And i answer them.. because that
  2. Equally, now the assumption is that small boats don't need to be seaworthy for anything more than inshore stuff. I think that's a shame, you can design a small offshore seaworthy boat and they make great cruiser even if you just use them to do coastal stuff, even in the hands of a relatively inexperienced crew. One French classic coming to my mind (6.4m, or 21ft) : Some people crossed the atlantic on it, most people used it for coastal cruising or racing, it is a mini cruiser (OK not micro), was affordable and many people managed to save the money to buy one. You really don't
  3. No worries. Thread drifts are part of our core values. Now, post tits or gtfo!
  4. Kim, Bob,Team Thank you for letting all of us (SA) take this journey. I've followed every post, comment and suggestion from the very beginning. Next chapter: Go sailing/racing and share your experiences-PLEASE She looks Beautiful! dain
  5. Damn. Looks a bit like some of the older NHL goalies that didn't wear face protection.
  6. I've enjoyed everything about this thread and your project. Thanks for sharing! Keep posting, especially when she hits the water! dain
  7. Well said Robin and Sam. Couldn't agree more! Dain
  8. Look, let's just keep things in context. The 20 rating was one race, one race committee. Any implication that it was a broader judgement than that on the boat's perceived performance is incorrect. Do you guys realize escamillo= akagp ? Trying to have a constructive convo with the guy is useless. He has an agenda regarding the J111 rating.
  9. has not set their status

  10. Hush you........he might be on a roll.
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