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  1. Generally, there are a large number of people who you have no knowledge of or may pose a grave risk of danger since they are desperate to escape Cuba or Haiti at any cost. Coast Guard and Marine Police are usually only minutes away and the instruction is generally to stand by and let the professionals handle the situation. As Slug pointed out, they sometimes sink their own boat trying to get on to yours. Imagine 30-40 people trying to board your sailboat successfully.
  2. In the Florida Keys a couple of decades ago there were a lot of boats offshore foundering and sinking overloaded with migrants. There was a big problem with wanting to help but if you brought them ashore, you would be arrested. So you would just call the Marine police and stand off period. You also never touched anything that looked like drugs(bales,kilos). Hell, if you were smart, you wouldn’t even report it, just get the hell away from them.
  3. Something got it and ground it up for sure
  4. I had the chance to sail on deck with Olin on Marilee back in ‘01 in New York Harbor. He was an unassuming gentleman and a nice guy. Didn’t know who he was until someone in the crew mentioned it to me a little later. Some of those on board were too “rich” to interact with the shipwrights that built the boat and spars for the shakedown cruise. Not Olin!
  5. I’m going to install a cushioned canvas rub rail over the brightwork so it doesn’t damage my wooden cutter this summer if it drifts into it while at anchor or when I row out to it.
  6. I went with the beige to give the sheer some definition without standing out too much. I did the stem, gripe and keel the same color for the hull of it. Then I painted the interior satin white with beige thwarts and sternsheets.
  7. You are correct. The markers in the area are green and red. Only the 2 main entrance markers are yellow in Glen Cove and they separate the boundary of the 2 anchorages to the north and south with a channel east into the boat ramp and boat yard.
  8. The Anchorage I posted above is out of any shipping lanes and is well marked off with large yellow buoys. Boxed in, as it were…
  9. They are found in Glen Cove,NY among other places. They are well marked at the boundaries and have yellow channel markers. May be referred to as special anchorages on the chart with reference notes. I looked at the chart and don’t see yellow markers, which I saw when delivering a boat last summer, but instead, it seems to be marked off in red.
  10. FYI, Cliff Campbell is in the pic next to Bob Hoyt. My Dad said that Gary, Bob and Cliff would always come over to Money Island from Beechwood because that’s where the pretty girls lived! He said that Gary was handsome and strong and the girls liked him the most.
  11. You could bust some dance moves in those! Possibly a gybe too!!
  12. “Sometimes thinking gets in the way of doing.” Hot Rod
  13. This stuff writes itself! All you have to do is put it chronological order and publish it before the fuzz accumulates on the memory bank. I’d buy a copy!!
  14. Good mandolin playing in that band. Almost sounds in tune the whole song through!
  15. Mike from CT is still trying to sell his Carrera 290. Great looking boat
  16. Wish I had some of the same experiences you had down there. Trapped in the city then bay while you guys tore up the green water venues. Great story as usual. when do we get a book or 2 out of you?
  17. Thank! I try hard to find the perfect avatar. I did get a $5 offer off the last one!!
  18. Going over to my Dad’s tomorrow. I’ll ask him about the Hoyt pics and who’s in them. Might be the Hoyt brothers, maybe cliff is Cliff C. He’d know, plus he crewed with Cliff in a Bermuda race in the 80’s- wish they’d taken me…
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