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  1. The solution is to only have one wife aboard at a time.
  2. Yeah, a 6 tonne 16m composite cat does seem like a strange choice for charter. Looks like a really cool boat though. I saw a price of €900k on an old ad somewhere, seems high unless that was brand new. Looks like she’d be lots of fun but probably a stretch to load her with loads of cruising gear.
  3. Do you know the difference between the 470, 471 and 472? Then there's the "Ocean Class" 47... kinda hoping they'd all be "ocean class!"
  4. I would not put too much weight on Marine Traffic speeds... the 140 foot sloop that I run rarely sits on less than 11 knots and we regularly do 13-15 knots under sail, yet Marine Traffic says our average is 6.2 knots!
  5. Hmmm honestly I've never been a big fan... Hahaha yeah I know what you mean about nice interiors... my 2 and 6 year olds are together a pretty destructive force themsleves! And I´m 6'3".
  6. CapDave I partially agree with your explanation of maintenance, or lack thereof, on these boats. But most people that own a boat of this size have a modicum of common sense and organisational skill... even if you're not going to do every routine maintenance job on time, at least keep a record of what you DO do!!! I mean, few people would you buy a 12 year old car without a maintenance record so you're being pretty dumb if you don't see that some sort of log is an asset when it comes to selling your boat.
  7. Thanks for the info guys. This is actually the boat I'm looking at and have also been told it is foam cored, with solid layup below the waterline. Maybe, as with the interior layouts, helm configurations etc, there were a variety of core options...? Neko has had a lot of work done on her over the last year or so, with a lot of new equipment too.
  8. I've yet to get aboard one but like what I've seen so far. I'd read the core was foam though, not balsa. Did you ever get to sail on one? How do you think they'd do against say an O55?
  9. So I got over to Perth (in WESTern Australia... the clue was in the name all along!) to be onboard during survey. Good thing too: I found a rotten section of structure below the mast step that the surveyor missed. In his defence, I lived aboard for three days and went over every inch of the boat with a fine tooth comb. And in Outremer's defence, even with that soggy bit providing no support there is not a hairline crack in the gelcoat around the mast step and the rig is still tight. It's definitely overbuilt in this area. The rot is actually pretty easy to fix, but the real disappointment was
  10. Yeah, COVID has really turned things upside down over here!
  11. I have just gone out and purchased a chart of Australia and it turns out you´re right!!! Thank you for pointing out the error of my ways. I will keep this in mind when attempting to get from Perth back to Brizzie!
  12. Thanks all. Yeah, I'm pretty stoked! Soma, if the timing works out that would be great, thanks. I'll be staying on the boat for a few days around the survey so even if I can't get you online during the actual survey I can definitely give you a walk around. I'd love to hear what you think. EarthBM, I'm currently in Australia. I'm in Brisbane (west coast) and the boat is in Perth (east coast). If the survey goes well my plan is to head back over there, spend some time getting her ready and then single hand her back to this side. Its about 2,800nm. Aussie interstate borders have now pretty m
  13. Hahaha, yeah nah as they say down these parts! Good to know you're still happy with your choice! ;-)
  14. Hi all, A guy I used to run a boat for a long time ago is interested in taking his San Fran based 70 foot cat across to Hawaii, and he’s thinking of doing it as part of the Transpac fleet next year. He’s looking for a skipper for the trip. Someone to take on preparation before the start, organise crew, handle job lists, advise him on sails, parts, who knows weather etc. My old boss is not a racer and wants to take it easy (I didn’t even know the Transpac had a cruising class…) so he’s looking for someone that will take this on in that spirit. No 3am kite peels and sawn off toothbrushes he
  15. I hope everyone here is still happy and healthy. The world has been a pretty crazy place since the last post. Figuring that there's no way you can make any plans in these times the missus and I decided f*ck it, lets just get a boat already and take it as it comes! So a few weeks back I made an offer on an Outremer 55 standard and will be aboard for the survey in a couple of weeks!
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