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  1. I remember Trump being very forceful vocally about them not contributing enough to their own defense and relying on the US to take bear the brunt of financing a European defense force. They largely ignored him. Now they are acting and it’s a good thing for them.
  2. I saw an old interview where he mentioned it. I thought it was an odd place to honeymoon. That would explain it.
  3. Eastern European memories extend for centuries. Ask the Serbs and the Croats. The Albanians avenge grudges generations later.
  4. Interestingly, Bernie Sanders and his wife honeymooned in the USSR…
  5. That’s just one of the reasons why LB15 relentlessly destroys the cunt.
  6. Ummm, how’s that working out for you so far?! China thanks you, Comrade.
  7. Those wastin’ time son bitches!
  8. He boarded the boat with a few grams more of the magic than they found…
  9. You have to plan for the future to get there. You’ll never make it if you have a budget to keep
  10. “You can sail a laser without doing that? I call bullshit!”
  11. You’ll have to add a line for Burmese teak then!
  12. Going to get some new tires for the 210 trailer since they won’t go the distance and passed a snipe on its way somewhere…
  13. It was similar to a Star for sure with the underhung rudder. I’m delivering Star from Michigan to Annapolis this week after I drop a 210 out there. Talk about a hard chine, ancient boat delivery week!
  14. Yep, always last to call and first on the list every (mid)spring! JK… Sounds like a suitable install for your rig!
  15. I was going to replace the underhung rudder on my boat because of helm issues before I really looked at the problem from the top down and spoke to the PO, who is an absolute boat nut. He had the boat for years and sold it to a sailing school as a rental. He bought it back years later and had it rehabbed, went sailing one day and said “Nope!, the boat doesn’t sail the way I want. Plus, I want o buy my old Ranger back anyway.” So I bought it and immediately had problems like stalling through tacks amd the boat always wanting to round down. Looking at the rig from across the lagoon as i
  16. So you’re boats has both warp and weft? I had a 12”x3”x8’ mahogany board that was like that. I planed both sides down on a large planet riding on a specially made sled to hold it steadying either side. Wound up with a 1 1/2” thick piece that was straight and smooth after that. Only lost half the board to planer dust.
  17. “You can’t triple stamp a double stamp!”
  18. You definitely don’t want to have your ass up against the transom when you’re sailing, that’s for sure. Put the beer cooler forward below too. It helps balance the boat and keeps it out of the sun
  19. My mast was raked at least that far forward and the lee helm was terrible. A new forestay 11” 1/4” longer solve the problem.
  20. From Snyder’s handbook
  21. I mean if there were strategic gas, oil and other natural resources there anyway…
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