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  1. Now now, you are one of us, not those whom he may be besmirching.
  2. Being the proud owner of a 40’ wooden cutter, I’d say that you list it as you described and have a few pictures of it in it’s present condition and maybe a syndicate of young guys would consider it if not a buyer with a retirement boat in mind. WoodenBoat has a classified section for free boats as well…
  3. Good rant by a pissant with a grudge from the read on TFP. You really have to want to win at all costs in PHRF if you hire a diver to inspect the competition’s boat. I hope the diver cleaned both bottoms while he was measuring the keels and the author better have had permission to board the vessel in question to measure the I length. Maybe the Jackoff noticed the tall rig as he was standing on the dock looking up at the rigs of a couple of ancient 25’s and had the wherewithal to come up with a plan to confront an owner with what is an old mod done way back by cool folk for a specific
  4. They are good heaters and rated for use in Siberia and Alaska…they are probably high quality because they weren’t designed for the Russian military. That would have involved removing all the money from engineering and production.
  5. They produce heaters for Planar division, but are actually Advers/Autoterm, a Lithuanian company. They didn’t invade Ukraine, so buy with confidence!!!
  6. I remember having odd things come up on Google, Amazon and other ad pop ups a number of years back. It started after I clicked a link to a Dewalt product a member suggested. Somehow got linked to his search algorithm through it and some others he suggested on threads. He moved to Hawaii and quit SA and the weird suggestions have long since gone away.
  7. I play the shit out of a guitar, so I should like what the new MAN has to offer
  8. So now it’s the new East VS West like the 90’s? Hasn’t enough blood been shed?
  9. I have a weakness for opium. Some people are born to fail, others have it thrust upon them.
  10. That’s the problem I have with the pair my brother lent me. Good for reading with a bifocal, but poor clarity through the main lens. All my previous prescription lenses were either Ray Ban, Maui Jim and Nike. Now that I have clear vision, the cheapo glasses impede my vision
  11. I don’t like either Harp or Smithwick’s and here a pint of Guinness at our local boat club is $3.50. It‘a $6 at our yacht club… I like boat club prices!
  12. Parma was just joking around with the group here and I did start a thread about sunglasses!
  13. And the women didn’t have to pay for clothing!
  14. The Corinthian has more cockpit space for legroom but the Typhoon Weekender may have a little more cabin space. We’ll see if Rico overnites on his, he’s the kind of guy who’s lived a lot of interesting experiences in exotic locations.
  15. I worked at Island Beach State Park for a few years The mansion was built by the family who donated the land to the State in 1956. I remember taking care of the mansion and when Governor Florio came down from Trenton for a weekend, one of our crew placed a Dump Florio bumper sticker on the master toilet seat lid. I wrote an abstract of the history of the Park for Governor Bradley and he actually read it and asked me to come discuss the problem more in depth with him. He appreciated what it was.
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