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  1. It’s a really beautiful boat, I was seriously impressed.
  2. Thanks for the info, my marina wouldn’t bother supplying water In that manner.
  3. There’s plenty of room south of the Bay Bridge to swing on the hook as they assess the damage. I wouldn’t take it into Annapolis until it is found to be seaworthy.
  4. Uh oh…I’m thinking here comes the really cool, arrogant comeback
  5. @MauiPunter What is winter water? My marina shuts off the water on the docks for the winter, while leaving the restroom/shower and laundry facilities running.
  6. Cold molded Brion Reiff 46’ Built at the Front Street Shipyard, 2014
  7. I miss conch salad. I ate a lot of it in my Florida Keys days..
  8. What’s with the Raven shot? Cool speedboat for sure…
  9. You’re right! I just googled it and boat molds and this popped up on Facebook
  10. I saw these molds going east from MI on Wednesday. Wonder what they are?
  11. The Whaley is pretty indestructible. Plastic patches can be heat gunned on in case of a hole and if they fade, you can run a shrink wrap gun over them and melt the oxidized surface back to shiny. They also have a fold down bow so if anyone goes overboard or need to bring that big cod on board it easy to do. We used one last summer for a rescue of a large woman who had been knocked off a jet ski in rough conditions and had been injured pretty good. Couldn’t have gotten her on board a regular boat
  12. The kid looks like he had his ducks in a row back then. Glad you were able to give him some time…and some of Spike’s clothes to warm up and feel at home!
  13. 10 year purge date Kind of like files Won’t see them next year, just the 2012-2013 results
  14. C’mon Proa. You always play the victim after you stir things up with your posts. Just say what you feel about this subject and leave your thin skinned ego behind. We are all subject to criticism for what we say. You just take it too far and you’re trying to lure this guy into your way of reasoning. I wanted an answer out of him that he expected of us. He didn’t call foul so why should you?
  15. I’m just glad that we have a chance to see some work from young Will Porter. Glad that you are collaborating with him. I hope he’s enjoying some time on his Catalina 22 when not working!
  16. And dumbshits gotta be dumbshits. 2 things in life you can’t change
  17. Sorry John, the hippy stoner response isn’t what I was looking for. I thought you would spearhead with what you are actually doing on this website forum subthread to affect change in the European theater. No one is here to change opinions on the war in Ukraine, other than Slug Zitski. We’re here to update and confirm our communal interest in an appalling human catastrophe, orchestrated by one man’s personal delusions of grandeur. You know, the Napoleon kind that ends in failure.
  18. Ed Lada is in Poland accepting donations. That country is on the hit list and Russia and Germany tried for hundreds of years to destroy that nationality and heritage only to fail miserably in the end.
  19. China is what it will take. Russia has ruined their reputation as a stable economic and strategic partner and also established themselves as a terrible military ally in just one year and are interfering with China’s plan for a hostile takeover of Taiwan, now that the world is on high alert for invaders.
  20. What I do daily to confront this situation is to put anything that has “made in China” back on the shelf and buy something made in a non hostile nation. Banning Russian vodka and US owned franchises such as Lukoil did nothing to hurt Russia and only hurt US franchise owners. China is the big winner in this conflict and even if Ukraine loses the war, Putin has lost Russia to China. I could never think up such an ignominious demise to Mother Russia. Good job Vlad! John, your response to what you’re personally doing?
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