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  1. i have been eyeing that one for my lightning. Is it totally unusable? do you still have the one you tried to make work?
  2. So I did a look over of the WA360, going over it step by step. Have a look: http://www.h2ak.com/?p=957
  3. oh yeah. lots of testing will happen. most of the assumptions i have are based on a stability study done on wooden lightnings with various flotation options added that the class did. modeled the entire class legal wooden boat in the computer and ran the numbers it's pretty thorough. https://www.lightningclass.org/content.aspx?page_id=22&club_id=93488&module_id=286767 mine has the fore and aft watertights installed in it (although the forward is a station further forward than the tests they did) and more than half the remaining space is enclosed by the cabin so
  4. the bowsprint is specifically for a furling asym for single-handing; you read my mind on that one. shorthanded and with the cabin i just do not see a symmetrical with a pole as a viable option. i've eyed a little bit of the class's research into adding an asym and will sort of be following in those footsteps. I do get why racers scratch their head at the cabin, but there's no way this boat would be competitive in a class fleet, even if there were any fleets locally for me to race in. it was something like 100 lbs overweight, back in 1965 when it was class measured. however, for overnight
  5. Yep, an old lightning pulled out of a barn that hadn't seen the water in at least 20 years. Not quite a pile of blackberry bushes, but might put me in the running for dirtbag. I'm not sure, honestly. Part of me wants to get the full race in before they make changes, but part of me knows an R2AK first leg, a barefoot raid, a salish 100, and a year sailing the boat and getting to know it and ironing out the kinks before a full R2AK would be wise. but we'll see. slacker tax doesn't hit until jan 15th. The monsoon is really a great, amazing boat. I can't wait to get her fixed up and ta
  6. Hey R2AK'ers... Dunno if you're interested or not, but i just posted a big update on my site. I've bought a successful R2AK boat... but i'm not racing that one. http://www.h2ak.com/?p=615
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