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  1. A judge in Florida threw out a indecency claim by a motorist and claimed that he had them hanging off his truck as well and had no problem swinging them around for all to see…
  2. It’s back in the 50’s in NJ for a real days, so it can’t be too bad up there. Keep the peapod in a bit longer
  3. Any idea how many have been built and is there a market demand for them that is not being met since the shop closed? They are sturdy!
  4. She’s sneaking a peek at the skipper that wouldn’t listen to her siren song. Too busy with his fancy yacht.
  5. I listed my boat at $45,000 and sold it for $36,000 since it was sitting unused. I could have asked even more. I guess at the end of the day, a boat is only worth what someone is willing to pay. Someone will buy that boat eventually.
  6. I just saw it and took the pics today. It’s down at the marina my cutter is in. I’ll have to ask about it tomorrow and get back to you. I couldn’t tell what kind of scow it is.
  7. Here Santana. This might make you feel better.
  8. Yep, I don’t get all those fancy options on my IPhone. I’ll have to further Google the subject. All I have available is what you see here
  9. How did you do that? It’s magic to me!
  10. They certainly do. When Mother Nature nicks ‘em,I get to fix ‘em!
  11. It was only a joke. I thought the smiling emoji would convey that since I don’t know how to apply purple font… I appreciate the information that you provide when bad storms are coming and your meteorological knowledge.
  12. You shouldn’t hit them anyway. They aren’t that bad…just because Ish wants to lash out at them and fetter them to bondage.
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