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  1. A small business might not even make enough to be profitable employing marginally skilled individuals at a government regulated pay level and then paying unemployment insurance and health insurance for those individuals. When the numbers turn the business upside down, the progressive will never see it.
  2. I’m going to jump big here, AJ. I’m going to assume that you have no children.
  3. To fix this title to match the thread content in proper context, the title should read: “ INJUSTICE! How the rich are intelligent enough to avoid segregated luxury taxation and how the government makes everyone else pay.” Please describe luxury and just how do you justify increased taxation on the same basic product to a consumer at a higher level of income and ability to provide economic return to the community and when does the term begin to apply to $100,000 boats today, which would put all of us “rich white guys” into quite a lurch? I guess that you being a progressi
  4. You are being civil, just, you see things differently. 1987 saw a huge recession grip the country. The luxury tax just a few years later left the wealthy yacht buyers in a position to procure yachts from other markets. The mid to large powerboat industry, which is what we are mainly discussing, due to the fact that they were about 80% of the pleasure boating market, we’re faced with no the a deep recession and a luxury tax. Both created by a government that couldn’t handle the economy properly. As far as advocating tax policies that would make things worse, taxing the wealthy, who in tur
  5. I was with my Dad on so many races and he would recall ever tack, gybe and shift and describe the whole damn race (or 2) over rum and tonics with the crew on the back porch after cleaning the boat, washing and folding the sails and making sure the cover was on to protect the “Baby” of the family. He can still recall every race at 89, especially his National championship victories! Ivy League guys are something else.
  6. I’m watching AJ slip on the banana peel again.
  7. You can, but the attitude was fuck no, I’m not getting price gouged by the government. Let them ruin the marine industry, I’m going offshore to buy. That was the sad truth. Rich people didn’t just stop buying boats, they just bought them elsewhere. That’s why the US builders tanked -because no one in their right mind was willing to pay the extortion and the builders’ overhead and lack of commissions drained them into poverty and property loss.
  8. I think some guy could still afford to buy his lady a $25,000 mink coat and a $50,000 diamond ring. Probably decided to skip the luxury tax on a $1.5 million powerboat like all the other people with money to burn. Burning it’s ok, giving it to a stupid political stunt- no way.
  9. But, wasn’t it like 85 percent complete?
  10. Yep, and here I get to be surrounded by a dearth of opportunity in the marine trade as a result. Silverton and Luhrs are just 2 of the local builders who let their workforce go in the 90’s. Somehow Henriques survived and built many sport fishing boats. If something is too good to be true, politicians will tax it until it fails. Now I’m stuck repairing boats instead of building them
  11. Our luxury tax had the luxury of destroying many New Jersey Boat builders for sure. I was supposed to learn the trade at the exact time they all shut down. It sucked.
  12. Sailing experience is like becoming a band of musicians. You learn the basics through instruction and it’s up to you to understand the lessons and the information imparted through practice and repetition. The band gets together to rehearse all they have practiced, stopping when necessary to correct a mistake, but by no means a place for a musician to pick up what the rest have already learned alone through practice-this is rehearsal. By the time the band has become proficient enough to perform on stage in front of an appreciative audience, the members have all made every attem
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